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Copywriter young director Lin Yue woke up drunk on the birthday of the film tycoon Wen Jingnan and found that he had fallen all night. Idol with facial paralysis Gu Feiqian Suspect No.
2 Ditian Pictures President Old Fox Wen Jingnan In fact, this guy is arrogant by nature, not a very suspicious suspect No. 3 Director Lin Da An old classmate from the film school days, although he has never spoken in the academy, actor Song Shuang Director Lin Da Fu forehead sighed that the first love he pursued cheated on him, his second girlfriend begged him, the wife who finally made it right, took her daughter away and divorced him.
Love is such a troublesome thing. In fact, Director Lin didn’t realize that divorce is just At the beginning of another script, there is a person who loves him all the time and regards death as home Nan other directors Entertainment circle editor comment Young director Lin Yue got drunk on movie tycoon Wen Jingnan’s birthday After waking up, he realized that he had lost his nerve all night. He became sensitive and felt that Gu Feiqian, who entered the entertainment circle with one hand, was so focused on the company. The boss has a smiling face and the fox Wen Jingnan suddenly pays attention to him. At the same time, the actor Song Shuang, who just returned to China, had no relationship with him when he was a student, but now this old classmate treats him too kindly. A bitter director who just got divorced and lost his virginity. I have to doubt them. The protagonist Lin Yue fell overnight as the starting point of the story. With the question of who is the bastard who took advantage of the director, the suspects are pushed in front of the readers one by one. Above Entanglements, a movie that everyone is looking forward to, the story is fixed in the history of the top ten young directors’ struggle to become a big name.
From casting to filming, Lin Yue is serious and focused on shooting, sexy and occasionally reveals a little cuteness, making the characters three-dimensional and plump overnight. It forced Lin Yue to wake up with a severe headache, his voice was so dry and hoarse that it almost tore apart, and his tinnitus burst into bursts, as if he was in a different dimension.
He hated the position of sleeping on his stomach the most, but he was lying on his stomach at this time, and he was not smothered to death by the pillow. Thankfully clutching his forehead, Lin Yue turned over and didn’t turn over. Fortunately, when he turned over, there was a heart-piercing dull pain.
If he didn’t remember that he was a big man, I wondered if he had just given birth. This idea just flooded into his head. He was stunned and waited for where he was hurting, Lin Yue felt terrified, he trembled his shoulders, his hands slowly moved down his waist, the fucking thing was just a single movement, and the throbbing pain rushed all the way from that unspeakable part to his forehead It was really hard work, he didn’t doubt that he had been stabbed, looked around, he was sure this was not his duplex apartment, but a hotel room, it was already morning, the sunlight leaked in through the thin curtains, hanging upside down on the small bar not far away The European-style desk reflects the sunlight sporadically, the crystal chandelier is absolutely luxurious, and the piece under him The big bed is so messy, you can guess with your toes how crazy it was last night, Lin Yue gritted his teeth, and bits and pieces of memories flooded into his mind, suddenly rushed him into pieces and clenched his fists, he still remembered how the other party was Press him firmly on the bed and forcefully open his buttocks. The scorching stiffness is unstoppable and imprints on his most vulnerable place. Impatiently stabbing hard into the intestinal wall, it expands to the limit, as if it will burst if he takes a breath. He beats The mattress yelled and begged for mercy, but the other party broke his face, and the lingering kiss swept across his lips like a frenzy.
The unswallowable body fluid slipped down the neck along the chin in embarrassment, and when the other party moved slightly, his heart was about to rush out of the body. The sac that went deep into the roots of the scruples kept pressing against the gap between his buttocks, making the heart beat faster, and the pain was extremely painful, but the other party attacked the most sensitive part of his body without gaps, he could only open his mouth wide and breathe helplessly Overwhelmed by the pleasure, the man’s low, hoarse and extremely sexy panting sound was like a torrent, and he couldn’t push him to the ground. His body was opened to an angle that couldn’t be opened, and he hummed like a puppet.
At the mercy of the other party, the man was still unwilling to give up, put his legs on his shoulders and swooped down, almost smashing his body through his tears.
He should strangle this man to death, but he could only hug helplessly.
Seeing that the other party couldn’t see the man’s expression, he only knew that the other party was buried in his neck, sucking fiercely, wanting to suck all his flesh and blood dry. The instant scalding heat poured into his body, he grabbed the other party’s shoulders, afraid of being caught. Burning, they were panting, the other was kissing his cheek, but he still couldn’t see the other’s eyebrows and eyes clearly, he only remembered the very elegant but wild smell of aftershave on his body, this is not the end, but the beginning of madness, his breathing has not Before he had time to calm down, the opponent swelled again in his body, he exclaimed, and the man picked him up and pressed his top against the fragile tender wall, first rubbing lightly, and then rushing endlessly, he had an illusion in his mind Everything was occupied like this, there was no chance of escaping the other party’s possession and aggression, the kiss on the back of his neck stretched all the way to his shoulders, he was just let this man do whatever he wanted, but he was dizzy and powerless to fight back, even when he gave up resisting, he indulged in it Lin Yue I froze and stared blankly at the shining chandelier above my head.
Maybe I changed my posture. Something poured out from my lower body.
It was the evidence of being captured last night.
I killed him.
Lin Yue yelled loudly.
I really know that I was given by a man, and this man doesn’t even wear a suit when he does things. No one in the entertainment circle knows that Director Lin is a pure man.