looked at Xun Dian Looking at his hands again Xun Dian is about to cry now you are too bullying you are too bullying Hao Xin

Countless students gathered in the auditorium of Yanjing Communication University, because today is their graduation ceremony. They are wearing bachelor gowns and holding degrees in their hands to prove that the expressions on their faces are both excited and reluctant, but no matter what the past is like, what the future will be like Today they are all going to bid farewell to their alma mater. At this moment, the host on the stage said, Welcome to the outstanding graduate representative, student Hao Xin, who will deliver a speech on behalf of all the graduates, please.
The youthful young man walked onto the stage with his head held high. Although he is only 1.
75 meters tall and not particularly tall, he looks extremely stalwart at this moment.
Although he is not the most handsome, he has a confident smile on his face.
Even though he still has many deficiencies and shortcomings, he can represent all the graduates as an outstanding graduate. He is definitely the most outstanding graduate of this year.
The school leaders in the audience looked at Hao Xin on the stage and couldn’t help showing it. Appreciative gazes, and whispers among the students began. Hao Xin is lucky again.
The principal personally recommended him to go to Yanjing TV station. Could he be unlucky? Model students are not for nothing. Graduation has a job. Girlfriend is also a super beauty.
It’s really enviable.
Don’t be envious of Shen Sisi. The famous iceberg beauty is not something ordinary people can say. Si Na’s temper can’t be dealt with by ordinary people.
While everyone was discussing in low voices, small figures appeared at the door of the auditorium.
It was a little boy with curly hair. In the photo, the other hand is holding the suitcase of Captain America, looking left and right, looking at something. The students sitting in the back saw this cute little boy, and their eyes were attracted by him. Whose kid is this? Cute like a porcelain doll, with big eyes and small curly hair, he’s really cute At that moment, the little boy’s eyes lit up and he ran towards the stage.
The school leaders in front were still nodding their heads frequently while watching Hao Xin’s speech.
They didn’t even notice the little boy who had just rushed up. In front of Xin, he hugged Hao Xin’s thigh and shouted loudly, “Baba,” the little boy shouted, and everyone in the audience heard it clearly.
For a moment, everyone’s eyes widened and they looked at Hao Xin and this little boy in astonishment.
The boy Hao Xin was also surprised, but soon calmed down and smiled and said to the little boy, little brother, you don’t need to call me brother, it’s too polite.
When Hao Xin said this, everyone present couldn’t help laughing. They were shocked just now. Everyone in the room now understands that this kid is face blind and misidentified, but the little boy looks at Hao Xin but smiles shyly, don’t want to see others, Hao Xin also smiles when he hears this Brother, you are in a hurry to find your father, but you can’t misidentify your relatives. The little boy shook his head and said, “I don’t know what to say. The one on the jujube slice is papa.
” As he spoke, he held up the photo. Hao Xin smiled and said, You mean the photo, right? The boy handed over the photo, but when Hao Xin saw the photo, she was stunned because the person in the photo was indeed him, but it was not his current photo, but his appearance in high school Hao Xin smiled, little brother, you Don’t talk nonsense about my mother admiring me in public. Everyone in the audience couldn’t help laughing when they heard Hao Xin’s joke. The little boy frowned. Give Ma Ma your heart. As she said that, she took out a letter from her pocket, Hao Xin smiled and said, “Is it called a letter? If you really took your mother’s heart out of your pocket, I wouldn’t dare to read it.” He stopped laughing, only the little boy handed the letter to Hao Xin with a puzzled face. Hao Xin also had a smile on his face, thinking that someone was deliberately tricking him, but he didn’t care, but when he opened the letter At that time, the smile on Hao Xin’s face froze, and the expression on her face changed from indifference to panic. Everyone in the audience looked at the change of expression on Hao Xin’s face, and couldn’t help showing a hint of surprise. This letter In fact, there is only one sentence in the letter, Hao Xin. After I get married, Doudou will be taken care of by you.
If it was just this sentence, it might not surprise Hao Xin so much, because what really surprised him was the name on the signature, Meng Qiu, the name Hao.
Xin never told anyone because it was the name of his first girlfriend. At that time, Hao Xin was still in high school and Meng Qiu were childhood sweethearts.
But in the summer vacation of the first year of high school, the two shy teenagers tasted the forbidden fruit for the first time.
This was originally a secret that only belonged to the two of them, but this secret turned into a nightmare a month later, because Meng Qiu was pregnant, Hao Xin was severely beaten by her father and locked up at home for a whole month.
He could only step out of the house after Hao Xin’s confinement ended, but at this time, Meng Qiu’s family disappeared, disappeared in this small town, and disappeared from Hao Xin’s life. Hao Xin only thought that experience was like a dream. I kept it in my heart but never mentioned it again, but now when the child appeared in front of him with Meng Qiu’s letter, he realized that the dream was not over Hao Xin looked at the little boy in astonishment and suddenly asked, “Is your mother Meng Qiu?” You are Meng Qiu and my son. The little boy nodded to Hao Xin. My name is Doudou.
I am five years old this year.
My Chinese is not good. Please take care of me.
Everyone in the audience was stunned when they saw this scene.
a joke