Look at what to do Zhao Xin said aggrievedly why is this brother so worried Xiner dont worry mom just call and scold him dont

Readers, if you think the King of Smash is not bad, please don’t forget to recommend it to your friends in your group and Weibo. Chapter Chapter 1: Fighting Hall New Book Ask for Tickets The takeaway boy had been training for more than five hours in the evening for more than five hours. His physical and mental energy were basically exhausted, but his face was not always stern and replaced by an uncontrollable nervousness and excitement.
It is a building on the edge of the Fifth Ring Road. The basement is divided into countless small compartments, and each compartment has a number of rented beds. He has lived here for almost four years since he was sixteen. He is familiar with everything here. Even if it was dark in some places, he didn’t hesitate at all.
He took three steps and took two steps. He rushed out of his cubicle in less than half a minute, tremblingly took out the key from his satchel and opened the door. It took more than ten seconds to insert it.
The keyhole shows how excited he is. He finally opened the lock and went in without even turning on the light.
Zheng Han immediately closed the door with his backhand and locked the lock. Hey, he forgot the key and subconsciously wanted to put the key in his satchel.
The over-excited Zheng Han realized it. When he didn’t have the key in his hand, he opened the door again, took out the key, closed the door again, and locked it, and turned on the energy-saving lamp in the dark familiarly. The energy-saving lamp instantly illuminated his cubicle.
Only then did he heave a sigh of relief, and the hidden excitement finally fully surfaced.
But he still didn’t dare to be too presumptuous, just suppressed a strange laugh and waved his big fist a few times to celebrate that this cubicle doesn’t belong to him alone, less than ten square meters, and after entering the door, there is a bed on both sides and in the middle There is a small table compartment at the top of the two-foot-wide road. The inside is unusually humid and hot, filled with the smell of sweat and foot odor that has accumulated over the years. It smells like a pair of shoes that I just took off and haven’t washed for a whole year. You can understand.
Of course, it’s okay to wear socks for a few days. Roommate Lao Zhao hasn’t come back to his hometown. He doesn’t bother to take a shower by himself. He turns on the fan and puts down his messenger bag. Zheng Han lay directly on the left bed. A virtual screen about the size of a square meter appeared in front of his eyes.
Only he could see this screen. After getting the system inexplicably tonight, he found it when he turned on the screen inadvertently. The data columns are as follows: age, year, month, day, gender, male physique, height, weight, arm span, chest circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference, basic quality, explosive power level, combat ability level, physical fitness level, physique level, bone density level, speed level, strength level, sensitivity level, flexibility level The level of willpower, note that the level of explosive power can be improved only after all the qualities of the class have reached the corresponding level, and the short board can be improved, and the height can be determined.
When the physique reaches the corresponding level, note that each basic quality is graded and graded And the tenth level, three fighting points, four fighting orders, no five skills, boxing level, elbow level, knee level, wrestling level, wrestling level with the same level of anti-falling skills, ground level and below the footwork level Note that the improvement of skills is limited by the body The level of basic quality, that is, the level of physical quality, determines the upper limit of skill level.
Six levels of technical and tactical literacy. Seven levels of host strength.
Skipping over Zheng Han, he took a closer look at the second basic quality.
He was a little unclear about the standard.
He didn’t know what level his quality was, but it should be average.
His fighting talent and basic physical quality were only average.
A little self-knowledge, he still has a lot of people who have not been in contact with boxing for a long time, and they have the opportunity to become a professional boxer, but he, who was born in Sanda since childhood, did not get a chance.
It can be seen how ordinary his talent is.
Fighting points are the system for him. The score of each boxing match has points, and he can use the points to place fighting orders to the system.
For example, if he wants to improve a certain basic quality, for example, he wants to learn a certain boxing skill, he can use the points to place a fighting order, and the system will use them according to his needs.
Generate the most suitable skill training content or training content to improve his quality based on his basic quality.
This means that the system will not directly improve his ability, but only give him a way to become stronger.
What he can achieve in the end depends on his own hard work and talent.
He may not have it, but he has never lacked in hard work.
He has persisted until today and has not given up boxing. He just hopes to be rewarded by God, but he has no points yet, so he can’t place an order.
This is the system’s evaluation of his own skills. Zheng Han’s face turned red when he saw the column of skills and tactics. What a talent.
But then again, although he started Sanda in elementary school, the eight years of sports school were just basic training, so he didn’t have any contact with skills and tactics.
He rarely even talks about actual combat, and he doesn’t talk about technical and tactical literacy. After entering the society, the first two years were wasted, and the next two years were not taken seriously in the boxing gym. It’s also not about cultivating technical and tactical literacy, so thinking about it this way, he can accept the system’s first-level evaluation. When I look at the next column, my own strength is only at the amateur level, Zheng Han’s eyes are red, maybe I’m really not suitable for this line of work, but now I’ve got this system, God is forcing him to move forward, right? Poor It doesn’t matter what fate, Zheng Han gritted his teeth and made up his mind, the last task column is also empty now, the system has not given any task yet, but there is a novice gift package at the bottom, this is the beginning of everything, I hope Zheng Han has been staring at it for the system Open it