Lin Ling glanced at the room smiled and said Mother you will sleep with Daddy later I want to sleep by myself why don’t mother

She is particularly conspicuous in the crowd. When the children saw her, they immediately ran up to her and sang ugly, ugly, ugly, Beijing’s first ugly, ugly and mischievous, and spat at her.
At the same time, a few bug-gnawed sweet potatoes rolled out of her arms.
They were not thrown away at the vegetable stall. She hurried to pick up the children, but kicked them away. Laughing ruthlessly like a child, why did this ugly monster come out again? It’s bad luck.
I said find a lake and forget it. Don’t make the lake dirty and go directly to the mass grave to die. Anyway, no one will collect her body. At this time, there is a naughty child. Pulling off the woman’s veil, the cross scar on her face was exposed in front of everyone. She reacted in a panic and raised her hand to cover it up, but everyone laughed more mercilessly. There was no sympathy or pity. The new emperor ascended and established a new criminal law.
The man who branded his face suddenly cast a black shadow, and black satin boots appeared in the eyes of the woman. Staring at the boots, she froze for a moment, then suddenly raised her head to face a mask, the eyes of the faceless man were gloomy and gloomy. Afterwards, she didn’t even want the sweet potatoes for food and clothing. She stood up, limped and ran back a few meters before being knocked down and fell heavily on the ground. The pain was clear, but she didn’t care about it and stood up again. Leaving in embarrassment is like seeing a ghost Lin Qiao hasn’t dreamed of that strange dream for a few days, like a series, it’s the end, and then a voice interrupts her thoughts, what should Miss Lin do? After you filmed, the assistant pushed open the door and called her, and then whispered dissatisfied with Jiang Youyou’s role, adding a second female lead, almost catching up with the first female lead, talking about the script with the director at night, it’s too good, Lin Qiao, the heroine, is already used to it Glancing in the mirror, the woman in the bright blue skirt stretched out her hand to fiddle with her ear hair, and then walked out.
The two arrived at the scene. Jiang Youyou was still playing Lin Qiao, so she waited under the scorching sun for a while, seeing that she was going to be filmed.
Director Let’s just take a half day’s rest.
Lin Qiao has been up since six o’clock, putting on make-up, hair and headgear, which weighs about three or four catties and is very difficult to do.
Now that she has to rest for half a day, wouldn’t it be that she has to wait for a long time to watch the director and the second female lead hug each other so intimately? After many days of patience, she couldn’t bear it anymore, she picked up her mobile phone and took a few pictures. The director and Jiang Youyou were both stunned, then Jiang Youyou asked Lin Qiao, what are you doing? Lin Qiao raised her eyebrows and sent you to the hot search.
Key released the photo, the assistant on the side reacted and began to have a headache, she couldn’t hold back her temper, and she quickly called Sister Jia, went to Weibo and hurried to do public relations. The woman on the other end of the call was still taking a nap and yawned.
What’s the matter? The assistant said in a low voice, Sister Lin put the director and the second female on the Internet. Did she want to go to heaven? I don’t know the national network network? Ma just hung up the phone after explaining something. The popularity of an actor with tens of millions of fans is not normal. In just a few minutes, hundreds of thousands of likes directly rushed to the top of the hot list. Hotel Lin Qiao, look at what you are doing all day. Only yesterday you offended Director Lin and today you offended Director Li Don’t you want to be in the entertainment circle? A smart woman in a white suit gritted her teeth at Lin Qiao who was eating and looking at her phone.
She has not changed her irritable temper for so many years. Any other actress would have been confused for a long time, but fans bought her this pair The popularity is getting higher and higher day by day, Miss Gao Jia, do you want to eat together? Lin Qiao is already used to it. She handed her a pair of chopsticks and said, “I haven’t dreamed for several days.” In the first half month, she often broke out in a cold sweat. You still want to dream. Don’t be afraid.
It always feels endless. Lin Qiao has been acting for so many years and has never seen such a script ending. The hero and heroine are not together. Worried about the mess you made, you are worried about the messy dream, are you human? Lin Qiao smiled and caught a piece of meat for her.
I really couldn’t hold back. He tried to talk to me about the script last night.
I couldn’t hold back him yesterday. I was still trying to talk to you about the script Wu Jia poked the lunch box with chopsticks and said, you should poke him to death. Let’s rest after dinner.
I’ll solve this problem. She went to bed early and soon fell asleep, her frowning was a little panicked, she seemed to be dreaming about something bad, sister-in-law, the meal is ready, sister-in-law, don’t sell me, sister-in-law, I can work, sister-in-law, don’t sell me, sister-in-law, save me I don’t want you to go away, don’t touch my sister-in-law, sister-in-law, save my sister-in-law, why are you treating me like this? The dead are the same. Suddenly a white light appeared, accompanied by the slender shadow gradually brightening and disappearing. The dark and quiet cell before was restored. The sound of footsteps was very clear. Her lips were trembling, obviously she was extremely afraid, ah, ah, she opened and closed her mouth, but she couldn’t make a sound. After a while, a man in a black robe stood in front of her and stared at her miserable appearance. You can see the woman struggling crazily on his pitted and ferocious side face. The demonic man in front of him let out a low snort like mockery and self-deprecating. He casually pinches her chin and cunts. Sister-in-law, you don’t want the power in my hand a little bit. Tighten it, it seems that it will be crushed in an instant