Liu Xin has always been in poor health all strenuous exercise is insulated from him but now it is different he is running wildly and

For most people, the day is over, but for a small group of people, the day has just started and herding fish belongs to the latter. When it gets hot in August, even at night, it is hot and dry. Just go out and throw garbage on your body. Suppressing a layer of oily sweat, when he came back, he pressed the switch on the wall, and the light tube above the store door flickered a few times, accompanied by a slight electric current, and reluctantly lit up. Wipe the words on the glass door on the tape paper for the reception of weddings, weddings and weddings. After a few wipes, they started to reflect light. Then I went for a stroll to the Houchu Restaurant. He took it from his master and opened the door at 5:00 pm every day.
Finished at 2:00 am. Evening trading Cannes is a provincial capital and commercial is also considered prosperous The stomach was full and the tiredness was relieved, so I went home satisfied. The restaurant was opened in the old city west of the city. It was fine when the city government was there, but since all the agencies moved to the development zone a few years ago, it seems that the last breath of life has been taken away. It took away the huge urban area, and suddenly the business fell silent In 2010, whenever there is a wedding or a wedding, everyone rushes to ask him to take the helm. Although it is tiring, it makes a lot of money. It is a pity that the atmosphere has changed later.
The younger generation is more inclined to go to luxury hotels to set wine, and they look down on this kind of wandering folk. The only thing that can be made by craftsmanship is tofu rice, and there will be less tofu rice in the future, so the old man opened a small restaurant.
There are always more living people than dead people, and the living people eat three meals a day.
Competing for others to occupy the time during the day, he takes the time to wash hands without disturbing each other at night, Muyu has already thought up the recipe Stir-fried cabbage and tomatoes with garlic and shrimps It’s cool, sweet and refreshing. The province where Kangcheng is located is close to the sea.
The seafood is fresh and cheap.
Now the shrimps are still alive.
Pour the broken broccoli into the boiling water and blanch for more than ten seconds. Not only does the color look good, but it is also easier to cook when it is fried later.
Just eat the broccoli fresh and fresh, add a few drops of oil and sprinkle a little salt to adjust the taste. Thin and fat pork belly, cut a little shredded meat out, add shredded ginger and chilli, stir-fry a few times quickly, wait until the edge of the meat is slightly golden, and the air is filled with the unique burnt aroma of animal fat.
Pour in the chopped cabbage and turn on the fire.
The orange-red flame seemed to be alive when the spoon was turned, and there was a muffled bang, wishing to roll directly from the bottom of the stove to the sky, the huge tongue of flame was fleeting, the kitchen suddenly lit up and then went dark, it was only a moment of thrilling, but it was especially screaming The rice is neither dry nor wet, and the heat is just right.
The long and slender rice grains are as white as jade. Facing the light, it shines brightly. As soon as the lid is opened, the warm fragrance hits the face.
The simple taste makes people’s heart instantly settle down. One bite of vegetables, one bite of rice, herd fish, it tastes delicious, and the two feet under the table can’t bear it I lived in Dahuang at the age of 20, just when I had no bottom in my belly. There was no oily water in the two dishes. After eating in one sitting, Kan Kan was 70% full.
The tomatoes mixed with sugar in the refrigerator were fine. There was a puddle of light red at the bottom of the bowl.
Take out the juice and put it on the table.
The wall of the white porcelain bowl is immediately covered with a layer of fine water mist. These tomatoes are naturally ripened in the vegetable farmer’s own field. The flesh is delicate and the fruit flavor is very strong. The needle-like sand is reflected by the lamp with a layer of hazy and crystal-clear light.
The crystal-clear meat is extremely attractive.
After chilling, the sour-sweet fruity flavor rushes straight into the nostrils and eaten raw.
It’s very delicious, but Muyu wants to be greedy, sweet, cool and plump.
It’s very satisfying to eat. Occasionally, I will take a sip of the cold syrup at the bottom of the bowl. It’s so sweet and delicious.
It’s even better than honey juice. Got up and got off work, someone outside was talking, approached, pushed the door, and there was a melodious mechanical sound. Welcome to the little boss, as usual. Two young white-collar workers came with suits on their elbows, and their white shirts were wet. Mu Yu glanced at the electronic watch, and it was only after nine o’clock. Today is so early.
Both of them are salesmen of the insurance company.
They earn a lot of money, but they are also tired. Laugh at yourself, no one will buy it, just steal a lazy chapter, go to the refrigerator, touch two bottles of beer, take out a bottle, hand it to Li Muyang, put the bottle in his mouth, and use his big teeth to pry the bottle cap off Muyu every time he looks at it It’s not cheap to plant a tooth for him now. Before he was greedy for sweets, his tooth was decayed, and it took more than two thousand to fix it. Chapter Preface Hehe, he smiled, gurgled, poured his neck back, drank half a bottle, and exhaled hard. Shuang Muyu Shaking his head, he opened the lid of the large stew pot and scooped out two bowls of stewed meat. This is his classic signature stewed meat.
The meat is beef mixed with tendons, marinated one night and stewed in fat for ten hours. Melted in the soup, the tendons are so bright that you don’t even need your teeth when you eat it. You only need to sip it with your tongue and it melts into a pulpy fragrance. When you eat it, pour a spoonful of soup and meat on top of the rice and mix it well.
The pickled cabbage mixed with pickled peppers is naturally fermented, sour, spicy, and delicious. It is a perfect match for the stew.
When the lid is opened, the aroma instantly sweeps across the entire shop.
The little boss is about to die from starvation, Mu Yu puts the food on the table, and the two of them don’t care about boiling it