Lizi has such a good body mother fish feed in the morning of the first night your first words are good morning Lizi what time

Hello system, so let the protagonist of this world fall in love with you, and you will be able to return to the original world.
The voice of the system tablet without emotion reverberates in Su Marie, no, now it is the best Mariko, and she just feels a sudden gushing out of her throat.
After a while of fishy sweetness, do you dare to clarify what I said before? Hey, when I woke up, I found myself in a completely unfamiliar environment. Even the skin on my face was not my own.
Sad news Marie girl suddenly feels that this world is really heartless Her name has changed now, she has become a 10-year-old soft and weak girl, so why should her name be called the best Mariko? Is there a surname called the best in Japan? This is the need for the plot. The voice of the system sounded again.
The plot needs to be clearly Hongguoguo’s wicked taste. Mary girl resignedly rubbed her forehead that was faintly aching, but her gaze was still fixed on the mirror in front of her eyes. The white and tender skin without any blemishes, paired with exquisite and small facial features, straight to the black hair around the waist The supple and shiny black and white cut water autumn eyes seem to want to say goodbye. This agile temperament, coupled with her dead house soul, can be said to be violent. It’s too bad, I hope this skin will help her in her great cause of returning home.
Mary girl can only comfort herself like this. There are still minutes before the class time of Bingsheng Middle School. Please go out as soon as possible.
If you are late, there will be surprises. Mary girl rubbed her forehead suddenly. After a moment of resignation and resignation, she asked Bingsheng Middle School, where is the protagonist of this world? In any case, she still has to accept her identity first and try to integrate into this world.
As for unexpected surprises, if possible, forget it. Intuition tells her that it will not be a good thing.
No comment.
No comment. Is it the location of Bingsheng Middle School or all the maps and plots? When she was young, how could she find out the location of Bingsheng Middle School in less than half an hour? Bastard temperament.
The sudden clanging sound in her mind startled her. What the hell is this? No comment, please explore by yourself.
With this broken system, what use is she for her temperament? Even if she is so angry that she is about to vomit blood, Mary still clenches her teeth and restrains her desire to continue provoking the system.
Thinking with her fingertips, she knows that this index must have its meaning, maybe.
It will become an obstacle or impetus for her to go home, so she can’t lose her mind. She looks in the mirror and straightens her appearance a little.
According to her previous habits, the girl Mary easily picked up the bang clip on the dressing table and patted it on her forehead without the bangs covering her face. The whole person looks less weak and more energetic This can’t be some kind of messy girl cultivation or Otome’s love game. There will be a surprise if you are late for a minute before the class time of Ningsheng Middle School.
Damn Mary girl just picked up the schoolbag on the sofa and ran away It’s okay to go out, she is just a transfer student now, if she has to face all the messy and unreportable interpersonal relationships of the original owner, she will definitely collapse, desperate and can’t be late before stepping out of the house.
Hold the raised skirt, then slowly raised her head to look at the naked running back ah, she heard something that can’t be late even if you die, is it so terrible for a boy to be late? Hey, what kind of place is this? Wait, wait for me A second later, the girl Mary galloped decisively in the direction where the streaking boy disappeared.
She ate all the sand and dust along the way and scared a bunch of good people to death. Finally, she finally arrived at the destination in frustration, but it seemed to be too late, so she went Seeing the school gate a few steps away from her being slowly closed like this, and the naked running boy she was following all the way fell down and sat in the door panting for breath, she didn’t want any surprises.
Mary girl not only did not slow down but Continue to rush forward with all strength, and when it is about to hit the wall next to the school gate, it leaps into the air, rolls neatly in the air, and then lands on the ground with both feet firmly The uncle who subdued the plane’s head, and they landed on her as if they were looking at the eyes of the dead.
Mary, the girl, has no mood to complain about the voice of the system. Where is this middle school? The bastard is simply the headquarters of the underworld, okay? Get the answer right, learn to hell with this What is it? Wow, are you two violating the discipline and being late and not wearing school uniforms? Are you provoking the Discipline Committee? A cold voice sounded from behind the girl Mary. Respectfully bowed down to salute the chairman, good Mary, the girl turned her head slowly, that is a slender and beautiful young man, the phoenix eyes that slanted into the temples are beautiful and very intimidating, just look at the attitude of the two rows of unscrupulous uncles towards him This person’s absolute dominance was over, but the dangerous sight fell on her and the streaking young man next to her, and a bloodthirsty smile appeared on her face. I saw the beautiful young man was taking a step forward with a strange weapon in his hand.
Slowly walking towards them step by step, the girl Mary had a flash of inspiration. According to the law that the protagonist is either amazing or a peerless idiot, the possibility of this person in front of me being the protagonist is very different from her thoughts. Because of fear, his legs are so weak that he can’t stand up. At this moment, Sawada Tsunayoshi has no other emotions except fear