Lin Jingshu stared at Su Xianer in a daze and said in a low voice did you really kiss me just now Is it the

Chapter 1 I started to draw a book today and started to be a girl today.
What was presented to Su Xianer was an extremely delicate, white and tender oval face, a pair of red phoenix eyes, slightly narrow and long, clear to the bottom, like Qinghong eyebrows slightly raised, extremely beautiful facial features, delicate and harmonious Qiong nose, small The mouth is very pink and bright, and the black hair falls down like a waterfall along the shoulders, which makes people’s heart beat Touched his chin, then pinched his chest, raised his eyebrows slightly, it seems that he will have nothing to worry about in this life, but this Oupai is a bit small I haven’t even held a girl’s hand, but her eyes are higher than the top, and there is a grading standard in her heart. If you judge according to her standard, the self in the mirror is amazing.
A full score of 100 points can be rated as a thousand points.
The dead house wakes up and turns into a girl.
Su Xian’er looks calm.
She was an orphan in her previous life and has no worries.
Plus, as a pure real dead house, she doesn’t go out once a month.
She reads all the novels, comics and animations on major websites at home.
I’m sure you haven’t seen transformation. It’s too pediatric, and it’s so peerless. If you can’t live in the future, you can just find a rich second generation to marry, eat and wait to die. That’s right.
Su Xian’er is so heartless.
Of course, that’s the worst.
It is a last resort. After all, she is of normal mind, gender, female, psychological, male, and female.
She took her mobile phone and looked at the time. It was already 7:30, and the class time was 8:00, but Su Xianer calmly closed all the curtains and then closed the bedroom door.
After turning off the light at the end, the whole room was pitch black for an instant, only the computer in front of the computer desk was shining perfectly.
Su Xianer clapped her hands in great satisfaction and said that as a nocturnal creature, light is the enemy of life and death in an abandoned house. Even in the daytime, the room must be brighter As for going to class at night, it’s fine. Anyway, I have accepted some of the girl’s memories. Su Xian’er knows that she is still an orphan after time travel and transformation. Her parents died in a plane crash three years ago, so even if she doesn’t go to class, no one cares about her.
The house in a high-end community is the inheritance left to her by her parents. Thinking of the inheritance, Su Xianer’s expression froze. She picked up her phone and looked at the balance of assets, and there are more than 1,000 yuan, and then she looks at Alipay, and there are 2,000 yuan, which means her current total. Assets are only 3,300, what can I do? A few games will be gone.
I thought it was an easy mode, but I didn’t expect it to be a hard mode, but 3,000 yuan is enough for her to live for a while.
Maybe she can find a way during this period.
Thinking about Su Xian’er then turned on the computer to see if there were any new episodes in this world, and then to see the difference between the comics and the books in this world.
An hour later, the hot eyes, what is it? After being depressed, Su Xianer was very powerless. In this hour, she received a very powerful information from the Internet. First, China became the largest country in the world, which made Su Xianer and You Rongyan second.
During the war, China was the first country to develop the atomic bomb, and then directly wiped the island country from the world map and shocked the world, which made Su Xianer applaud. Third, because the island country was destroyed, the level of China’s comics is still at the level of Hong Kong comics. Most of them are martial arts or muscle style, that’s all. What makes Su Xianer most angry is that the book she reads and Mile Fan is also of Hong Kong comic level. Fans of famous works, the girl with eight-pack abs in it made her click the fork directly.
Of course, not only Hong Kong manga style but also American manga style, but none of these can make her enter the sage mode.
The book level is like this I can still look forward to this moment. Su Xianer has never felt that the island country occupies such an important position in this world. Without the development of this country, the world and Ivy’s industry are too weak. Is there still time to commit suicide? Su Xianer said quietly to her I really miss the games, comics, and animations in my previous life. My food, especially my friends, are too important for a single dog.
Without these, it’s no different from killing her, but the development of other industries is no different from that of my previous life, just the animation industry.
It made her feel like a stick in her throat, but there was one thing that surprised Su Xianer, that is, in this world, drawing books and making pictures are legal. This is something she never thought of. Books and pictures can be released on the official website and due to the strong protection of copyright As long as someone reads comics, they can get a lot of income. Of course, the Aiwei industry is strongly prohibited. This makes Su Xianer faintly realize that it seems that the country also knows that this area is too backward and needs to be developed. After all, the Internet has become the second place for people. As a result, the world has lost its fans and books. Desires cannot be vented.
Social turmoil has intensified, which is very bad for China. Of course, all of these are her naive thoughts. Whether this is the case is still to be verified. For a moment, an idea appeared in Su Xianer’s head. Since If you don’t have a book to read, then you can draw it for yourself.
Once the idea pops up, you can’t stop it. The most important thing is that she only has 3,000 yuan left in her pocket. If you play games, you can’t avoid krypton gold.
After all, if you play games without krypton gold, how can you become stronger and not stronger? What’s the difference with salted fish? Isn’t that one of the benefits that game companies provide for krypton gold bosses? According to her understanding This book is more expensive than cartoonists who draw orthodox comics.
It can be self-sufficient and make money.
It can also reduce social incidents and promote the spiritual entertainment of netizens. This is a good thing that benefits the country and the people. Su Xianer thought for a second.
It’s decided, since I decided to draw a book