Lianzidao we can only postpone it until the third shift tonight Yuexiangdao we have plenty of time we will enter the underground secret room at

In fact, there is only a cup of clear tea on the coffee table in front of everyone, one plate of fine tea, four plates of fine tea, and no one has touched it, even the extremely difficult-to-drink bird’s tongue tea, and no one has ever taken a sip of it. His eyes hoped to find something to show his hospitality. As long as someone takes a sip of tea, they will immediately refill you with boiling water. Unfortunately, the eight people are very disappointed. Anyone who can come to Xu Wanwan’s place as a guest must be at least a little bit in Yangzhou Prestige and identity are the only way to do it.
In fact, these three guests are also important figures in Yangzhou.
The first one, with green shirt and long beard, is a famous Confucian doctor from eight prefectures, Ye Tianwang. He not only has superb medical skills, but also has good knowledge.
The second one is a doctor in his forties, with a face like the bottom of a pot, thick eyebrows, ring-eyed body, and a sculpted body with curly hair around his cheeks. He is the head of the Yangzhou Longwei Escort, Iron Palm Luo Gang.
Not only has he trained a pair of iron palms, he can crush stone Monuments and footprints all over the rivers and lakes, with rich experience.
The third is Xu Wanwan’s nursing home teacher Tan Changfeng. He is only a man of thirty-four or five years old, with a medium build and a mediocre appearance. He looks inconspicuous, but he is Xu Bai.
The masters hired by thousands of dollars are also extremely valued by Xu Wanwan. A rich man like Xu Wanwan naturally wants to hire a first-class guarding martial artist, even if it costs money, he will not borrow it, because Xu Wanwan has too much money.
Tan Changfeng It was because of a very secret martial arts contest that he defeated 13 masters and got the position of chief coach of the Xu Mansion. Xu Wanwan had personally seen the contest and admired Tan Changfeng’s martial arts so much, so he also had some respect for the chief coach. With a special respect, the faces of the four people were very serious, Xu Wanwan stood up slowly, raised his hand and even waved the eight maids, retreated together and rubbed his hands, he said anxiously, brother Tianwang, your medical skills have reached the doctor’s end.
Is the ability of dead human flesh and bones really helpless against Gouzi’s illness? I don’t care how much money is spent, I am willing. Brother Xu, if he can do his best, there is no reason to refuse. The little brother has tried his best, but he can’t find out the source of Xu Shaoxiong’s illness, and he can’t prescribe the medicine. The Earth Master kept his voice calm and said, Brother Tianwang, you know, Brother Tianwang should ask Brother Tianwang to fulfill him no matter what I come here personally, but Jin Lang is not sick. Xu Wandao said it is not sick.
Why has he been unconscious? Ye Tianwang nodded, so Brother Luo has to worry a lot. Luo Gang said, Ye Tianwang said, Mr.
Xu has been in a coma for half a day and a night, and Tianwang can’t find out the source of the disease.
Maybe he was injured in the hands of people in the world. Tan Changfeng suddenly answered Ye Tianwang.
If the doctor is Mr.
Xu Ye Tianwang pondered for a while and said, “Teacher Tan has checked Mr.
Xu’s condition.
Tan Changfeng said that Mr. Xu has checked. Mr. Xu was definitely not hit by someone’s acupoints and was not injured by a hidden weapon. Was he hit?” What kind of strange poison Ye Tianwang looked up at the roof for a while, the god took a cup of tea in front of him and took a sip, said that if he was poisoned, there would be signs of poisoning, even if it is a very small hidden weapon for poisoning, Tianwang is confident that he can see it Doctor Luo Gangdao, that’s why I’m calling someone Luo who can’t figure it out. He was neither poisoned nor had his acupoints tapped. How could he be so unconscious? Pang Za From a few notes related to medicine, I remembered some legends of people in the Jianghu Injured under the soul-shifting method, Ye Tianwang slowly stood up and said, Brother Xu is very ashamed of his son’s condition, Tianwang is very ashamed and powerless, maybe Mr.
Luo and Mr.
Tan can help Mr. Xu to share his worries.
Brother Xu said goodbye first, if he still needs it Brother, but please send someone to say hello, brother immediately rushed to say, walked away to the layman, although Xu Wanwan was in a state of panic, he still maintained etiquette, got up and sent it to the outside of the hall. From the back, Tan Changfeng slowly said, Chief Escort Luo has traveled all over the world and has learned a lot, can you see some clues? Brother Luo Gangdao, is there really such a strange thing in the world? I don’t care about the amount of money, Luo Gang’s black face showed embarrassment, he said, brother Xu, this is just a legend, to be honest, brother, he has never encountered such a thing, and there is nothing to do, Tan Changfeng said, if Mr. Xu is really kidnapped The figure calculated that they should have a purpose, Xu Wanwan said, what is their purpose? If they want money, the clay figurine should have informed Tan Changfeng, the proprietor of the road, yesterday afternoon, the young master was plotted against, and now it is not past noon, according to the habits of ordinary people in the world today They should have news no later than tomorrow Xu Wanwan sighed and said Changfeng has been going on for almost a day and a night Baoyu hasn’t woken up, hasn’t said a word, hasn’t taken a sip of water, I’m worried if he can hold on Luo Gang continued If the young brother is really plotted by people in the world, we can go to them for the best