Liu Qi can roughly judge that Zhao Yanguangs star power is around 15 points based on the fight between him and Zhao Yanguangs first move

Chapter 1 Chengpeng at dusk and towards night, the sun sinks thousands of miles away and the blue sky is as clear as washing. Sing to your heart’s content. The wingspan of an ordinary roc is ten meters, but the wingspan of a golden roc is no less than a hundred meters. When they spread their wings and take off, what they leave on the earth is not a black shadow but a golden light. When the moon shines silvery in the sky, the golden-feathered rocs have not fallen asleep after playing for a day.
They stand on the highest points of the towering trees one after another.
They show pious expressions and stare at the crescent moon in the sky.
They exhale and inhale rhythmically. The watery moonlight irradiated on the Golden Feather Roc, and with the Golden Feather Roc’s breath, it turned into substance and slowly penetrated into their bodies. After this lasted for an hour, the Golden Feather Roc no longer looked up at the crescent moon.
Returned to their respective lairs and fell asleep peacefully.
The crescent moon moved slowly on the high sky, bringing endless coolness to the world.
When it was about to fall into the horizon, a group of black eagles with blue tails and a wingspan of 40 to 50 meters swooped.
Across the sky, they quietly flew towards the mountain peak where the golden-feathered rocs inhabit. Although the golden-feathered rocs were fast asleep, their sense of spirituality was very strong. When the black eagles approached them for hundreds of meters, they woke up one after another. In an instant, there was an intense and high-spirited crowing sound from the sky and the earth, and the entire mountain was covered by the golden wings of the golden-feathered roc. The simplest and most primitive bite and pounce on the golden-feathered roc The most ferocious and fierce hand-to-hand combat unfolds on the blue mountain peak under the black sky Completely submerged into the ground, they stopped just as the sun came out.
There were no less than 300 black eagles flying away from the blue mountain. There were 250 or 60 golden-feathered rocs in total, more than the black eagles. More than a dozen individuals were lost, and they looked bigger and stronger than the black eagle, but their strength was not as good as the opponent’s. More than 60 of them fell, and the rest suffered injuries of varying degrees. Since the Golden Feathered Roc can absorb the essence of the moon Wings that emit golden light are naturally not ordinary beasts.
Normally, no matter how serious their injuries are, they can slowly heal by absorbing the essence of the moon at night.
However, almost all rocs have healed in the ten days after the war.
One of the rocs, whose head was severely hit, was not seriously injured.
The golden-feathered rocs are a very united group. After discovering the situation of this injured fellow roc, they were naturally very anxious to find all kinds of people. All kinds of spiritual grasses and spiritual fruits help him heal his wounds.
Unfortunately, the injured roc is still not getting better, and he behaves in a daze every day.
At night, he doesn’t know how to absorb the essence of the moon. If you think of various ways to treat it, maybe the golden feather roc’s method has worked. After more than a month, it was injured one night.
The roc was no longer in a daze, it began to absorb the essence of the moon, and the other golden-feathered rocs were naturally overjoyed when they saw this, and they all congratulated it by chirping cheerfully.
The injured roc also chirped in response, but its chirping carried A bit jerky, as if this was the first time it sang in its life.
Ever since the injured golden-feathered roc could absorb the essence of the moon, its injuries quickly recovered. After the injury was healed, this roc was no longer as lively as before. It is restless and likes to look at the blue sky above the green hills in the distance alone in a daze. It does not eat meat or anything.
It just looks for spiritual grass and spiritual fruits in the mountains for food. But when night falls, it can absorb the essence of the moon.
The roc is more excited than any other of its kind, and it can absorb more moon essence in one hour than its kind.
As time goes by, it naturally becomes the most powerful existence among all the golden-feathered rocs.
The bird is respected as the Peng King. Although the Golden Feather Roc is not a mortal beast, it is not a fairy beast either. Their growth limit is actually not high. It’s an ordinary Golden Feather Roc with the strength of King Peng, it will definitely be content with the status quo, but this Golden Feather Roc is different because it has a human soul.
Liu Qi was originally a small person who grew up at the bottom of a certain country on the earth.
He was busy with basic necessities, food, housing, and transportation. One day, when he was passing by a construction site, he was hit in the back of the head by an unknown object flying across.
He passed out on the spot.
When Liu Qi woke up, he found that his body had disappeared and his soul had entered a coma. A body in the awakened Golden Feather Roc can only have one soul. Liu Qi’s soul and the Golden Feather Roc’s soul competed with each other for the possession of the body from the beginning, and then gradually merged into one soul.
This soul is naturally based on Liu Qi is the leader. After all, compared to the soul of the human race, the soul of a beast is weaker, even if this beast is not an ordinary beast. Since Liu Qi has integrated the soul of the Golden Feather Roc, he naturally has the memory of the Golden Feather Roc. He also has a certain understanding of the world he lives in.
The mountain he is in now is called Yupeng Mountain. It is the place where the Golden Feathered Roc tribe has lived for generations.
It belongs to the Beiguan Mountain Range. The countries that live on the earth are even bigger.
However, according to the memory of the Golden Feather Dapeng, the Beiguan Mountains are not that big, and it can even be said to be small, because there are many bigger and more vast mountains on the extremely vast Qimu Continent. The Golden Feathered Roc is a kind of monster. Their ancestors are the legendary true spirits. The Golden Winged Roc. The real Golden Winged Roc has two attributes of wind and metal.
The Golden Feathered Roc has only one type because of its impure blood.