Looking at Sakura quietly she said in a low voice Your Highness is coming down what are you doing Smiling all over his face His

Chapter 1: The Strange Flower among Thieves When the off-duty time of the day came, a large number of off-duty people poured out of the gates of various office buildings in Jingchuan City, old or young, male or female, all of them looked like the same after a day’s work. The little sparrows, who had escaped from their cages, walked to the street chattering and noisy.
Some invited friends to meet up for dinner, some lowered their heads to call for a car to go home, and some walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus they wanted to take.
Evening rush hour The drivers and masters of the taxis and buses began to cheer up and prepare for the devastation of the evening rush hour. At this time, Li Wujie was sandwiching himself on the stone bench next to the green belt in front of the Zhongmao Commercial Building. Holding half a cigarette, he took a deep puff and exhaled a smoke ring, while his eyes were fixed on the exit of No.
5 Zhongmao Commercial Building.
It is said that this time is when Li Wujie is at work. Of course, it does not mean that Li Wujie is working. My job is to work the night shift after everyone else is off work, but Li Wujie’s job is to wait for people to go to work or when they are off work, interspersed in the crowd to play tricks on the crowd, that’s right, Li Wujie He’s a thief.
Today Li Wujie is sitting here smoking a cigarette and waiting for a fat sheep to appear. According to the thieves’ lingo, no matter how familiar a door is, you can’t touch it twice, which means don’t go to the place where you have done it before just because you are familiar with it. Because the first time has already aroused the master’s vigilance, the second time must have strengthened the defense, and maybe even set up a trap to wait for the king to enter the urn, but this kind of industry standard has failed here in Li Wujie, or it has failed this time. Li Wujie has been here for almost half a month every day at four o’clock on time, and then sits quietly on this stone bench and waits for the people who go to work in the opposite office building to get off work. For more than a month, even the aunts who sweep the streets around him have known him, Xiao Li, and his girlfriend hasn’t come out yet.
An aunt in her fifties just cleaned up the cigarette butts thrown by several people on the ground, came to Li Wujie and put down the broom and dustpan.
I sat on the other side of the stone bench where Li Wujie was sitting, yes, Aunt Wang, you are about to get off work, right? The aunt who is Wang’s aunt beat her sore waist while talking. Li Wujie’s eyes suddenly lit up and stood up immediately. Auntie, you are busy.
Walking to the door, I saw a thin woman in a white dress, tall, bangs and long hair, carrying a small white bag on her shoulders, came out of the door of No. 5. After going out, the girl in the white dress walked left together Colleagues turned to the right, and the two recruited with smiles.
The woman in white said goodbye. The smile on her face was still there, but she didn’t want to turn her head and saw Li Wujie approaching.
The smile on Li Wujie’s face disappeared immediately.
With a smile on his face, he came up and blocked in front of the woman in white, rubbing her hands and calling softly, Miss Xiaomeng, the woman in white who was called Xiaomeng snorted Li Wujie glanced away at Li Wujie, who was blocked in front, and walked towards the direction of the bus station. Li Wujie didn’t care, quickly turned around and followed, and Aunt Wang, the cleaner who was beating her back, saw this scene and muttered, “It’s true.” I don’t know how Xiao Li provoked his girlfriend. It’s been half a month and he’s still ignoring him.
Such a handsome guy. Miss Meng’s name is Meng Yang. She is the assistant director of an art company upstairs in Zhongmao Commercial Building. She just graduated from university and worked.
It wasn’t long before Li Wujie knew Meng Yang.
At that time, Meng Yang had just entered the society, and his young and immature appearance could tell that he lacked social experience, otherwise he wouldn’t just put his mobile phone in his jacket pocket and wait for the opportunity to commit crimes. Li Wujie and his companions stood behind Meng Yang. Seeing all this, we looked at each other, nodded, and we reached a consensus.
The bus came and headed for the suburbs.
There were fewer people getting on the bus. So after Meng Yang got on the bus, Li Wujie and his accomplices followed. After four or five stops, the number of people on the train increased, and it started to get crowded. Li Wujie winked at his companion, then put on airs to provide cover for his companion to steal Meng Yang’s cell phone.
However, this time Kou’er Meng Yang suddenly remembered that he hadn’t called his family to report the situation on the first day of work, so he reached out and wiped it in his pocket.