Lin Man you hurry up to my mother Shut up and say one more word believe it or not Lin Man snorted disdainfully in his

After hearing the voice, she was very angry and clamored to make her suffer, so in the cold wind of the 1970s, there was a leak in the thatched hut, and the bowls were empty at home. My hungry chest was stuck to my back, and there were two children beside me. As for my husband, I was embarrassed and didn’t see him. After Lu Niannian knelt down and cried bitterly, big brother, I made a mistake of 100 million, can you give it to me? Put the torn padded jacket on your son while putting it on and say it out, don’t tell others that we are billionaires, that’s stupid Keywords: The protagonist, Lu Niannian, Fang Qingshan, the supporting role, and the other chapters. One billion is so shabby, it was thrown into the 1970s.
Lu Niannian looked at the time on the screen of his mobile phone.
The coworker is still sitting in his seat persistently. As for the big boss who just arrived at the company in the afternoon, he will come and walk around every few minutes to show that he and them are also fighting together. Regarding the behavior of these two people Lu Niannian just wanted to hehe, pretending to be a big-tailed wolf, buzzing, there is new news in the company group, and the salary has been paid to the account. If you have any problems, please reply in the group. Seeing this news, Lu Niannian is in a better mood and needs some money Sure enough, it can cure everything! Open the bank, click on the password, click on the balance query, and before she scolds, the colleague next to her has already spoken for her. Forty million is enough for dry hair.
The deep-fried dough sticks are worth 100,000. The salary is so little.
The boss really thinks we are fairy daughters who don’t eat fireworks. Workers, working souls, working workers are tired, and they don’t look like evil capital ancients.
Sincerely don’t lie to me, pay this one, that one, pay this part, pay the rent, is there any left? Lu Niannian gritted his teeth looking at his colleagues who still didn’t move, and mustered up the courage to turn off the computer, get up and leave Niannian Where are you going? Come home from work? Is it possible to count on my mother to work hard for this little money? The system has received a signal. What the hell? Lu Niannian, who just got into the elevator, thought he was hallucinating.
He looked around but didn’t listen anymore When I got home, packed up and lay on the bed, I was completely relieved of my exhaustion.
Buzzing, the family group became lively again. Auntie Yunyun lost her temper with me just now. What about the pressure of work? Don’t rush her, so I’ll do it.
I don’t understand what is the relationship between getting married and having a child and work pressure. She can still procrastinate for a lifetime. Mom Nian Nian also doesn’t look for me even when she’s too old Let’s just say, children are used to it now.
When we were young, we didn’t have to work so hard.
Let’s go ahead and figure it out. Our grandparents raised their children just because they stuttered. Mobile phone balance in a daze Thinking about what they said just now, they just had to raise their children to stutter. If possible, she would also like to go back and try thinking about it. She fell asleep with her head tilted. The system received a signal. Lu Niannian had a dream.
There was a machine in the dream. Yin said that she received a signal that she was eager to get rich and decided to help her. How can I help? Can I give you a lot of money? Do you still call this getting rich? Have you ever seen money? Lu Niannian sneered, she still went back to dream more real. Don’t be too greedy, brother, there are 100,000 steamed buns. Your 100 million is enough for me to eat steamed buns with pickles for a few more months. What do you say I’m greedy? I’m greedy for your steamed buns? Is it okay to find out the price first when people realize their wishes? It’s so funny, then you can’t mock me because I think you are humiliating me with money.
If so, then I will grant your second wish. What wish? Yin didn’t reply anymore, she was obviously angry, Lu Niannian cut her temper, I’m not a little mom, I’m hungry, don’t call her, she should scold us again when she wakes up, brother, I’m hungry, bear with me, and I’ll go up the mountain to find something to eat later The twittering sound kept coming into Lu Niannian’s ears.
She worked overtime every day and didn’t have enough rest time. Now she still came to bother her, thinking she was free to talk? She frowned and yelled outside without opening her eyes to die. An Sheng’s chattering voice disappeared with her roar, leaving only two frightened children outside the house, Lu Niannian, who turned over and planned to continue sleeping. Oh, why is it so bad? Someone stole my mattress.
She opened her eyes suddenly. The eyes were sharp, but what came into view was indeed an earthen wall! The shrill scream made the two children outside the house who hadn’t calmed down startled again. The two brothers hugged each other tightly and stared at the room with guarded eyes. The little one buried his head in his brother’s arms and didn’t dare to look up, what the hell am I being kidnapped? What the hell is this? I made a wish, why didn’t I know that Lu Niannian sat on the bed with a dazed expression, and the whole person collapsed slightly.
The system was very thoughtful and transmitted the picture of last night to her mind. Lu Niannian even collapsed, brother, I’m just kidding I’m just talking about it, I really want to beg you when I’m out of my mind, let me go back, the system can’t recognize the meaning of the host, and it has shut down and offline by itself, this shit can do it, wait for my 100 million boss, let’s do it