Lin Fan frowned and said Brother Lin is it because I did not do well Let you directly take over the food company you will

And what he has to do is to subdue the younger brother, help the beautiful chairman to overcome the crisis, help the gangster beauty unify the underworld, casually unlock the secrets of the ancient Wu world There is only one bunk bed with an iron cabinet next to it, and a wooden table next to the narrow window.
On the wooden table, an old-fashioned tape recorder is playing music intermittently. Goodbye, old friend, goodbye, old friend, goodbye On the side made of iron, a young man sits shirtless on the ground with his back against the iron side. His hair is shaved into a board inch, and his face is sharp and angular. His bare upper body is muscular, although it is not as visually stunning as a gymnast.
Muscles, but every inch of the muscles are very compact and full of explosive power.
Some of the scars on more than a dozen places on the body are not so obvious. It can be seen that the time has not been short.
Although the body looks highly tense, there is a very relaxed expression on his face. In his right hand, he held a torn military badge with the word Eagle embroidered on it.
At this time, he was listening to the song, pursing his lips, shaking his head gently, with a cynical look. A place not far from this small room looked There are two men and a woman sitting in a place like a conference room, one of them is older because he is full of energy, so he can’t tell his age, but his hair has grown a lot of white hair, his body is slightly fatter, and he is sitting on a rattan chair at this time Smoking heavily on the cigarette in their hands, it seems that they have something on their minds.
Another man and a woman look like young people. They are sitting together at a long table.
One is using a computer and the other is flipping through the documents in their hands.
Both of them are frowning. The door of the room was pushed open, a young woman was tall and tall, wearing a professional military uniform, her exquisite figure was highlighted, her slender legs were wearing flesh-colored stockings, her hair was coiled on her head, and her slender face showed a trace of worry.
The chief’s expression about the eagle’s punishment result has come down. The woman panted slightly, and it can be seen that she ran all the way.
Hearing the news, the young man and woman stood up, Miss Lulu, the punishment result has come down, what are they going to do? How to punish the eagle? The young woman asked anxiously, yes, Liu Secretariat how did the penalty result be written? The young man followed suit and seemed to be a little anxious Lulu, you read this punishment result, I want to see how they plan to punish my age The older man put down the cigarette in his hand and said lightly that it was the chief, Secretary Liu nodded and spread out the document in his hand. Nian Dao belongs to the special forces Falcon Squad directly under the headquarters of the Huaxia Southwest Military Region. On Japan, 21 Yue nationals were wantonly massacred within the territory of Yue State.
After investigation, the 41 people were all civilians. The captain of the Falcon Squad, code-named Eagle, confessed to his crime. According to the military law, he should be sentenced to death. Imprisoned for life, Huaxia Fang Nian established special merit during his service Three first-class merits, one second-class merit trial, and countless third-class merits.
In the end, the Supreme Military Court of Huaxia finally sentenced the captain of the Falcon Squad, code-named Eagle Yu, to cancel all his meritorious service, and he would be barred from enlistment for life. After reading the punishment result, the young woman had already written her anger on her face and said, how could those people who were killed by eagles be civilians? They were all drug dealers caught in that operation two years ago, how could the superiors not know that she used her hands? He knocked vigorously on the computer storefront in front of him.
On the screen were all the information of the Vietnamese people who were killed this time. Among them were their criminal information.
Dismissed from the military, Secretary Liu, is the punishment too severe? We all know Ying’s personality, although his This action is personal, but there must be a reason for him to do so.
Besides, the information on these people must have been investigated clearly.
How can Ying be considered a meritorious service this time? The young man said anxiously that Secretary Liu did not answer the questions of the two people.
Look at the older man, Commander Liu, quickly think of a way, the eagle has always been your soldier, his achievements, you have seen that his discharge from the military is a loss for the entire army, the young man said, Commander Liu raised his hand to signal not to continue. He picked up the cigarette in his hand again, took a deep puff and said yes, the punishment result has come out, it is useless to argue now, the only thing we can do now is to find a way to help the eagle live an ordinary life, but the commander is young The woman cried out, okay, just listen to me, Commander Liu will keep his word, and the others will never dare to say anything again, Charlene, immediately delete all of Eagle’s official information, including his first year as a recruit, and everyone must do it I can’t find the eagle’s information, but the young woman nodded and sat in front of the computer to operate it.
Cao Ge set aside one million in our military’s munitions, and it’s the eagle’s team fee.
Know how to do it, our soldiers.
It seems that the quilt has not been changed for a long time. I know what to do. After finishing speaking, I gave a military salute and left the conference room. Lulu, you come with me. His secretary, Liu Lu, is his daughter. You don’t need to fight for it. In fact, expulsion from the military is already the best protection for Eagle.
Commander Liu’s eyes are deep. Others don’t know, but he knows. The murderer was handed over to them, and Huaxia Fang naturally didn’t want to hand him over, so Huaxia Fang gave Ying such a punishment under great pressure. this person