Lizard bone blood cant wait for him to come Jiang Yi said clearly but Xiang was panting in pain he didnt hear Jiang Yi clearly

The mysterious signal is vast, the universe is dark and boundless, but it can’t stop human beings from exploring it. The desire to explore comes from curiosity, and curiosity is the driving force behind the advancement of civilization. Since the 1970s, humans have launched many space probes. Now in the early years Most of the emitted energy has been exhausted, floating in the cold and desolate universe, and has completely lost contact with human society.
However, at 12:00 on the year, month, and day, the Earth-Moon Space Agency, which has been established for twelve years, received five space probes in succession. The strange signal was first the Pioneer that was launched in 2000 and headed towards the edge of the galaxy, he lost contact for more than 50 years, and then the Pioneer that flew in the completely opposite direction to the center of the galaxy, he lost contact for 49 years followed by What’s more, the Voyagers, which are often mentioned in popular science textbooks for primary school students, also disappeared from human surveillance about 30 years ago.
Finally, the New Horizons launched in 2015 also lost contact with humans 15 years ago.
But these five space probes that have been flying out of the solar system for many years actually sent back mysterious signals with exactly the same frequency within a minute. How could God have repeatedly confirmed that the monitoring room went crazy. Soon the space agency summoned them through holographic virtual video.
Fifty-two elites of related disciplines from all mankind started a discussion on the mysterious signal, but the discussion stopped abruptly after only half an hour, because the deciphering of the mysterious signal is not difficult, and the composition method seems to be similar to the information science of human civilization.
This signal is basically sent by human beings, and soon the meaning of the signal was fully presented in front of everyone. Its content turned out to be a big chronology, a big chronology about primitive tribal wars, and the video was quiet for a few seconds.
What the hell is this tribe? The closed space, the primitive continent. After being shocked, the scientists initially decided after a few minutes of discussion that this is a popular story. Only human civilization can fabricate such a chronology, even if it is lost.
The transmission from the space probe is likely to be some kind of prank.
The super hacker simulated the position of the space probe and deliberately sent a signal to the monitoring center of NASA.
A special experiment Jiang Yi came from a family of traditional Chinese medicine. He has a double master’s degree in clinical medicine, bioengineering, and a doctorate in bioinformatics. He is an out-and-out super scholar.
He has a strong interest in every life. Five years ago, when he was still a PhD student, he began to follow his tutor to work on the combination of digital information and biological information.
The purpose of the research project is very similar to the use of mammalian brains as computers in some science fiction movies. Directly copy electronic information into the brain. The tutor team has been working hard on this topic for many years and has achieved some results. However, the team has achieved real success after Jiang Yi, a genius, joined for two years. Without any harm. Under the circumstances, they implanted image information as memory into the brains of several bonobos. This success made everyone ecstatic, and Jiang Yi was no exception. He even thought that the next step should be to implant text information into human brains. However, This idea is too radical.
After being discussed by the mentor team, the opposition from everyone failed, but Jiang Yi’s persistence did not dispel him.
He began to independently study how to implant information into the human brain. In order to avoid trouble, Jiang Yi spent all his savings to build his own laboratory. Of course, everything was done quietly.
After several years and countless experiments, he finally made all the preparations he could do.
Now everything is ready. Jiang Yi took a deep breath and lay down in the information implanter.
The first step is the drug sedation injection.
A few minutes later, Jiang Yi raised his hand to activate the virtual operating platform in front of him, and then the intelligent program quickly searched for texts on the Internet according to the settings.
Before the information, Jiang Yi could not see any content about the text, so the preparation of the text was arranged one minute before the experiment.
Soon, the system randomly searched for an uncommon paper. This paper is a field that Jiang Yi has never touched.
Paid download, speed transmission, paper storage After entering the information implanter, the virtual platform displays a countdown, and Jiang Yi calmly waits for a blue light to activate from the transmission point of the information implanter, transforming into a light signal and covering Jiang Yi’s brain. A signal from the regiment came out of nowhere and crashed into the optical signal, and then a chronological table about tribal wars covered the papers just downloaded. It rushed into Jiang Yi’s brain at a high speed, and the intense signal ordered the information implantation device.
The burst of blue sparks originally took an hour to connect with the nerves of the brain, and the signal was transmitted in an instant, uh, the next second, a huge pain hit Jiang Yi’s brain as if it was torn apart, and it was completely unbearable. Fortunately, this pain It lasted only a few seconds, and when the words “Original Calendar” flashed in his mind, Jiang Yi fell into complete darkness. For the next five days, a team composed of the strongest Internet elites from the private business community and the scientific community led by the Space Administration will do their best. Searching for the prank hacker, but in the end they completely overturned the earlier judgment that the mysterious signal did not come from the earth, at least the technology on the earth cannot simulate the signal from outer space in this way.
Interestingly, after searching the history of human literature, no matter Is it a physical book or a mysterious signal posted on the Internet? The tribal story never existed. Since this incident is quite absurd and the reason cannot be found, all participating elites have signed the highest level of non-disclosure agreement.