Lifting up the hem of the skirt revealing the slender and round thighs looked at Jiang Ming provocatively and said that he really wanted to

Chapter 1 Wan Evil Mall, Mr. Wei, do you have anything else you want to say to the audience in front of the TV? Mr.
Wei, you will be executed in the afternoon. Will you regret your previous behavior? Facing the wave of interrogation, Wei Le showed no expression on his face.
He looked in front of him blankly and said to the flashing light that was still like a wave.
Killing may not solve the problem, but it can solve the person who caused the problem. Opening his palms, he shook his head in a daze, and the memory was finally frozen there, so who am I now? Wei Le let out a painful roar from his throat, his head was about to split open, and countless messy memories flooded in like a tide.
In his mind for a while, the corners of his mouth drooped, his eyes gradually regained clarity, muttering that Wei Le was dead, Jiang Ming was reborn from Nirvana, took the mirror from the table next to him, and a handsome face, Hao Ran, appeared in front of his eyes, except for a slight change in his face. Sick and pale, he looks like a rather handsome young man.
Only then did he believe that everything was true.
From the memory of the original body owner, he learned that he was the concubine son of the Jiang family, a wealthy family in the capital.
In front of him, he was sent to Qiancheng thousands of miles away to tell lies.
Yesterday, his best friend, the second elder brother, came to visit him and brought him the famous cakes in the capital. After eating a few pieces at night, he became dizzy and lost Consciousness fell on the bed, and then Wei Le woke up from the chaos, and his soul was possessed by this young master of the Jiang family named Jiang Ming. In this life, whoever wants me to die must let his whole family be buried with Jiang Ming. Don’t worry, I will. Take revenge for you, go at ease. Wei Le grinned and said with a serious smile. From today onwards, I am Jiang Ming. In his previous life, he hacked to death the fiancées of dozens of men who had cheated on him before they got married.
This incident caused a great sensation in the society. The exposure caused a great negative impact.
People can choose a different way of life. He still remembers the words Jiang Ming said to the major media before he was executed. Dear customer, welcome to the evil mall, the customer service staff will serve you wholeheartedly, and then an interface similar to a shopping website appeared in his mind, with a lot of messy things on it. Xuanming God Palm, he browsed roughly, all the recommendations on the homepage are familiar villains, peerless martial arts, and evil mall People don’t need to go out to the online shopping mall, they only need to choose products online, and then special delivery staff will deliver them to their door. Unfortunately, when the project is progressing to a critical point, the thing that shocked the whole country happened. Now this is called the evil mall, isn’t it him? Is it something that has been painstakingly researched? It’s just a different name, and the types of products are different.
In his previous life, what he wanted to sell was life department stores, and now the mall sells all martial arts cheats, weapons, pills, treasures, hello, welcome, this is the first time you have entered the Evil Mall to exchange for items in the mall, you need corresponding evil points, such as evil points for warding off evil swordsmanship. The evil value needs to be exchanged for the evil value. Dear, your current evil value cannot be exchanged for any items.
Since you log in to the mall for the first time, you will be given a free gift bag.
Please check it in time. Thousand spiders and poisonous hands, he cursed loudly, this free thing is really not a good product, thousands of spiders and poisonous hands is an extremely vicious evil school, when practicing kung fu, its suffering must be to suck one’s own blood with colorful poisonous spiders and kill the spiders The poison is brought into one’s own blood, and the venom of the flower spider is completely absorbed into the practitioner’s body. The spider dies immediately and needs to be replaced with a new spider.
After practicing a hundred flower spiders, it is only a small success.
I don’t want to be under the control of others even if I’m practicing crooked martial arts Jiang Ming learned from memory that this world is far more dangerous than previous lives It’s time for the young master to have breakfast. The servants come in to help you change your clothes and wash up. At this moment, there is a snarky shout from outside the door.
The door is pushed open.
A curvaceous woman comes in with a washbasin and smiles sweetly at Jiang Ming who is on the bed.
Her clothes are very revealing.
The slender and snow-white legs are looming under the almost transparent skirt. The two jade arms and the flat lower abdomen are exposed. The towering twin peaks are wrapped in a veil, and they look very seductive.
When the second brother came here, he was afraid that he would not be able to take good care of him in other places.
I sent him to serve him.
In his memory, the master of the original body and this maidservant had a very hot relationship. He was depressed all day long and had nothing to do. The family property was also handed over to Jiang Mingyang, who took care of it.
The corners of her mouth turned into a very bright smile, Ah Xiang saw it in her eyes, but she was surprised in her heart. Although the fourth young master’s smile was bright, there were many inexplicable things in his eyes. Fourth Young Master, where are we going to play later? There is a new singer in the east of the city. I heard it is very good. Hehe, Ah Xiangjiao smiled and put down the water basin and put it in front of Jiang Ming. Unlimited temptation, enchanting face full of obsequiousness, woman still wants to seduce me, Jiang Ming couldn’t help sneering at her pretentious posture, change my clothes for me, let’s go to the medicine store, he stood up from the bed calmly and turned his back Axiang spread her arms and said lightly.
Chapter 2 Acquisition of the colorful poisonous spider. The Jiang family has six industries in Qiancheng.