Liu Jinxi is me you won’t ask me to go out and fight you to the death haha I’m sorry I will wait for you

Chapter 1: Gu Fan, Yuan Ying, Blue Sky After a busy day, Gu Fan was exhausted and weak. As soon as the professor left the laboratory, he lay down on the laboratory table and fell asleep, glistening blood dripped from the cut wound on the glass slide, breathing on his fingertips. In the petri dish of the incubator, the blood-colored creeper gradually shrunk with the fluctuation of the blood beads, until it disappeared. The finger-sized blood beads gradually withered, and Gu Fan, who was slightly obese, also gradually lost weight. Gu Fan subconsciously shrank and his body was dizzy Open your eyes, the strong hunger makes your stomach sac feel like someone is clenching it, like thousands of people are shouting in your head, almost making him unconscious again I’m not hungry, I’m hungry, and cut off all the other thoughts in my mind Gu Fan murmured, I’m starving to death, I want to eat meat, oh, oh, then wait a minute, master, I’ll let Lao Zhang do Lao Zhang right now, Master Zhang wants to eat tender meat The girl left the room like a gust of wind, only Gu Fan was left alone. Yesterday’s events were still in front of my eyes, and the world changed in a blink of an eye.
Did I have a dream or did I live in Gu Fan’s dream? Is this soul wearing? Feeling the young body Gu Fan endured Hunger quickly recalls the information that suddenly appeared in my mind.
The experience of more than ten years that suddenly appeared is like a documentary filmed by someone. Every word and deed is like a script. As Gu Fan recalls, turn page by page and play Gu Fan Beiping City Cloth The only son of businessman Gu Yuan was born weak.
Three years ago, Gu Yuan heard people say that practicing martial arts can strengthen his body, which is just right for martial arts masters.
After learning martial arts for three years, Gu Fan, who is now fifteen years old, has become stronger and stronger, and his temper has become more irritable.
A few days ago, the Beijing Normal University held its first sports meeting.
Even if he is close to Ming Jin’s skill now, he still can’t avoid being fished up from the moat, and he was unconscious for three days and three nights, and now he has just regained consciousness. At this time of the first sports meeting in the Imperial University Hall, Gu Fan really knows that this is the end of the Qing Dynasty, and it is a national art in April.
The era of celebrities and heroes is the era when the country suffers humiliation and pain, and it is the dark age before the dawn.
The powder-faced King Kong Geng with the big gun Geng Jishan in his dream. The tiger-headed Shaobao who is not familiar with Gu Fan but who teaches boxing together is the world’s number one Sun Lutang The two Gu Fans are like thunder, and they have been instructed by him many times in the past three years. Sun Lutang’s Taijiquan, Bagua, Zhangxingyiquan can be said to be proficient.
He is also known as the master of triathlon.
When I entered the room, I yelled Xiaofan, I heard Xiaoying said that you woke up, how do you feel now? Gu Fan’s coma this time scared Gu Yuan very much. This is the only seedling of his Gu family and his lifeblood. Who knows that Gu Fan, who was timid and cowardly since he was a child, has become more courageous and courageous. His thoughts were interrupted by Gu Yuan.
Gu Fan slid his palm across his forehead and covered the bare Tianling. He got off the bed and smiled and said that he was completely healed, but he was hungry. business in the shop is not good Why did you come back so early and you are still concerned about business? Gu Yuan said with a hint of surprise in his tone, then he smiled and said, just this time, you can do business with me. You are in good health now, practicing martial arts all day long is not a good business.
No more martial arts practice Gu Fan shook his head No matter whether it is through time travel or in a dream, martial arts training must be carried out to the end. If you don’t want to beat people, you can at least guarantee that you will be beaten less.
If it weren’t for practicing martial arts, I’m afraid I won’t be able to survive this time.
I have to learn from you.
No matter how good you practice, what’s the use? I don’t ask you to become a master of martial arts, I don’t ask you to protect your home and country.
I just want you to be safe and secure and get a wife to give our Gu family a few more fat boys. I’m only ten Five years old, fifteen years old, what’s wrong with your father, I married your mother when I was fifteen years old, you can study at home if you don’t study business, anyway, I don’t allow you to learn martial arts, in case something happens to you, you can let me live how you want I’m sorry for the ancestors, the young master’s meat, Xiaoying walked quickly into the yard with a tray, looked up and saw Gu Yuan immediately stopped, the master just woke up, what kind of meat can he eat? In three steps and two steps, directly grab the tray from Xiaoying’s hand, hold it with one hand and twist a chicken leg with the other hand.
When I am growing my body, I must have enough nutrition.
My body is clear.
You just leave it alone. How can I talk to your father? No matter who cares, who cares about you? I’m fifteen, according to what you say, I’m an adult, I can take care of myself. At fifteen, even if you’re fifty, you’re still my son. The meat thing is fine when he wakes up these few days, he can’t eat well and can’t sleep, Mr. Doctor found one after another until now he raised his throat, and his heart began to let go, watching Gu Fan feasting on Gu Yuan, he began to think about it The girl at home is suitable to marry a wife Gu Fan will not be thinking about martial arts anymore, right? The piece of meat stuffed into his mouth was swallowed. Gu Fan quickly ate the chicken and pork on the tray Going down, the hunger is gradually disappearing, Gu Fan let out a long breath and said to Gu Yuan who was meditating, practice for a few more years, now is the critical time to give up some things that are a pity to study, you don’t have to worry about it, I will learn while practicing martial arts during this period of time, reading is good Alright, you know the book, you have a poetic spirit, you are arrogant, you can’t get on the stage after all, if you can win a Jinshi, it will be a face for our old Gu family Jinshi Gu Fan secretly laughed in his heart