Lin Wen I found a big chair sat down said coldly I asked you and you answered half the word wrong the woman nodded repeatedly

He became the only light in this world of mortals. This is a story about a person who swept the world and swept all directions in order to become a fairy. Wen has already calmed down from the initial excitement, not only calmed down, but even felt deep despair. This world still doesn’t have everything he wants, and there is still only a life of struggling in the dust and repeating the endless days day after day.
For Lin Wen, all life here is boring and meaningless, a life ruled by instinct, he has had enough, and then he has to die The earth is full of shapes, even the wind and the air are in this yellow-brown background, a blue hatchet quietly leans against a half-collapsed earth wall, it is so unusual that Lin Wen glanced at it. I saw it, so I used it. Lin Wen walked over to pick up the hatchet and hacked himself to death, but a bony hand grabbed it first.
Lin Qing looked up and saw the old man Xu Daddy Lin sitting on the other side of the earthen wall. Wen opened his mouth and said that he knew this man.
He was a widowed old man.
The eldest son had been out and about for decades, and there was no news.
The second son and the youngest daughter both died a few years ago.
I have work from his family to do, so I know the hatchet and sell it to me.
I need it urgently. Father Xu looked up at him, and there was a smile on his cloudy eyes and knife-like wrinkles.
When will you take it to Xiaolin? It’s all right, Lin Wen took out all the money on his body and handed it over to Father Xu.
The knife is requisitioned by the town.
You can’t use it so much. As soon as you see Lin Wen, Father Xu’s eyes are soft. Lin Wen’s death is decided. I stuffed all the money in his hand, made up a reason, and part of it was the poverty-stricken family subsidy issued by the above.
Is there any? The county finally has a conscience, yes, who has no conscience? Lin Wen took the hatchet Saying goodbye to Father Xu, he has seen a secluded, remote place with no one in it, he will hack himself to death in a short while, this stupid time travel journey is over, maybe if he dies, he can travel again, maybe this time he will be in the world of cultivating immortals, even if It is better to be dead than this hopeless life. Lin Wen walked to a secluded place and raised the hatchet in his hand to aim at his neck.
The moment a white mist appeared in front of his eyes, two pale golden words flashed across the white background. After a good relationship, the golden text disappears in an instant, and then the left eye shines with golden light and turns into a line of text with a gold frame and gold pattern background. Good relationship, the right eye black air rolls and turns into a bad relationship. At the top is his name, Lin Wen, surrounded by immortal energy. A long part in the middle is written with aura, realm, supernatural powers, spells, and other attributes, but there is a seal-like pattern on the back.
The bottom is the one that made Lin Wen’s heart stop.
Four words: reincarnation, cultivating immortality, committing suicide, reincarnation and good destiny You can reincarnate, this is the information that naturally popped up in Lin Wen’s mind when he stared at these four words, the ecstasy like an explosion flooded his brain in an instant, there is no doubt that this is what he dreamed of, his lifelong dream, his unchanging long-cherished wish Lin Wen almost died on the spot, but at this limit, the remaining sanity caused another question to bubble up in his mind.
What is the difference between suicide reincarnation and good fate reincarnation? It’s like asking and answering yourself. The answer comes directly from his mind.
Suicide and reincarnation become a person who does not think about the world of mortals, enlightenment, xinxing, luck, good luck, reincarnation, becoming a good person, rooted, enlightenment, luck, luck, Lin Wen’s face is blank, and everyone knows that the most important thing in the world of cultivating immortals is luck, the second The important thing is that there is no luck, no matter whether you are cultivated to the sky or full of magic weapons, no matter whether you are arrogant or domineering or calm and low-key, the end result is that the boy who spreads money gives treasures to real people, and what’s worse is that in the real world of cultivating immortals, there may be even worse things In addition to your life savings will belong to others, your disciples, relatives and friends will all die, your wife, daughter and lover will be used as someone else’s harem. If the other party has a grudge against you, there may be a graveyard dance.
Absolutely absolutely intolerable things and no chance means that you will be empty into the treasure mountain but not face to face. You will not know how to fall off the cliff and you will not be able to pick up the cheat book. When I got to the mantle of my predecessors, I found that it had already been looted.
Although it is not fatal, this kind of grievance will definitely become the biggest demon, which will greatly affect the practice.
The most important thing is that it will reduce many extremely exciting opportunities.
This is the most terrifying thing that will directly shake his original will to cultivate immortality, so suicide and reincarnation is simply a pit within an epic pit. For a little bit of insignificant attribute, the most important luck is missing.
This is simply picking sesame seeds.
After losing the earth, Lin Wen came back to his senses and felt his body covered in cold sweat. He thought I should go to a quiet place to study it. We must make the most appropriate reincarnation method.
This time, we must have a perfect start.
He has vaguely noticed this information. It already exists in my mind like subconsciousness sinks at the bottom of memory, only needs a switch, such as a strong question, to recall it.
It doesn’t matter when I got this information, maybe it was already there, maybe it was at the beginning of time travel, maybe it was there Lin Wen stumbled over the hatchet just now as if he had hit a landmine, and he jumped all the way around the boss before walking over.
There must be no accidents. This is the only thought in Lin Wen’s mind.
He almost took this knife just now.
I cut it myself and managed to avoid all possible dangers on the road