Ling wanted to leave and surround them Tom ordered to his subordinates Gao Jin quickly raised his gun and pointed at Alice when he saw

This is a different tomb-robbing adventure novel, I believe it will give you different surprises.
Mysterious teams from all walks of life gather together to look at each other.
Strange events occur frequently. Ghosts and monsters appear frequently. All this is due to the disappearance of the mermaid mark on Fengling.
The legendary Tongtian in the ancient desert country.
Mysterious and mysterious Miaojiang Holy Land We are already on the way to find the mermaid.
On the way, there is a stunning royal sister, a well-behaved housewife, and a quirky little loli.
The journey is more dangerous, so why not? On the shore of the glacier lake, Xiao Fengling watched the sun shining on the icebergs in the lake. The icebergs instantly became crystal clear, making people feel like they were in a world full of crystals. When Xiao Fengling was still immersed in the beautiful scenery of the lake, the lake surface Ripples suddenly appeared, and as the waves moved bigger and bigger, the ice cubes at the place where the ripples were located began to drift around.
Xiao Fengling saw the change in the water surface, and his eyes widened, staring closely at the place where the waves were generated. Is this the case? There are big fish in the lake that want to come out to breathe fresh air.
Thinking of this, Xiao Fengling suddenly became excited and continued to stare at the lake with curious eyes.
As the water waves became bigger and bigger, a huge fishtail fish suddenly protruded out of the water.
The tail is golden.
You can vaguely see the golden scales, surrounded by a ray of multicolored light.
The huge scales look extremely bright under the sunlight. Wow, what a big fish! Xiao Fengling covered his mouth excitedly when he saw the scene in front of him. While Xiao Fengling was still immersed in excitement and surprise, the huge fish tail suddenly slapped the water surface, and a huge splash of water went towards the shore. But at this time, Xiao Fengling didn’t care about the wet clothes, the huge fish tail began to sink into the water slowly, and then another round of water waves produced strands of black hair, which slowly surfaced, and slowly, the hair in the water became more and more More and more like a scene in a horror movie, Xiao Fengling’s original excitement suddenly disappeared and was replaced by fear, but the child’s curiosity temporarily overcame the fear. Instead of calling his parents, he stayed where he was and wanted to see this What else is there in the water besides the huge fish tail? The movement of the water waves is getting bigger and bigger. Then a human head emerges from the water, then the neck, and finally the body.
To be precise, it is the upper body of a woman. The woman is about 20 years old. It looks like an oriental face, long black hair draped over snow-white shoulders, a pair of big sapphire-like eyes, a tall nose bridge, fair skin, as beautiful as an elf, but no clothes, although the long black hair covers the private place. You can vaguely see her bumpy figure, but her lower body has not surfaced in the water.
Xiao Fengling saw a woman suddenly appearing in the water, and she was a beautiful woman like an elf. The style of painting has also changed too much.
Come on, I thought it was a scene from a horror movie. Now, instead of feeling scared, Xiaofeng Ling became excited. Smiling, he said to the woman in the water, sister, why are you hiding in the water without any clothes on? Are you not cold? It doesn’t mean to be frozen. In this icy world and in the water full of icebergs, I don’t seem to feel the slightest cold. Hearing Xiao Fengling’s words, the woman looks at Xiaofengling’s fair and ruddy pretty face with those blue eyes slightly. A smile is so natural, so beautiful, like a fairy, and the clear lake and icebergs behind it form a beautiful painting, but she doesn’t speak, Xiaofeng Ling sees the woman doesn’t answer, she continues to ask beautiful sister, what’s your name, the woman still just smiles, no Can you come up, please? I asked my mother to put on clothes for you. It was very cold in the water.
Xiao Fengling sighed at his hands. Elder sister, are you also Chinese? But why do you have blue eyes, Xiaofengling, you ask this question? It’s because since he arrived in Iceland, all he saw were Europeans with blond hair and blue eyes, but this time it’s rare to see an oriental face, but there are a pair of blue eyes, which is very curious. The woman still didn’t speak. Xiao Fengling felt strange at first, but then He asked again, “Sister, can you not talk? You still don’t want to talk to Xiaoling?” The woman still didn’t speak.
At this time, the sky was clear and cloudy, and the wind was blowing.
In the end, it turned into a monstrous wave and slapped the woman, and then there was thunder and thunder, and lightning struck the woman like a silver snake.
He was approaching Xiao Fengling in danger, he was frightened by the sudden change and stayed where he was, but he immediately reacted and shouted at the woman in the water, “Sister, come up quickly, it’s dangerous”. What was the decision? Then the whole person disappeared in the water and turned into a dancing colorful light. If you look carefully, you can vaguely see the outline of this colorful light and the woman in the water, but the lower body of the colorful light is like a mermaid. Usually, the mermaid-shaped multicolored light dodges the huge waves and lightning and quickly flies towards Xiaofengling, letting the huge waves and lightning rush into the air.
Before Xiaofengling can react, the colorful light has escaped into the back of Xiaofengling’s neck.
Disappeared. At this time, a small dot appeared on the back of Xiaofengling’s neck.
When the mermaid-shaped multicolored light escaped into the back of Xiaofengling’s neck, Xiaofengling couldn’t help shivering, feeling a cold breath from the beginning. It runs through the whole body at the end, but in an instant, the body returns to its original state. What was the colorful light just now? Xiao Fengling saw the colorful light disappear and thought in his heart. Seeing that the woman in the water was gone, Xiao Fengling looked around