Like to take on the responsibility of the leader after those few failures that will drive him to become stronger Waiting for Peyton Malone to

The entire basketball arena seemed to be shaken, and there were bursts of laughter from the sidelines. This guy has grown muscles for nothing. Even at this level, he also wants to join our team, that’s right, he’s a daydream guy. On the court, Ye won not far away.
His opponent also snorted, you better give up, you can’t score on me, even if it’s just one goal, Ye Ying’s opponent was a little annoyed, saying that in his eyes, Ye Ying’s technique is really bad, it’s not him at all It’s really just a waste of time for my opponent to go on like this.
Feeling the opponent’s contempt and disdain, Ye Ying didn’t choose to give up, but a carp straightened up and jumped up. Then Ye Ying roared in the direction of the top of the arc on the right. There is no player at the top of the arc.
Instead, he looked at the sidelines with some hesitation.
He really didn’t know whether to continue this unequal trial training. An old man with silver hair and a serious face on the sidelines waved his hand to signal the players at the top of the arc to continue to the top of the arc.
The player had no choice but to take a pat on the basketball and then push it with both hands to pass the basketball back to the penalty area.
Ye Ying immediately cheered up and resisted his opponent.
The big black guy who won suddenly retreated, Ye Ying didn’t notice for a while, he had nowhere to focus, and then sat on the ground with his buttocks, did he fail again, or was it okay? He really couldn’t even score a goal, and Ye Ying fell to the ground, a little dazed.
I think that the Syracuse University players on the sidelines kept shaking their heads when they saw this scene, but they were not surprised by this result. After all, if any random cat or dog can win their starting power forward, they have played basketball at Syracuse University for so many years.
History is really going to be fed to the dog. More players on the sidelines think that Ye Ying, the Chinese kid, should give up. I really don’t know what’s the point of him being abused all the time.
After a momentary loss of consciousness on the cold court floor, Ye Ying clenched again.
He punched his own fists, and then another carp jumped up.
He naturally knew that he was being abused, but he had a reason to persevere. This matter started from three months ago. Three months ago, Ye Ying was Su.
As a member of the youth team of the Provincial Basketball Club, as long as he made a steady transition, he would be promoted to the home team to start his professional basketball career, but because of a vicious fight, Ye Ying was directly dismissed by the club, and even because of the vicious nature of the fight He was also on the blacklist of the Basketball Association. Ye Ying didn’t have much excuses for this, but leaving the basketball he has loved since he was a child also made him depressed for a long time. You must know that playing professional basketball and then entering the national team played for the country in the international arena.
Winning glory has always been his dream, and now it all seems to be in vain.
Ye Ying locked himself in his room and played games non-stop for more than a month, but the games he was addicted to in the past seemed to not make him happy anymore.
Then, more than a month ago, Ye Ying’s father gave him two air tickets, yes, two air tickets to the United States, and then Ye Ying’s crazy self-recommendation journey began.
Ye Ying and his father came to recommend themselves one by one from the big university, but it didn’t go as smoothly as they thought.
Before they came to Syracuse University, let alone a trial training, some schools didn’t even let them enter the gate, and some even entered the gate to find them.
Those high-ranking coaches in the basketball hall may not necessarily give him a trial training opportunity, so Father Ye can only keep promoting him and begging those coaches to give him a chance.
In this way, Ye won a lot of trial training opportunities, but his His performance did not win the favor of any head coach, and he often heard those sarcastic remarks.
Ye Ying felt ashamed and angry at the beginning, but slowly he learned to endure all this, but he never thought of giving up. He believed in himself. With his strength, he will definitely be able to find a team that needs him, but in fact, let alone a full scholarship, those coaches didn’t even give him the chance to play as a substitute ball boy. Ye Ying never thought of giving up, but today is really his last time.
It’s a chance because their money is running out.
They live frugally along the way and even do odd jobs along the way, but the cost of coming to the United States is really too high. If Ye Ying still wants to continue pursuing his basketball dream, he will do it this time. It must be successful and it can only be successful, but the situation seems to be the same as it has been for more than a month. The white-haired head coach on the sideline shook his head. Through observation, he found that the Chinese kid on the court has really good physical fitness, but his low-level skills are very average.
When faced with a double team, he seems at a loss what to do. Maybe last year he would think about keeping this kid, but this year he has the man of heaven. Every position in the team can’t be wasted.
Maybe go to some weaker leagues. Or maybe the secondary league is more suitable for this Chinese kid watching Ye Ying fall to the ground again The white-haired head coach thought maybe it’s time to end this meaningless competition There was another moment of absent-mindedness, but Ye Ying still did not give up.
He must let everyone take a look. Even if his strength is not up to the standard for entering Syracuse University, he is still capable. The head coach of Syracuse University, Baifa The old man Jim Burnham felt that this competition should be over, and when he asked the father and son out, he saw the Chinese boy turned over and got up again, maybe give the boy one last chance, and the yellow-haired coach next to him was against The audience taunted that if I were you, I would not get up at all, because what you stand up to meet is deeper despair. Give up, you are in good health, maybe you should try to play table tennis Ye Ying turned a deaf ear to the player at the top of the arc again Daw give me the damn basketball and get ready to kneel down to labor