Life is good with wine Jiang Zhizhou also opened the beer can and took a sip of your story Xia Wei organized the language and

One day, there were two posts titled “I don’t seem suitable for dating” on the emotional section of the Haijiao Forum.
It’s getting better, I might not really be suitable for dating, right? The host, I think I might not be suitable for dating.
I enjoy the heartbeat feeling of probing each other during the ambiguous period, but once we are officially together, once they want to hug me or kiss me, I will feel disgusting.
Netizens please. The two of you must stay together and don’t harm other people. Reading Guide. Supporting roles to be determined Other manicures in the world sweet pet dog eggs Chapter A new start On a fine Saturday the whole city wakes up under the sunshine The spacious road is full of vehicles The noisy crowd is bustling with people A tall and tall man in a high-end residential building Standing in front of the full-length mirror, he was meticulously tying his tie.
When the familiar ringtone of the mobile phone came from the table, he adjusted the position of the tie for the last time and walked over to answer the phone.
The aunt on the other end of the meeting phone didn’t say any polite words and directly cut to the point Jiang Zhizhou said that I had already planned to go out. Auntie was quite surprised. Didn’t the appointment be at ten o’clock so early? Well, I’m afraid of traffic jams on the road.
Auntie nodded in agreement. It would be better for the man to arrive earlier.
Well, she changed the subject again when she was talking, but don’t ask people if they’ve had a boyfriend as soon as they meet, which step they’ve reached, any girl would be upset if asked like that, Jiang Zhizhou said, I know it’s not polite, but I think Knowing your own questions and not asking them clearly in advance is even more irresponsible to the other party It’s a fluke mentality, and it turns out that I failed. Forget it, you’re always right. But in this day and age, even high school students have had boyfriends, let alone a twenty-five or six-year-old girl. Jiang Zhizhou sighed inaudibly. Auntie, I understand what you said, but I can’t help you, you know I’ve even seen a psychiatrist. After hearing what he said, Auntie hurriedly comforted me and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay. This time, Miss Fang, I specifically asked about it.
And the person is also beautiful and generous, you have to get along well with them, I know how that aunt will not bother you, behave well today Jiang Zhizhou hangs up the phone, puts on his coat and takes a picture in front of the mirror before going out The elevator comes down from the upstairs Stopped on the 18th floor where he was, there was only a woman standing inside, with half-length light brown curly hair, wearing a long camel-colored overcoat After the floor continued to descend, Xia Wei took a look and stood at the other end The man rolled her eyes in her heart. She often met this man in the community and lived on the first floor of her building, but the two of them had never spoken to each other, and she didn’t know his name.
She only heard someone call him Mr. Jiang. No contact but I don’t know when she offended Mr.
Jiang, she always felt that he didn’t treat her very well, like now she was standing on one side of the elevator and he was going to stand on the other side, as if she had some kind of infection Sick Xia Wei put one finger of her hair behind her ear, he doesn’t want to see her, she doesn’t want to see him? When she was pulling her hair, Jiang Zhizhou inadvertently caught a glimpse of her smoky pink nails. After the elevator stopped on the first floor, Xia Wei stepped on her high-heeled boots and walked out without looking back. When Mr.
Jiang was locked behind her, she suddenly felt that the air was much fresher. Today’s weather is very good.
In the garden of the community The pond is shimmering and the various flowers along the way are more colorful than before. After leaving the community, go left for a while and there is a subway station.
It only takes more than ten minutes to take the subway to the nail shop opened by Xia Wei. This nail shop is Xia Wei. The only one that opened more than a year ago is not big, but the location is good. It is near the Star Plaza.
The shop has a lot of traffic. In addition, she has a total of two manicurists. Recently, she recruited a junior apprentice.
Today is the weekend, and there are more customers than usual. Not long after Xia Wei arrived at the shop Then I got busy.
The bell at the door of the store made a tinkling sound.
Xia Wei looked up.
It was a little girl who often came to do nail art recently. Behind her was a tall and handsome man as usual. It is said that her brother saw that Xia Wei’s heart skipped a beat when he was a man, and he came to do nails with your sister again. The man seemed more nervous than her, so he replied cautiously, “Yes, the shop is busy at the moment.
” Xia Wei smiled at them and said you guys. Sit down for a while, I’ll get it right on my side.
The girl sat down on the sofa and teased her brother on purpose.
Look, you come with me every time.
Why don’t you ask the shopkeeper to make you a man by the way this time? Standing beside her for a while, Dao Shao, I’m messing around, why do I feel that you’re a drunkard every time? Xia Wei didn’t go to see them, but when he heard this sentence, his heart still beat faster.
She went to wash her hands first, then called the girl to sit down opposite her, what would she like to do this time? Well, the girl thought about it for a while, and finally pointed at her hand and did it like you. It feels so beautiful, okay? I don’t know if it’s Xia Wei’s delusion, she always feels that the man on the opposite side is looking at her all the time. Although she lowered her head, she can feel his gaze and her heartbeat quietly quickens.
The girl on the opposite side suddenly giggled twice.
I keep staring at people.
If my nails are painted and ruined, I will settle with you.