Living at the door of the room and kicking the cameras out before leaving the sudden black shadows and the sound of gunshots in the

That’s right, he just took a short nap while staying up late and working overtime.
When he opened his eyes again, he came to this world. The latest news about Spider-Man’s whereabouts was exposed again.
However, it has already turned up the sky.
From the remaining memory of the original owner, I learned that he was a stowaway. Because he was deceived by a relative that he could provide a high-paying job, the original owner failed to withstand the temptation and came to New York. As a result, he almost lost his two kidneys.
Fortunately, the original owner reacted quickly and escaped, and rented the current room with the only money he had.
However, due to the onset of injuries on his body, he finally died.
Huang did not expect that at the beginning of the game, the difficulty of hell will be 100% that group of people looking for him all over the world. Calm down and observe the surroundings. The room he is currently in is only about 20 square meters. The room is already small and full of rubbish. Xia Huang is a little speechless, but thinking that he is now a stowaway, and he doesn’t even have a passport to go to some formal apartments.
I’m afraid no one would dare to accept him.
He probably looked around.
The sound from the TV set him off.
I froze on the spot for a few seconds, Spider-Man, what the hell? Xia Huang frowned and looked at the small TV in front of him.
Could it be that what he was traveling through was not an ordinary world but Marvel? His thoughts are not the wall of life in Pacific Rim? Xia Huang can see the wall in the TV at a glance. The world of Marvel is dangerous enough. In addition, Pacific Rim Xia Huang listens to the sound of the program and sorts out the garbage around him. From the current story From the perspective of the line, it has not reached the early stage, at most it is the beginning.
He understands that if he wants to survive in this world, he must have force, otherwise he might not know how he died. Just as he was still thinking, there was a rapid knock on the door.
There is also a rough male voice, Xie Te, I am the landlord, you boy, quickly open the door for me, Xia Huang opened the door with a smile on his face, but he put a brick in his left hand behind him, Good morning, Brother Gray, is there anything wrong? With a kind smile, Gray said with a cold face, I just came to see if you are dead or not, he spoke unceremoniously, Xia Huang twisted his neck, so far, my life is still relatively hard, covered in blood, I can still live till now, kid It’s not easy.
After looking at it for a few seconds, Gray came to the conclusion that since the extra money he got was gone, he didn’t need to stay any longer. After taking a look, he planned to leave.
When he left, he said lightly that it’s best to be honest here and don’t wander around at night. I don’t want you to hold your ass and come to me to complain.
The landlord came and left in a hurry, Xia Huang locked the door to avoid any accidents. He has yellow skin and a bad accent. He is undoubtedly a fat sheep in the eyes of others.
Now there are two problems in Xia Huang The number one in front of Huang is that he only has one hundred dollars, unless he plans to use Flammulina velutipes, otherwise such a small amount of money is only enough for a week of food. The second is the strength.
Judging from the current progress, the spider that robs Parker must be useless. Marvel’s urination unless he is the main character, he radiates gamma rays or something, he encounters a death-defying situation, Xia Huang’s expression is depressed, no one will be happy in his situation, a Xiaoqiang ran past Xia Huang’s feet, and the result Being trampled to death by Xia Huang, he got the gene point to activate the gene fusion system. Hearing the metallic sound that suddenly appeared in his mind, Xia Huang understood that the main character was me.
Soon, a miniature version of the character appeared in front of his eyes. In addition, there is an attribute panel next to the character. After a few seconds, Xia Huang probably understood the function of the system. Simply put, he can get the gene or genetic ability to kill creatures.
He can fuse these genes to obtain the abilities of these creatures.
Click on the gene. There is only the gene of the American cockroach in the library, and the rest is blank.
It seems to be waiting to be filled. Xia Huang didn’t even think about clicking on the only small glowing square again.
Xia Huang is not very satisfied, at least there is nothing he likes.
From the news informed by the system, he learned that the first gene fusion is free, and he only has three blank gene slots, so the choice is very important not to waste cockroach resistance and hunger resistance. Xia Huang gave up the first time, and the other two are not very satisfactory to Xia Huang.
Who knows if the exoskeleton carapace can be retracted freely? The host of the attribute panel is Xiahuang’s strength, speed, physique, and spirit. The standard of ordinary people is that the data does not represent the literal meaning. For example, the strength is judged by various factors such as the destructive power emanating from the muscle strength. The genome has no gene slot.
Xia Huang is the only one in the spiritual industry who suddenly realized that it is no wonder that the original owner was deceived into this system to upgrade and evolve. I want to kill 2,000 cockroaches on horseback.
Sweeping the garbage out of the door with disgust, the light in the room is not bright, the only thing that can look out is a broken wooden window, there are still some glass shards on it, but I don’t know if these shards are masterpieces left by others throwing stones. One end of the broom is wrapped in a fairly clean piece of paper.
Every time Xia Huang swings it, he can almost bring out three or four cockroaches, all of which are dead to me. Soon Xia Huang discovered that the gene points obtained by killing cockroaches are not the same, but the larger the body size, the more gene points he gets how bad his house is cobwebs