Lin Ying said don’t worry I won’t act recklessly I won’t kill innocent people indiscriminately you can go back wherever you came from remember don’t

The weather was fine on this day, and a freshman student named Lin Ying was walking down the street while holding his mobile phone and staring at the screen, hoping to grab a red envelope, because there was a group that was giving out red envelopes.
Get it first, and the amount of the red envelope is not small. It is a red envelope of 100 yuan. Lin Ying didn’t plan to go to college, but she had nothing to do, so she randomly chose a regular third-rate university to start her studies. It’s already the first semester of her freshman year. In the early morning of June, Lin Ying went out for a run.
This has been going on for half a year. In the past two years, Lin Ying has become weaker and weaker. Her body always has problems. For her health, she decided to keep running for half a year.
There are indeed some effects. The body is still a little thin. After running back to school, I met two classmates driving a sports car on the road.
Lin Ying couldn’t help being a little envious of them. They are really rich, but Lin Ying was not too envious because I heard that their family ran a company. Those who start a company usually have money, so there is nothing to say. Lin Ying thought about her own situation. Her parents are ordinary migrant workers.
Both of them worked in an advertising company.
Recently, that advertising company has closed down. This shows that starting a company is not easy. After it was not easy, my parents had to find another job and found a newspaper job. It was easy to distribute newspapers to some government agencies, and the salary was okay, but if you want to buy such a sports car, don’t think about it.
If you work for two hundred years, you can’t afford a sports car.
One wheel, but Lin Ying is young and ambitious.
She firmly believes that she will be able to drive such a good car in the future. Lin Ying has met many rich students since she went to college. Although this is a third-rate university, there are as many as 50,000 students among them. There are some sons of rich people, how can the sons and daughters of rich people go to this third-rate university? It turns out that this university has a lot of beauties. It is a university with the most beauties among the more than 100 universities in Baiyun City.
This is already well known.
Why is this university Third-rate universities have the most beauties.
Lin Ying was puzzled when she first heard about this feature. Later, she realized that because many beautiful students did not study well, they all came to this third-rate university.
Thinking back carefully, the beautiful students in the past were really like this.
They are not good at studying, Lin Ying couldn’t help laughing, they are beautiful, they have to cope with the pursuit of boys from all walks of life, how can they have time to study hard, besides, they themselves don’t want to study hard, and when they find a rich and young man to marry, it means less struggle For a hundred years, Lin Ying shook her head and didn’t think about girls anymore.
Girls have girls’ pursuits.
Boys also have boys’ goals. There are bursts of voices playing games. The male dormitory of the university is basically like this. There are a few computers.
They have nothing to do except play games and pursue girls. This third-rate university used to be very strict about these two things. Students are not allowed to play games every day. It is allowed to play on Sundays, only on Sundays can you connect to the Internet, but then the Internet is so developed that almost everyone cannot live without the Internet. Only allowing Internet access on Sundays for a week has caused problems Public anger and even some students made a fuss in the principal’s office.
The school leaders held three meetings and finally decided to open the Internet. They also realized that the society is now an Internet society. The students have become like this. Lin Ying is not disgusted with these things of playing games.
Sometimes she will play a few rounds. However, Lin Ying uses the computer most for chatting, watching news and movies, and sometimes watching dramas.
These things have already made Lin Ying Ying has recharged more than 300 yuan, because watching movies online now requires a fee.
It is difficult to watch the latest movies without recharging.
Lin Ying only has this money to save money. These roommates have charged at least 3,000 yuan online. They have money at home to charge various games.
Just now, they were grabbing red envelopes on the road, but their phone ran out of battery.
Lin Ying remembered that there was some news to reply, so she opened it I bought my own small-screen computer.
This is a second-hand computer bought from a flea market. I’m afraid it’s been used for at least ten years. It’s okay to watch movies and play games, but it freezes so badly that it can drive people to death.
Lin Ying has long thought I need to get a new computer, but I have no money, but Lin Ying believes that she will be able to use a new good computer in the near future.
As expected, she has received a lot of news when logging in, including messages from strangers, some from former classmates, and some others.
The news in the group Lin Ying added a lot of groups, including the celebrity fan group, the game group, the red envelope group, the classmate movie group, after watching a lot of news, and finally there are three red envelope groups. Many people in the red envelope group send out red envelopes are deceitful. Of course, it is not ruled out that some people actually give out red envelopes, but I have never snatched a red envelope. Therefore, Lin Ying is not very interested in these red envelope groups, but now Lin Ying keeps an eye on them.
The red envelope group is asking for money to recharge the phone bill because the phone bill is gone. If you can grab a 100 yuan red envelope, you can recharge the phone bill.
Suddenly a prompt message pops up in the lower right corner.
User Hello Congratulations, you have obtained a new software from our company for free. The name of this software It’s called Super Red Envelope Grabbing System.
This software helps you grab red envelopes with half the effort.
Regardless of the size of the red envelopes, the ability to grab red envelopes is simply against the sky. When there is only one free quota in the world, you can’t miss this opportunity. Download now. There is only one free quota in the world.
This good luck is touched by me When I got on it, I wiped Lin Ying. After being surprised for a moment, I couldn’t help but curl my lips and smile.
This ad was well played.
I gave it full marks.
Another message popped up in the lower right corner. Hello user, please don’t think this is an ad. This is a real software. It’s amazing and powerful. If you don’t download it I will regret it for the rest of my life