Lily of the valley wakes up turns around and looks up to see that Will is looking at her delicate cheeks two touches of blush

The Complete Works of Iron Gods of Other Worlds The Complete Works of the Complete Works Author Waste Ape Man Hello, Your Downloaded Novel Comes From Welcome to Visit Frequently The window overlooks the busy street outside, and the monkey feels awful.
In fact, the monkey is not a real monkey, but a human with the surname Hou, but his classmates and friends call him a monkey. These are meaningless because he is no longer in the original space. In other words, he traveled through time. It started three years ago.
At that time, he was in a plane called Earth.
After graduating from the university, he found a few jobs but did all of them.
Not too long, because he didn’t know what he wanted to do. Just when he quit his job and planned to continue to change another industry. One night, there was no storm, no lightning, thunder, no computer leakage, nothing, so he fell asleep and everything was fine. It’s different. When the monkey woke up, he found that he was not in a small bed in his rented room, but in a huge round room made of metal that he didn’t know.
There were no doors, no windows, no lights, but no darkness at all. It’s also very fresh and doesn’t feel stuffy at all.
He can’t find a light source or a shadow. There’s not even a single gap around. It’s like a complete piece of me.
Where is he? The monkey’s shout did not bring any echo, and of course no one paid attention to the monkey. I must have not woken up.
Hehe, sleep for a while and wake up.
The monkey talked to himself again, then closed his eyes and continued to sleep, but this time the monkey fell asleep. I don’t know how long it has been since I lay down with my eyes closed.
The monkey opened his eyes.
The huge metal room around him is still bright and empty.
Isn’t it true? The monkey’s voice is a little trembling.
I pinched my thigh hard with natural fear, it hurts, the monkey’s tears are about to come down, it seems that this pinch really didn’t cut corners, I wiped it, it was real, and suddenly the monkey reacted and jumped He got up, walked slowly to the wall, groped cautiously, curiously, in fear, and found nothing. An hour later, the monkey was scratching its head and knocking buttons like a real monkey. A section of the wall on the left suddenly cracked, and then the crack widened, finally forming a shape of a door with a height of three meters and a width of two meters, and then walked in from the outside, er, or floated in an object, well, I can’t say that it should be said that a lump of objects is opening the monkey’s mouth wide. When I was surprised, that lump of object spoke, welcome your arrival.
The exchanger made the jaw of the monkey with its mouth wide open drop to the ground. The lump of baba-like thing actually spoke, and I actually understood it.
The monkey feels itself now. I have completely collapsed, but the monkey still hears from the words of the lump I heard that my coming to this ghost place has something to do with this thing, at least it knows what’s going on, so he dared to ask if it was you who brought me here, that’s right, the exchanger Then who are you, why did you bring me here, and why do you call me Swapper Monkey, and ask all the doubts in your heart in one breath, I am the galaxy leader of the plan under the Supreme Council of the Universe, you can call me Master Ram As for bringing you here, of course it’s because of a plan, and you are one of the lucky ones of this plan, that is, an exchange.
What is the plan for? I can’t even finish some work, let alone a plan. Although I don’t understand it, I think it’s powerful when I hear it. The universe is too big, and there are all kinds of creatures and civilizations.
But once the civilization develops to a certain level, it will stagnate and then decay, so the Supreme Council of the Universe decided to launch the plan, which is to insert an unstable factor into these civilizations that are stagnant and decaying or about to stagnate and decay to make the entire civilization move. So as to save this civilization, and you are the lucky one who was chosen.
Uh, it’s not Lord Ram, who seemed to be very patient and explained why you chose me.
I don’t know martial arts or spells, high-tech, and I can’t play well.
If you are killed, let’s discuss whether to change someone. As the monkey said, he is very unwilling to participate in such an adventurous thing. I will give you some abilities. You don’t have to worry that you will be killed soon, and you won’t be killed soon. No, you will still be killed, no, you should find someone else, and you will not be killed. You have to have confidence in yourself, and it doesn’t matter even if you get killed in the end. At least the civilization has started to move.
You are a hero who saved a civilization. Who should be proud is who loves being proud and who is being proud is none of my business. I don’t do it.
Hurry up and send me back. Following the conversation, Mr. Ram’s attitude is very good, so the monkeys are not so afraid.
Are you sure you don’t want to participate? Do you want to participate now? Take me back, the monkey clamored to go back as soon as the door opened I forgot to mention that the consciousness I used to bring you here to extract your body has been destroyed for a while. After I release you from this room, you should find a way to protect your consciousness as soon as possible, otherwise it will dissipate in a minute and continue to float away after finishing speaking.
Wait a minute, Mr.
Lahm wants to say that the monkey’s face-changing technology is really good.