Little Zhe could only rely on one hand to hold on to the railing looking very pitiful but They were so determined that several adults

In the night of the car accident, there was a strong wind and heavy rain. A big hole was knocked out in the separation belt of a certain section of the provincial highway leading to the city. A silver-gray car got stuck in the gap and crashed into the lawn on the side of the road.
The twisted metal is coiled together like a beast with its mouth wide open, the driver is covered in blood, and the driver remains motionless, a drenched little girl with disheveled hair is holding the door open, calling daddy, daddy, and crying It sounded very loud in the silent night.
In the lawn next to it, a young boy of about the same age struggled to pick up a grown man.
The man was unrecognizable.
There were many wounds on his body, and the blood continued to bleed. The blood mixed into the rain, and soon the surrounding grass was stained red. The little boy just hugged him quietly, didn’t say a word, and didn’t respond to everything around him.
The little girl who couldn’t open the door on the other side cried for a while, and finally remembered him, walked around the front of the car, walked to his side, and gently called his name. Yan Ziyan didn’t answer or react, as if all the seniors and juniors lost their lives in this tragic car accident.
In the distance, the sirens of ambulances and police cars sounded. Hei fell directly into the damp lawn, everything seemed to be calm again eighteen years later, it rained all night at 8 o’clock in the morning, and finally stopped under the eaves. A few drops of rain fell on her arms from the old window of the small bungalow, and there was a cool and comfortable feeling. Footsteps were heard on the stairs.
Mom pushed open the door of the second-floor hall and brought breakfast up. With a smile on my face, I’ll bring it up for you first, and then I’ll bring it back to your dad.
Is Xiao Zhe up yet? He’s about to go out, talking about something Xu Yanyu glanced at the closed door of the room, and there’s a strange person on the other side of the door.
Boys up to the age of four dressed quietly and neatly, found socks of the same color, picked up the schoolbag on the bedside, put everything on the bedside table into the bag, umbrella, kettle, book, crayon box, and a slightly worn-out large bag. Like a plush toy, he finally zipped it up, put a black and white baseball cap on his head, and went out in slippers. Outside the room, Xu Yanyu was cleaning up the leftovers on the table, all of which were related to work, scissors, rulers, paper and pens, and some When the little boy with the rag head came out, she hadn’t finished finishing.
Seeing the look on his face, she immediately explained that she would be ready soon, and that the mother would clean up immediately. The little boy frowned slightly and held back his mouth with difficulty.
Standing there with the schoolbag, ate breakfast, then rushed to Xu Yanyu’s mother and set off, Xu Yanyu packed up, took a piece of bread, stuffed it in his mouth, chewed it twice, and led the boy downstairs to the door, when the boy opened the shoe cabinet by himself Pick out sneakers that match the clothes, come out and tie them carefully and quietly.
The bows on the two shoes are almost the same size and even in the same direction. Xu Yanyu puts on a coat at the back and takes a pair of flat heels and puts them on. When the boy is about to leave, she says hello.
A little Zhe wait for mommy boy to turn around again Frowning mom, my name is mom, I know, but now that we’re back in China, grandpa and grandma are too old to be called this name, okay? The boy is not easy to be persuaded, but look at mom’s messy hair, he finally compromised This time, Xu Yanyu breathed a sigh of relief and took the child out of the gate. Xiao Zhe stopped at the door and jumped lightly three times, then pulled down the brim of his hat a little, then took Xu Yanyu’s hand and walked into the early summer morning. They were at the door of the house. Take the bus to a place that is an hour and a half away from here, and you have to change buses in the middle. The only thing Xu Yanyu does during this hour and a half is to keep reminding the child, Xiaozhe, not to bite her nails.
Every time she says Xiaozhe, she stops Ten seconds and then repeat the action just now Xu Yanyu must stare at him non-stop, when he has the desire to put her hand in her mouth, she must immediately grab his hand and repeat what she just said.
Don’t bite your nails. Good mother Xiaozhe always does this Answered but stubbornly continued with his actions. This is his habit. Biting his nails while riding in the car has no reason, as if it was born in his blood.
It seems that it will be born at ten o’clock in the morning. They arrived at the hospital on time. They said it was the hospital, but it looked like it.
It doesn’t look like an open gate with green trees.
After entering a section, there is a grassy field. After the grassy field, there is a two-story low-rise building with a large footprint.
Through the glass, you can see children and adults running around inside. A warm and happy feeling came over us. This is a rehabilitation center.
Xu Yanyu found it after inquiring about many talents.
Today, she and the director made an appointment to meet Xu Zhe in person.
The two went to the director’s office for a brief chat. Take Xiaozhe to a room, open the door, and see that it is full of children under the age of ten. In the nearly 100-square-meter room, there are various toys and training equipment. The staff in light green overalls greeted them with a smile and finally One of them came over and led Xiao Zhe to let him play with other children.
Xu Yanyu and the dean retreated and walked in the corridor while chatting.
The dean asked if he had been diagnosed.
It was diagnosed about half a year ago and he had done some treatment in this area.
Can I ask where the diagnosis was made? Please don’t mind Ms.
I just hope that I can get better information from Xiao Zhe to help him better. It’s okay. He was born in France and we only returned to China half a month ago.
He was diagnosed with this disease after the examination. Actually, I don’t think he is any different from ordinary children.
Of course, my dear, he is an angel.
Don’t worry, our children here are all angels. In fact, it is not difficult for children with Asperger’s to integrate into society. Many people can live a normal life for the rest of their lives, just like I saw Xiao Zhe just now, he is no different from an ordinary four-year-old boy