Looking at Qi Xiao with a strange and complicated expression he asked if you know You Qianqian Qi Xiao nodded blankly yes senior shouldn’t he

You Qianqian raised her head and drank the coffee in her hand, walked into the room and closed the balcony door, glanced lightly at the dog-like man in a suit and leather shoes, walked into the kitchen, Ou Ziming followed her into the kitchen, took a cup and drank half a cup of water from the faucet After drinking it, you glanced at the cup You Qianqian was washing and frowned, and you drank your coffee bravely. From what You Qianqian has known about Ou Ziming for half a year, I found that he has a poker face with no expression. It’s a pity that he has such a good appearance, so the frown is on his face It can be regarded as a rare expression, so she hurriedly said that I drank coffee after eating two pieces of cake and didn’t have an empty stomach, so I should be fine, right? Seeing her frowned and lying on the sofa, she hummed, her long straight black hair had a few strands of sweat sticking to her forehead, making her complexion paler, thinking that her menstrual period was coming, and for the first time, she made a glass of brown sugar water for her. You Qianqian didn’t know what to do, pointed to the place where he was covering his hands, is this a stomachache? What kind of brown sugar water do you drink? You Mongolian doctor Ou Ziming took a look at her and entered the room without saying a word. After a few hours, he came out to pour water. Drinking You Qianqian still maintains the previous posture, the tone of moaning has not changed much, quite aria-like, Ou Ziming walks back to the room with the water glass, and after a while, he comes out again, grabs You Qianqian by the collar of his clothes and walks in an orderly tone The hospital You Qianqian struggled to shrink back on the sofa. The medical bills are too expensive. Ou Ziming hums her, You Qianqian. Your name is so silly. Every time someone says that, You Qianqian will resent her shallow old lady If you want money, you don’t need to use your daughter’s name to declare your resolution to God. It’s counterproductive.
Hurry up, don’t you all pay for national health insurance? Besides, how much money will it cost? It’s rare for Ou Ziming to say so much at once. He looked at Ou Ziming pitifully with a pale face at the beginning, and said that the hospital is closed at this time, why don’t you give me a stomach medicine? You haven’t taken any medicine for a long time, and you are stiff. Ou Ziming growled and You Qianqian nodded Co-authoring for a long time, I have been patronizing the pain and forgot to take the medicine. She really has a tendency to masochistic. She remembered the last time I met Chu Qingwen and said to herself You Qianqian, I know you like masochistic, but please don’t come here to be disgusting.
Let’s go away. So You Qianqian rolled across the Sea of ​​Japan and rolled to Tokyo, unluckily rolled in front of Ou Ziming Why did he come back so early today in a bad mood? I don’t know who is so ignorant to offend this great god, but she, the little earth fairy, Ou Ziming has already changed into home clothes and came out to sit on the sofa. After watching the TV, You Qianqian poked out half of her head and asked if you were eating at home, so You Qianqian started cooking. Fortunately, although Ou Ziming has a slight problem with cleanliness, he is picky about his clothes, but he is not a picky eater, and he lives in Tokyo.
If you were picky eaters, you would have starved to death a few times. You Qianqian fried a green vegetable and made a miso The soup warmed up the leftover stewed pork ribs from yesterday, filled a bowl of rice, and asked Ou Ziming to come over for dinner. Ou Ziming pinched out the cigarette in his hand and looked at the bowl of rice on the table.
You don’t want to eat it. I just ate the cake. I’m not hungry.
You can eat it Let’s put it away after eating.
I’ll clean it up later.
You Qianqian took off her apron and she’s going out. Shouting but not determined to put it into practice, he still likes to eat cakes, chocolate milk tea, something so fat that people don’t pay for his life The seductive eyes looked at her with heavy eyes, You Qianqian thought this is the red phoenix eyes common in romance novels, the peach blossom eyes and the tall nose bridge, the sexy thin lips are so seductive, so seductive. When Ou Ziming spoke, You Qianqian was stunned by him, so he had to ask what’s the matter, Ou Ziming suddenly pulled her in front of him, and his slightly cold lips touched hers, and You Qianqian stood there in a daze before his meal.
I was caught off guard and couldn’t tell what this kiss felt like. It was just an intuition.
It was different from previous kisses. She smelled the faint perfume smell on Ou Ziming’s body. The first time she smelled it, You Qianqian went online and googled it.
The top notes are soft and the middle notes are spicy. Mature and reliable, Ou Ziming’s appearance makes him not reliable.
Because it was too sudden when Ou Ziming ended the kiss, You Qianqian didn’t show any reaction, just passively followed him around the edge of the senses for a while. Quan You Qianqian licked his tingling lips and looked at Ou Ziming. There were faint traces of irritability on his face, very shallow, very faint. If it wasn’t for You Qianqian’s hobby, he was studying this handsome poker face, and after studying it for nearly half a year, it must be very Difficult to catch? Did you encounter any difficulties? She asked Ou Ziming. His cool eyes stayed on her somewhat plump face for a long time, as if he wanted to see the inner emotions through the skin. You Qianqian’s hand was still held by him, and his posture was not right. Comfortably frowned and pushed him, the food is cold, let’s eat quickly, so Ou Ziming sat down and started eating You Qianqian looked at him for a while helplessly shaking his head and walked into the bathroom Today Ou Ziming is very strange, something must have happened to him in Tokyo There is no doubt that the population is densely populated, the pace of life is fast, and the pressure of life is high.
There is no doubt that depression is an easy thing, but You Qianqian can’t think of anything that can make Ou Ziming, who can’t move his eyebrows in the face of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, depressed. Although we spend time together It’s not short, but You Qianqian and Ou Ziming’s lives don’t intersect most of the time. She only knows that Ou Ziming goes to work every day in a suit and leather shoes, and sometimes comes back in the evening.