Life and death are at your mercy You think I will be defeated by you again I tell you to dream that when you completely

Unexpectedly, before he had time to fully enjoy his wealth and fame, he inexplicably traveled to another world, and the first thing he faced was being chased and killed. He just took a tattered and rusty knife to defend himself.
I have never seen it before. Why is the turkey in the world chasing after him? In order to get himself a bodyguard, he tried to summon the beast soul in the knife, but he summoned a brat who would roll his eyes when he saw anyone and call him a waste, and would bite him when he got close.
A powerful soul weapon, no money, no power, no life, no way before the day and night, the tiger Jiang Chaoge was beaten back into the abyss with a stick, in this strange world full of thorns, the only reason for him to grit his teeth and persevere was to go back, so he was forced Embarked on a desperate adventure with this bear boy who looked at each other and hated each other. The strong man with a dark belly and a high level of force was arrogant, savage, vicious, and aggressive. Ever since he entered the office and said that the other party still refused to move, his boss took out his mobile phone and started playing.
Even watching the upbeat music made him break out in cold sweat in the air-conditioned room. Jiang Chaoge hissed his eyes. Without moving away from the screen, his slender fingers moved quickly, his pupils reflected the backlight of the phone, and there was a hint of coldness, slender and curly eyelashes, and the sharp and straight bridge of the nose seemed to be covered with a layer of high-gloss like a sheathed sharpness.
The sword is straight and sharp, and the thin lips that are tightly pursed convey an unpleasant message. The assistant’s little heart beats and keeps swallowing to relieve the tension in his heart.
His boss usually greets people with a smile and is very generous to his subordinates. He is also tall and handsome when he speaks. He always has a bit of laziness and teasing. He is the fantasy object of all women in the company. It’s just that he has been with the boss for many years and knows a little bit about the complex background of the boss. He knows that this image of a gentle elite is skinny. I have seen how the boss dealt with the demolition of his competitors. They failed to deal with it again and again.
From the moment he stepped into the office, he was ready to be angered. Throwing the phone on the table with his chin propped up, he looked at the assistant with raised eyebrows, how many times have you been there? The assistant pursed his lips and stared at the black diamond ring on the boss’s index finger, which is as expensive as the ring.
He had seen the boss punching people all over the floor looking for teeth. He couldn’t help shaking Jiang Chaoge twice. He stood up, the assistant subconsciously took a step back, Jiang Chaoge stretched out his hand and pinched his neck, what’s wrong, afraid I’ll beat you, the assistant shrunk his neck and shook his head again and again Well, don’t be afraid. After finishing speaking, he patted his back. The assistant nodded stiffly, still feeling chills on his back. Ask the driver to prepare the car.
I’ll meet him in person. Jiang Chaoge strode out the door with long legs. car Touring the large area of ​​old residential areas waiting to be demolished in front of him is like a king inspecting his own territory.
After so many years, this old city renovation project will push his career to a new pinnacle. With the huge loan coming and strong partners, the predictable net profit of more than 4 billion and the unforeseen potential for more profits, he will become the most shining young upstart in Dongping City. The little pickpocket is currently facing a small obstacle in the project. A rather stubborn nail-biting household refuses to relocate to a major event. Jiang Chaoge doesn’t take it to heart. When there is a problem to solve the problem, no one can stop him from rising to the top. I walked into a residential area just after a rainstorm, and the ruined construction site was full of silt.
His handmade Italian leather shoes were quickly soiled. I couldn’t live up to these shoes during this trip.
He wanted to leave quickly.
It took them ten minutes to find the old courtyard house in a messy residential area.
The bodyguard was about to slap the door aggressively. Jiang Chaoge stopped him. He went up and knocked on the door lightly three times. Although the house looked ordinary, Jiang Chaoge At a glance, he recognized that the gate was made of ivory pink wood. He had spent a lot of wood a few years ago. Those who dared to use this kind of wood as the outer gate were definitely not ordinary people.
With a vigilant and impatient look on his face, he said no to move, don’t come again Jiang Chao Gewen smiled politely and said hello.
I am the chairman of Chao Ge Group.
My surname is Jiang. My subordinates visited me a few times before.
There are some misunderstandings.
I came here to apologize today and hope to communicate well with the owner of this house. The little girl stared blankly at Jiang Chaoge’s handsome face, her cheeks suddenly turned a little red, she frowned and said that there is nothing to communicate with. Grandpa said absolutely. Jiang Chaoge who didn’t want to move said with a smile that you don’t want to move.
We won’t give up easily for the overall harmony of the new city. Such a stalemate will not benefit both parties. I am the person who has the most say in this project. I am here today just to communicate with you.
A solution acceptable to both parties The little girl still wanted to say something.
There was a voice from the back room and asked them to go in. She opened the door. Jiang Chaoge left the bodyguard and assistant outside the door. He walked in and stepped into the courtyard.
Jiang Chaoge suddenly felt an indescribable feeling There is something in this house that attracts him and makes him palpitate a while A two-entry courtyard with green tiles and vermilion eaves, the eaves are upturned like flying wings, and the eaves are antique.