Lighting up the lamp every day waiting for him to come back at home full of joy every time I really hope that the sun

In this life, I will watch you from afar, protect you, guard you, and spend my whole life to compensate you. Let go of grievances and hide deep attachments.
If one day we see you again, life and death will not be separated.
It will be classmate Yang who will be reborn and reborn.
With the leader of Hongchen as his companion, ride a gallop and live.
The unrestrained story Jingmeng let out a piercing squeak, and the iron door opened, slightly raised his head and shoulders, and was firmly pressed back. I sneered and let them carry me down the cold tunnel, which winds down for two A few oil lamps were lit on the wall, and the dim light drifted down, elongated and distorted shadows, like a faceless evil spirit, followed closely behind, Shangguan Yun, who was carrying a stretcher in front, was very cautious, and his steps became slower and slower.
As soon as the plum blossoms are fragrant, the wind blows in.
Mountains and rocks are piled up. Pavilions, pavilions and pavilions are piled up. One side of the lake is like a mirror embedded in the garden. Push the window and you can see the sparkling clear waves. Several pontoon bridges are built on the water. I can’t see the edge, my heart trembles, it’s this day, it’s this day again, Ren Yingying and Linghu Chong are laughing, the girl is soft and soft, but she is discussing with her lover to kill Dongfang Bubai who raised her since she was a child Taking this garden as my own, I sneered and put my clenched fist in my sleeve, directing Shangguan Yun to go around the rockery and walk along a winding colored stone path to the lake. I suddenly rolled down behind the stretcher. There was a sound of shaking, Yang Lianting, what are you going to do? Before the words fell, the sword was wrapped in the cold air and pierced the sky.
I didn’t seem to realize that I just dragged my two bloody broken legs and tried my best to crawl forward.
I stretched out my hand to reach the stone hidden The next organ, save him, save him, save him, no matter what, this time, he must not be killed. Scenes of bloody, purgatory-like memories flashed in front of me.
I seemed to see two long swords piercing through the man in red again. The thin back pierced the chest, and the bright red blood spurted and splashed on the doors and windows, and more dripped on the ground, forming a red stream that slowly flowed to the soles of my feet, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I screamed, trying to catch him. I suddenly opened my eyes and my chest was still heaving violently.
For a while, I couldn’t even tell where I was. I just subconsciously stretched my hand under the pillow until my fingertips touched a touch of cold metal.
My beating heart gradually calmed down. The dagger is still lying quietly under the pillow, new and sharp, not stained with blood.
I withdrew my hand and glanced outside the window. A few beams of pale light squeezed in through the frosted window, and it was still more than ten years early. My servant life made me wake up at this moment every day. Even if I cheated the power in the future, I would no longer need to get up early, but I still couldn’t sleep.
It was cold and I just lay there under the heavy quilt and didn’t want to move during this period. I haven’t thought about anything, my mind is empty, and I haven’t recovered yet.
This is a house that I am familiar with, but it is strange. I lived here for ten years when I was a lowly handyman on Blackwood Cliff.
The house is square.
A bunk was built on the wall and I slept in a corner with my head facing the air leaking windows and windows with old, yellowed coarse cloth curtains, and the sash of the rhombic window couldn’t be closed tightly.
Straw is the only way to insulate the severe cold weather. There are big suitcases piled up in the corner. The paint on the suitcases is all gone. The locks are also broken.
There are some sundries piled on top of it.
In addition, there is only an old mottled wooden table in the room. There was a wooden lamp stand and a teapot on it. I rubbed my eyes and sat there with the quilt in my arms for a quarter of an hour before I took out the dagger under the pillow and put it in my bosom and hid it next to my body. Then I slowly lifted the quilt out of the bed and there were still several people sleeping beside me snoring. I took a look at all four of them, they all looked familiar, I still remembered the names of a few more, but I didn’t have much impression.
I folded the quilt, put on the handyman’s gray short jacket and cotton trousers, and tightened my belt. Push the wooden basin door and go out. There is a well in the yard.
I casually poured some cold water to wash my face.
I brushed my hair together. The slightly swaying water reflected a pale and listless face. There was still a trace of shock in my bloodshot eyes. I squeezed myself. The face with no flesh squeezed out all sorts of weird expressions, the dimples at the corners of the mouth were faintly visible, and after I calmed down, I fell into a long-term confusion. You woke up really early recently, and there was a yawning voice behind you, it was Zhu Han who joined the god religion in the same batch as me.
Throw the bucket down the well, shake it, pour half a bucket of water, and quickly wash your face, then he beckons me to go to the kitchen together, the sky is slightly white and green, it’s not time for work, most people are not up, including the steward, I looked up Look at Zhu Han, he is a little older than me and has a strong body, with a straight face but a shrewd light in his eyes. I understand what he means.
We get up early and make a fire before others get up to make a good impression on the steward. Smiled and followed him, this flattering thing I did in my previous life was more active than him, but now I go with him, just want to eat more hot porridge while the others are still asleep, but I no longer have the intention of flattering me I don’t want to slavishly flatter anyone anymore I don’t want to use any means to seek power and profit I’ve thought about it a lot these days, I think the reason why God let such a filthy person like me live again is probably because I want to pay off my debts I think I’m a The villain has offended many people, but I feel indebted to only one person.
Thinking of this, a blurry figure flashed in front of my eyes. I stopped and looked down at my hands. In the past ten days, I still dreamed again and again that I was lost. I dreamed of him, he fell in my arms covered in blood, the warm blood soaked my whole body, his face was covered with blood, and there were lumps of rouge, only those black and gentle eyes were left for more than ten years The garden where he lives has never changed Only I know the entrance and only I have the key to the iron gate