Looking for a doctor over there Fang Hao suddenly whispered to him Brother Sheng can you help take care of my brother during this time

The cheap shou who was tortured to death by me is reborn to take revenge on me What should I do online Waiting is very urgent The main character is the shou It’s enough to just say it once But before Dumpling entered the private room, Sheng Xing deliberately took out his cell phone in his coat pocket. Thirteen missed calls. It was a devastating double blow.
The waiter who received him was a young man of his age, a soft-spoken gentleman. Here, Sheng Xing absently rubbed his palms that were frozen because he forgot to put on his gloves.
He lowered his head and let out a breath. Bring me a cup of hot coffee.
The efficiency of this restaurant is very fast. The coldness on his body has not completely dissipated. A steaming cup of coffee has already been served.
He tapped the wall of the porcelain white cup with his fingertips.
A boy in a blue down jacket Chewing bubble gum in his mouth, he walked in with a carefree face and greeted him Brother Sheng, Hao Sheng Xing nodded his head and smiled at the other party Afraid Sheng Xing pointed to a stack of photos on the table Jiangbin Park Playground Cinema under the cherry tree You look very romantic together with my second brother I am not playing a new game Second Younger is an ascetic workaholic It’s too challenging to conquer the youth image Sheng Xing smiled for a while, you have good intentions, but he is my second brother after all, what do you think about this? It’s delicious, but the dumplings are fun, but my sister-in-law’s young and beautiful lips are close to his ear. After all, Brother Sheng, we have not been as good for a long time. Just tonight, how about the full set of ice, fire, poisonous dragon and red rope? Well, Sheng Xing’s face turned cold. Usually, it doesn’t matter how you like to play with others.
But this time, the person you are playing with is my brother. I have no interest in sharing with my own brothers. Boy Wrapping his neck coquettishly with his arms, he looks like a lazy puppet cat, don’t be like this, why don’t I call right away and tell the second young master to break up Sheng Xing nodded thoughtfully, the boy immediately took out himself Hey, Second Young Master, let’s break up. Hey, hey, he actually hung up on me. Sheng Xing took a sip of coffee.
Have we already broken up? Well, you want to make up for my loss Sheng Xing frowned, don’t touch me, are you still angry? You obviously said before that you play your own way and don’t interfere with each other. The second young master was only because it was so lonely when you were not around Sheng Xing pushed away the chair and stood up I told you before that you should not casually provoke the people around me A check you stay with me for one year and three months this The price compensation is enough for you, right? The young man’s eyes widened. Brother Sheng, I don’t want to divide it, so I’ll add another digit. You bastard boy didn’t expect that the two of you have been dating for a year and three months, and the other party didn’t even know your own name. The blood rushed to your head for a while, picked up the coffee cup on the table, and splashed the other party’s face. Who wants your money? Lord, I’m going to find someone else to wake up.
I touched my face. The brown color of my hand. That sir, do you need help? Xing smiled wryly, let’s come in, his current condition is really bad, the coat he was wearing today is a light color, and the little stains on it are very conspicuous. The waiter handed him a stack of tissues for Sheng Xing to wipe himself The face was soaked in the liquid, the corners of the lips were a little bright red, do you have a change of clothes here? The waiter was stunned for a while, I just came here not long ago, I don’t know, I went to the manager to ask, forget it, Sheng Xing lowered his eyes and took out his pockets When you go out of the store, turn right and there is a clothing store that can help me buy a shirt and a coat. The rest of the money will be used as compensation for your lost working hours. The waiter’s eyes fell on Sheng Xing’s soaked shirt collar There seems to be an ambiguous hickey on the white neck on the upper part, probably the kind of playboy who sings every night, he can’t help avoiding his eyes, his voice is a little dry and dry, please wait a moment, Sheng Xing unbuttons his clothes Entering the small bathroom inside, turning on the faucet and washing your hands is very troublesome. Although there may be more convenient cleaning facilities in the restaurant, he didn’t want to go out in such a mess.
Fortunately, there were a few dry towels on the shelf beside him and he took them off. I put a dry towel under the faucet for my shirt and rinsed it repeatedly for a while before I started to clean up the wet stains that were splashed on my body. Sir, can I go in conveniently? I woke up with an itchy heart, come in, I’ll put the clothes you want to change outside, the waiter seemed to realize what happened to him in the bathroom, I said with a bit of embarrassment, I said let you come in, what are the two big men afraid of? Looking at myself in the mirror, you look thin in your clothes, take off your clothes and have meat, dawdling for a while, a brand new shirt was handed in, Sheng Xing buttoned it with satisfaction, you have good taste, how much did you spend in total, the other party took the coat again I handed it over, paying attention to the privacy of the customer. I kept my head down and didn’t dare to look at him. He still has two hundred and put it in your pocket together with the invoice issued by the clothing store.