Liu Xingjus complexion changed but before Liu Xingju could speak Gu Feng already stepped forward and patted the formers shoulder saying Xiao Liu these two

One of the top ten venerated killers in the Heavenly Realm, the peerless killer Gu Feng accidentally died and was reincarnated on a young man in a small border town in the Mortal Realm, causing a shocking wave through the ages I don’t dare to keep you until the end of the fifth watch, the extreme realm of martial arts, the chaos of time, space, heaven and earth, I am the emperor, the rebirth of the bloody killer of warcraft, Chapter Awakening, Chenxuan Kingdom, Great Wilderness City, Jianxin Academy, the end of August is approaching the end of the summer vacation Dappled light spots and bright shadows The spacious martial arts arena is empty and quiet at first glance, but the academy has a small number of students staying in the school every summer vacation, so occasionally you can see young girls walking by talking and laughing in twos and threes, which adds a bit of anger. Suddenly, the dull sound of heavy objects falling to the ground was accompanied by a piercing scream. At the same time, a pain came from the female student public toilet not far from the college boulevard. Pain in the head, pain in the whole body, and this was the only feeling Gu Feng felt at the moment. In a dazed state, all kinds of pictures and information flooded his mind, he didn’t expect that he actually fell into the public toilet for female students and hit his head down firmly on the wet granite beside the urinal.
But after this collision, my mind suddenly became clearer than before. I am not dead, but I was reborn.
This was Gu Feng’s first thought after awakening, but he hadn’t had time to think about a huge ball of meat weighing hundreds of catties.
It ruthlessly hit him. Gu Feng felt that his internal organs were about to be displaced.
His whole body was about to fall apart.
Before he could see clearly the figure that hit him, there was a strong and pungent but faintly strange smell along the way. The smell coming from the tip of his nose made him suffocate. Gu Feng endured the severe pain, subconsciously followed the smell, turned his head and looked around, and couldn’t help being stunned. Under the slender hands, the pearls, round jade, exquisite skin, and Bai Shengxue looked at him like a picture.
Facing such a scene of spurting blood, Gu Feng was dazed, calm and messy, the girl who happened to be going to the toilet turned around in a daze, stared at Gu Feng for a moment, let out a scream, and ran out of the public toilet in a blink of an eye.
The shadow left only a faint fragrance, Gu Feng opened his mouth slightly and stared blankly at the direction in which the girl disappeared, only the seductive snowy buttocks and the stunning face of the girl when she turned her head, the madman is finished, run and smash The meat ball on Gu Feng’s body let out an exclamation sound and rolled down to the ground, then rolled towards the door of the female student’s public toilet in a panic, only to find that Gu Feng was still lying on the ground in a daze, then quickly rolled back and directly picked Gu Feng up Get out of the public toilet in a panic, it’s over, it’s over, madman, we’re going to be over, we’re going to die, Gu Feng is carried on his body by a huge meat ball, watching helplessly as the meat ball rolls forward towards the academy At the same time, the meat ball is still chanting, with a frightened expression on his face, Gu Feng, a student of the bronze class 7 of Jianxin College in the Great Wilderness City, this person is also called Gu Feng, but there is an extra definition in front of it This fat man with hundreds of catties of meat turned out to be his predecessor, and now he is his best friend Tang Bao Gu Feng endured a severe headache to check the fragmentary and incomplete memories in his mind, looking at his white and tender palm, he was sure that he was reincarnated Sighing in my heart, I didn’t hear Tang Bao’s wailing at all, thinking that I, Feng Hun, one of the top ten gods of the Four Seas, has fallen to such a state, if the empress Leng Yue knows, that bitch’s temper is just to watch me joke Will you kill directly from the Shura Sea with the Qingshuang Sword in your hand? Smell the pungent and strange breath coming from the tip of your nose. Think of the embarrassment of falling into the women’s toilet. Thinking of his situation at the moment, Gu Feng couldn’t help laughing at himself, but he seemed to have remembered something, his eyes suddenly became sharper, there was a real murderous intent in his words, ancient mad song Ming Daoyue, I said madman, what the hell are you talking about? I can’t wait to say that you are crazy, can’t you be really crazy? Fatty Tang Bao is about to cry now. With his tonnage, he can still run with Gu Feng on his back.
It’s hard for him.
Thinking of the girl he spied in the women’s toilet At this moment, the desire to die is all over, I completely forgot to put Gu Feng down and said with a mournful face, that is the boss Luo Lingxiang, the lunatic brother Luo Lingxiang, that is the little witch that everyone in our academy fears, you should think of a way, otherwise we will Is it so serious that he is dead? Gu Feng searched his mind.
There are indeed some memories about Luo Lingxiang in his mind, but it’s just a little blurry.
Didn’t he just look at his butt? He didn’t even bother to take a look at how many peerless beauties in his previous life took off their clothes in front of him, let alone a small ass. Crazy boy, you didn’t break your head, did you? After offending that little witch, we will definitely lose half our lives in the academy. Gu Fengyun’s calm response almost made Tang Bao collapse, and said with a sad face, “It’s okay, isn’t it?” I really can’t be awakened and reborn like this. Gu Feng smiled lightly and replied, “Why don’t we show her? Hearing that Tang Bao almost vomited blood, he shut his mouth in anger. He thinks that this buddy must have broken his head. Maybe it will happen.” I am an idiot, carrying Gu Feng on my back and running all the way to Longying Mountain, the back mountain of the college.
This is the boys’ villa accommodation area exclusively for noble children. The girls’ villa accommodation area is on the other side of Tianfeng Ridge.
Put Gu Feng down on Tang Baoyang’s fat body. Shaking his hand in front of the former, he touched Gu Feng’s forehead, sighed and shook his head, that made Gu Feng speechless for a while, you two thieves, stop for me and give a soft drink, which came from the foot of Longying Mountain, Gu Feng subconsciously turned around and already saw something The fiery red figure came rushing over. Hearing this sweet voice, Tang Fatty trembled with fright as if hearing a life-threatening talisman, and hurriedly pulled Gu Feng.