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The title of the book is Rebirth: Lao Tzu wants to walk the right path. The author’s name is Jun.
The copywriter Wang Ren was a gangster in his previous life. Stuck in the things of his life, he worked hard to get into university and no longer disappointed his only relative, grandma.
However, when he cleared the fog of his previous life, he discovered an even more astonishing secret. Such and such inspirational stories are deserted and attacked by loyal dogs. They have the attributes of ghosts, animals, and black idiots. Inspirational puzzle-solving chapter 1: Wang Ren opened his eyes and looked at the white ceiling. His pupils hadn’t found the focal length.
Gradually, a bird’s song came from his ears. It was obvious that he had been bitten by a monster. Fade was still in a messy cage just now, and now the surroundings are peaceful and peaceful, as if he just woke up from a vivid nightmare. What’s the matter? The desk in front of the window The wind outside the window flutters the light blue curtains, the wind gushes in, the scenery close to his skin comes into view, all of this is so familiar that it is frightening to look down at the palms and wrists of the young man with the slender body Immediately took a mirror, a young man’s face was reflected in the mirror, it was his youthful appearance, didn’t he die and was reborn and returned to his youthful days, and at this moment the door of the room was suddenly opened, a man with white hair and kind face The old man walked in. The old man got closer and closer, but Wang Ren’s eyes blurred uncontrollably.
It was the grandma, Ah Ren, who died of depression in her previous life.
Ah Ren, Ah Ren woke up! The underworld fire pulled him into the present world. In this peace and tranquility, the heart that was once armed so hard was instantly melted, revealing a soft and bright red face. Looking at grandma’s kind and caring face, Wang Ren finally couldn’t help crying.
In the last life Grandma passed away when Wang Ren was old. Wang Ren was treated as a monster test product because he helped his elder brother to clean up a gang. He didn’t even see his grandma for the last time.
What’s wrong with the baby? Is my head still hurting? Seeing Wang Ren crying, grandma also frowned distressedly.
Listening to grandma calling me baby, I feel so sad and helpless. It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt anymore.
It’s so old. Grandma still calls my baby only years old.
In grandma’s heart, it will always be my baby.
Grandma smiled at you.
From now on, don’t play with that Zhao Qiang. This time he went too far and pushed you into the water. I told his grandpa to teach him a lesson. He is the most naughty guy in our town And that girl is Zhao Qiang’s crush, so Wang Ren was severely warned by Zhao Qiang and pushed him into the water.
What Wang Ren cares about is not Zhao Qiang but that girl. That girl’s name is Yu Yiling, which is what caused Wang Ren to drop out after finishing junior high school. The eldest brother’s sister in the mixed society is precisely because of this girl, Wang Ren is favored by the elder brother, and Wang Ren, who is accepted as the younger brother, hums coldly in his heart. Yu Yiling doesn’t like him.
He just thinks that Wang Ren has always been cold, so he has a desire to conquer and writes a love letter to Wang Ren.
In the first life, Wang Ren was captured by Yu Yiling.
In order for Yu Yiling and Zhao Qiang to confront each other, the big brother appeared to quell the dispute. It was here that Wang Ren met his big brother Yu Yikun, and after Yu Yiling got together with Wang Ren, he followed Zhao Qiang. After being entangled, a child was finally created. Wang Ren missed the high school entrance examination because he accompanied Yu Yiling to abort the fetus. However, Wang Ren’s grades were not good at first, and then he simply followed Yu Yikun to mix in the society.
It’s ridiculous that he did so many stupid things for such a woman, which made grandma sad.
Later, he died so painfully, and he blamed himself.
But since he was reborn, Wang Ren would not let it happen.
Seeing grandma still nagging, Wang Ren smiled sadly.
Laughing in the last life, grandma is the son and daughter-in-law who had great expectations for Wang Ren.
A car accident left the young Wang Ren and grandma dependent on each other. Grandma always said that it would be great if Wang Ren could go to college so that he could hold his head up in the town. In this life, if Wang Ren is reborn, he will not let down his grandma Wang Ren’s goals. In this life, he will definitely not be contaminated by those bastard things in his previous life. Study hard, get admitted to college, and be filial to grandma. Wang Ren looked at the messy textbooks on the bookshelf and decided to fight hard.
After dinner at noon on Saturday, Wang Ren took out the textbooks for the second grade of junior high school and tidied up the messy textbooks. Looking at the exercise books and textbooks, he didn’t make any notes.
Sitting quietly and reading a book now is a blissful moment for the sake of my elder brother, but Wang Ren looks at the textbook without any strangeness in his heart, and there is no way to start.
Not to mention, after so many years of hard work in society, he has forgotten everything. Even Wang Ren’s foundation is really poor, but since he is determined to study hard, Wang Ren won’t give up lightly. Wang Ren decided to buy the tutorial books for each subject and ponder it slowly, but it cost a dime to search the whole room. Did not find out, then Wang Ren had the cheek to ask grandma for money, when grandma found out that Wang Ren was going to buy books, she happily took the money to buy snacks for Wang Ren, Wang Ren had no choice but to give up.
Glancing at myself in the mirror