Lingheng couldnt help laughing softly when her lips left her Yuaner who was still a little softhearted just now heard his laughter Anger flared up

Brother Li Xiaohua why everyone is so indifferent to Linghao because they are afraid that if they are infected with karma, they will not be able to pass the thunder disaster.
Xiaohua is what grown-ups often say: Good is rewarded with good, and evil is rewarded with evil. Tags to cultivate real dramas, ancient fantasy fantasy, Xianxia chapter, being arrested.
The town where Fuyuan Inn is located is the nearest town to the first sect in the cultivation world, Yuan Mingzong Mountain Gate.
And because Yuanmingzong has strict management on people entering and leaving the sect, most non-Yuanmingzong disciples who want to enter Yuanmingzong have to stay in this town for a day or a period of time before they can enter the shopkeeper of Yuanmingzong Fuyuan Inn. Dian spent a lot of money to renovate his inn, and strived to exude a sense of immortality from the inside out of his inn, so as to attract those cultivators to rest in his shop. Facts have proved that he has done it.
Those who entered the town went directly to the Fuyuan Inn and didn’t take a look at other places. However, the reason why the cultivators made such a choice was not because they liked their decoration, but because the Yuanming Zongmen was very popular a few years ago. When the array was rebuilt, Yuan Mingzong placed the teleportation array outside the sect’s gate on the side of the Fuyuan Inn. The cultivators chose to settle in the Fuyuan Inn based on the principle of proximity. Jiang Xiaohua, who is also planning to wait a while to enter Yuanmingzong, is now She stood at the entrance of Fuyuan Inn, but she didn’t enter the inn immediately, but stood at the entrance of the inn and looked around for a while, and found that there was only a peddler who sold her favorite candied haws in the past, and now there was only one big and thick man selling steamed buns.
Shaking his head, he raised his foot and entered the Fuyuan Inn. The waiter who has been watching Jiang Xiaohua since she stood at the door just now greeted her immediately after seeing her enter.
A bucket of hot water, Jiang Xiaohua showed her face openly, completely unable to see that she was actually being hunted down, frankly took out a piece of broken silver from her bosom, put it in Xiaoer’s hand, and ordered One sentence, please find a quieter room. Guest officer, please come with me.
After confirming the weight and authenticity of the money in your hand, Xiaoer led Jiang Xiaohua through the lobby on the first floor to the guest room on the second floor with a polite smile. Walking up, Jiang Xiaohua followed Xiaoer, looked around the lobby in a fair manner, and focused on observing the clothes of those people. After confirming that most of them were wearing ordinary clothes of mortals, she dared to release her consciousness and scanned again to confirm that the lobby was full of clothes. Ordinary people followed with peace of mind and went up to the Fuyuan Inn on the second floor.
Although it is the best choice for those cultivators who are about to enter Yuanmingzong, there are not many cultivators who will come to Yuanmingzong in a year.
Jiang Xiaohua didn’t meet any of them.
That’s normal. If she finds that the lobby is full of cultivators right now, she will run away without any hesitation.
Although Jiang Xiaohua has a lot of thoughts in her mind, her steps are not chaotic at all, and she calmly follows the little Eryi who led him the way. The road came to the end of the corridor on the second floor of the inn. The guest officer felt that Here, Xiaoer pushed open the door and stood at the door to ask Jiang Xiaohua’s opinion Xiaoer also knows why Jiang Xiaohua is dissatisfied and explained, the other side of the room is directly facing the yard.
The nearest guest brought several dogs and it is very noisy on weekdays. After listening to Xiaoer’s explanation, Jiang Xiaohua looked around herself again. The house in front of me found that I didn’t hear much street hawking, so I nodded and agreed, quickly brought the hot water up, the waiter saw that Jiang Xiaohua agreed, smiled and helped her close the door, and then ran down After Loujiang Xiaohua entered the house, the first thing she did was to walk to the window facing the street and glance downstairs, seeing the steamed stuffed bun seller waving his fan to drive away the flies in boredom, and then closed the window Now that I can take a bath, Jiang Xiaohua, who has been tense after confirming that there is no danger around her, finally let out a long sigh of relief, limp as a boneless animal, and lying on the bed, with her feet hanging out of the bed Looking at the bed curtain, I muttered to myself in a daze, I don’t know if Brother Lingheng can find the reason why I am like this now, thinking that I will be able to take a comfortable bath soon, I have been wandering in the deep mountains and old forests for at least two Yue’s Jiang Xiaohua felt that this broken body began to itch all over her body. Why is Xiaoer so slow? Unable to bear it, Jiang Xiaohua got up from the bed, scratched her back, and then froze. Carrying water takes so much After confirming that there were only mortals in the inn just now, Jiang Xiaohua immediately spread out her spiritual consciousness and covered the circle around her.
Now she feels that at least ten people have broken into her spiritual consciousness together, so it’s not good to immediately Determined that she was caught in a trap, Jiang Xiaohua hurriedly got up and ran to the window in three or two steps, stretched out her hand and opened the window with one hand supporting the window sill, turned over neatly, and turned out of the window, and the moment Jiang Xiaohua turned out of the window, she completely The person curled up, covered his head with his hands, adjusted his posture to prepare for the impact on the ground, but what Jiang Xiaohua didn’t expect was that his body didn’t land on the ground, but was supported by a spiritual energy, of course Jiang Xiaohua knew that It wasn’t because she was rescued by some kind-hearted person, because she was bound by that spiritual energy straight like a pillar, tsk, it’s another binding formula, don’t these people have other spells? Jiang Xiaohua After silently complaining in her heart, she looked down at the young man who was wearing very ill-fitting mortal clothes and was looking at her triumphantly, Yuaner felt that the obtrusive clothes looked familiar, and then thought about it