Looking at the dazzling night pearl in front of the case in the second watch I became more and more bored so I screened away

Missing someone, Xiaohe, where are you going? I’m going to learn to dance. The girl answered honestly. Turning around and seeing the boy’s proud face, she realized that she was being teased by him again. You can call me whatever you want, I’m wrong, don’t agree, the girl gets angry, turns her head and continues to walk out of the alley, the boy follows her and blocks in front of her, why don’t you ask me where I’m going, the girl gave him a blank look and pushed Don’t ask me, I know it’s just going to swim.
When will you watch my competition? I’m not free.
I have to practice dancing every day.
Do you have time to watch my competition? When do you think we will have time to do other things? Dear passengers, welcome to the beautiful city.
Jiang Yu woke up from his dream and rubbed his eyes to find that the plane had parked safely at the airport.
He was still immersed in the excitement just now. In the dream, the girl with the little purple backpack issued by the dance school skipped and walked out of the alley.
He rubbed his forehead and woke up. Then he unbuckled his seat belt and got up to get his handbag.
The tempting stewardess called him Jiang Yu, can I take a photo with you? It’s okay. He stopped politely, but can you wait a moment? All of us in the flight attendant team want to take a group photo with you But it doesn’t matter that the passengers on the plane haven’t finished getting off, I can wait for him to get off the plane without any haste How long ago did the stewardesses and stewardesses quickly run down from the plane? The one who spoke just now seemed to be the most prominent of the stewardesses, with white skin and big eyes. She was still holding a mobile phone and a selfie stick in her hand, waiting for those people to come around.
When Jiang Yu put the handbag behind him, the most beautiful stewardess stood at the front and shouted, “What money is there in the bank?” Everyone around him shouted at the same time.
Jiang Yu was also amused. The group photo was done, and I finished the photo with everyone alone. Only then did Yu pick up his handbag again and prepare to walk towards the exit. The most beautiful stewardess let out a hey and trotted over and asked him shyly, Jiang Yu, are you really going to retire? I really like watching your swimming competition. Official notice? He smiled and was about to lift his foot. When she quickly stuffed something into his palm, it was a ball of paper, even though he didn’t look at him, he could sense it.
He smiled again, then nodded, turned and walked out of the passage without hesitation. He threw the ball of paper into the trash bin outside the passageway, he didn’t stop, and soon he got out of the airport, and finally smelled the breath of the beautiful city, the sky was gray and hazy, and the air was full of car exhaust that symbolized fireworks in the world, but so what How about Charming City, he still came, he beckoned a taxi, and when he got in the car, he thought briskly about Xiaohe now, do we have time to do other things, such as talk about love and another big night, because the filming is Li Xinshui hastily played in the palace drama of the Qing Dynasty Hurriedly rushing to the dressing room to remove makeup, when she arrived, the female Qi Meng was already removing makeup, she called Teacher Qi, and waited obediently by the side Qi Meng was probably talking to her manager, Fang He, and only ordered for her Nod and continue pouring out the bitterness. In the future, don’t answer a scene like this for me. It lasts all night. I really can’t bear it.
I don’t know what was said on the other end of the phone. Li Xinshui was listening to the sidelines and couldn’t help but wonder if Qi Meng is considered a second-tier now? Years ago it wasn’t so, but after a year she took a small-budget light comedy and accidentally cut it off. With a box office of nearly one billion, returning to the TV industry is indeed a second-tier one, so everyone in this industry cannot be underestimated.
Sometimes it’s only one day between being popular and not being popular. Li Xinshui walked away and suddenly heard Qi Meng called himself Li Xinshui back to his senses. When he looked up, he saw Qi Meng looking at himself through the mirror. Qi Meng’s chin was very sharp.
When her movie that was about to break a billion was just released, someone picked up her plastic surgery history on the Internet, but Qi Meng It’s not the one that’s completely disabled.
On the contrary, it also has a seductive aura. Because Li Xinshui didn’t guard against it, she was still taken aback by her slightly abrupt pointed chin. She smiled awkwardly, Teacher Qi, you call me, Qi Meng also laughed.
But there is no warmth in those bright eyes, but it reminds people of the scene they played just now, in which Qi Meng gave her to death. Is it the second line? In fact, words can also be a sharp weapon to hurt people, and they can also hurt people invisible. At 6:18 in the morning, the little star on the 18th line finished filming. What a great night scene! Li Xinshui took her suitcase and got on the high-speed train. After posting this Weibo, she fell into a deep sleep. Anyway, there are no flowers, no cakes, and no one.
It’s not the first time to celebrate such a silent finale.
Nothing can’t adapt. In the dream, there was a little kid standing naked by the pond.
At first, she sang to her, I’m a fish swimming around, and then she jumped and shouted. 18th Line 18th Line Nima Li Xinshui kicked her feet and woke up, and the sense of solidity in her four bodies reminded her that she was not on a film set or taking a high-speed train.
She had already returned home to her home in the beautiful city.
The monthly rent was 2,800.
She and her agent The two rooms and one living room shared by He Mudan, the 18th line and the 18th line came from He Mudan’s mouth. The voice was disturbed by someone. Peony holds the palm of the hand