Looking at this bloody body she didnt know where to start Su Cuilius inner professional knowledge told herself that she couldnt save her but she

In October 1938, the Japanese army captured Wuhan and launched an attack on the National Government of Chongqing. Due to the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, which was guarded by heavy troops, the Japanese army changed its strategy and began a large-scale air raid on Chongqing.
The third division of the Japanese army stationed in Wuhan led its troops south to the sparsely populated Wuling Mountains at the junction of the three provinces of Hubei, Hunan, and Sichuan, now marching southeast of Chongqing in an attempt to occupy the Wujiang River and then westward near Chongqing.
Wujiang River has become a strategic golden artery. In July 1940, the Emperor of the Japanese military headquarters in Wuhan issued an emergency ultimatum ordering our army to occupy Chongqing as soon as possible.
On behalf of the supreme commander of the Japanese military stationed in Wuhan, I issued a top-secret strategic plan.
Major General Kameda Daisao ordered you two to lead the third division southward.
Approaching the Wuling Mountains and occupying the starting point of the Wujiang shipping in Pengshui County in the fastest time, a Japanese soldier with a fat head, big ears, less than five feet tall and wearing reading glasses is holding a command baton in an orderly manner on the sandy and gravel map of Southwest China. General Okabe, the commander of the two Japanese soldiers with uneven looks, straightened their chests, held the sabers around their waists, nodded their heads, proudly raised the corners of their mouths, and once again showed their animal-like fangs, treating the flesh and blood of the Chinese as a full meal. The two were invincible in the war against Wuhan. The Wujiang River originated from Shili Gallery in Guizhou, with beautiful mountains and clear waters, and went to Pengshui County.
The water flow was stable and the water volume was huge.
Naozaburo Okabe stroked his mustache under his nose and wandered around the combat map for a few times. This devil wandering in the land of China couldn’t bear the slightest bit.
He ordered the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Air Force to continue bombing Chongqing.
This is where it was sent. A bomber came and he tore open the hole. Several Japanese military officers were ordered to go out.
The hole Naozaburo Okabe pointed to was the throat of Pengshui County through the Wuling Mountains. According to legend, Zhang Fei once stationed troops here during the Three Kingdoms period. In the era of cold weapons, this unfinished Jiguan City also had the danger of being a master of the city. In August 1940, Zoumaling wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow two pairs of squinting eyes staring intently at the pond The sound of the beautiful girl slapping the water and the sound of the two young people’s heartbeats coincides with the heartbeat of the two young people.
If you look carefully at this picture of beauties playing in the water, you are an expert.
The crystal clear water drops are dripping on the naked body of the woman. Shirtless, full of tendons, neither fat nor thin, the figure is just right, but the facial features are a little crooked, but the eyes are sharp, especially when looking at the woman, the young man swallowed his saliva and sighed “gold, I really want to dive down and touch her, Changsheng Brother can’t, if this girl goes back and tells the old man that we haven’t had a good life, the dark-faced young man with messy hair pulls Liao Changsheng’s shoulder, what a motherless child being bullied! Liao Changsheng touched Jinpeng Fly’s head is now messed up even more like A chicken coop. Liao Changsheng and Jin Pengfei were orphans since they were young.
Su Maosheng, the village chief of Zoumaling, was a great intellectual who had studied in a private school for several years when he was young. It’s still because of their hard personalities, so far they haven’t cried twice, they can bear anything, as for the name, it’s also Su Maosheng’s, it sounds like it’s a material for galloping on the battlefield, why the hell are you farting again? Jin Pengfei laughed stupidly, buzzing, buzzing, oops, your fart has attracted mosquitoes Brother Changsheng is not a mosquito, you look like it’s a big bird, I went to see the real thing today, I’m just playing with this thing I used to make a model made of wood.
When did Dad make this kind of bird? Why didn’t I know that the bird is a hammer? This is an airplane, airplane, Jin Pengfei couldn’t help shouting, keep his voice down, he will be discovered later, Liao Changsheng quickly covered Jin Peng Fei that can sing the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with a high voice Liao Changsheng Jin Pengfei What are you doing? The girl in the pond shouted shyly. The whole body was soaked in the water and remained motionless to hide her delicate jade body. In fact, in Liao Changsheng’s eyes, this woman’s body had never been put on.
After wearing clothes, Liao Changsheng pretended to be a passer-by and looked at the green willows in the sky.
I didn’t see you taking a shower.
I just passed by and looked at the plane. Brother Changsheng also said that he wanted to masturbate.
Su Cui Liu has a bitter face, like a normal teenage girl, and she is slapping the water with little anger, bang bang bang, brother Changsheng, it seems that something fell from the plane. Let me see if there is something.
Liao Changsheng Covering the sun and trying hard to explore what Jin Pengfei said, there was such a big jump, a bang, the two jumped into the pond, the bomb that fell didn’t explode, what a bitch escaped with his life, Liao Changsheng got out of the water When it came out, it happened to be on Su Cuiliu’s chest, my mother, her snow-white skin and exquisite figure were fully exposed, only ten centimeters away from Liao Changsheng’s eyes, which man could stand this kind of temptation, spit out a few words in amazement, “big, big, Liao Changsheng, you!” The bastard Su Cuiliu slapped across the valley, carrying his clothes and running while crying, Liao Changsheng’s thoughts were still stuck on the pair of behemoths in front of him just now, they were indeed quite big, and he didn’t know what that thing that fell from the plane was almost thrown I was crushed to death, Jin Pengfei came out of the water, followed Liao Changsheng’s words, Liao Changsheng looked at the five finger prints on Jin Pengfei’s face in distaste, the one called Real The two ran back to the bushes that they had just looked at, and Liao Changsheng was born My habit is to be hands-on and never beep too much