Liang said it was you who seduced me first you must need a reason or you never need a reason to seduce a man she

Copywriter Zhong Mu thought she didn’t love Qin Jin, Qin Jin didn’t love her, and they got married just for profit. Later, she learned the truth a little bit, and then realized that this seemingly gentle and gentle man is actually so scary. The setting is a bit weird, please read it.
Official Tolerance Content Tag Urban Love Marriage Chapter Good I’m married under everyone’s attention Said that Dad knows that you have never been involved in the company’s affairs, but this time there is really nothing to do The Zhong family thinks about it, do you have the heart to watch our father lose his family business after working so hard all his life? The last time Zhong Mu didn’t respond to Zhong Chen’s words at all, his gaze stayed on Zhong Linyuan, and her tone was stiff. What will happen to the Zhong family after that? Don’t come to me and Zhong Chen said, she shifted her eyes to Zhong Chen and said coldly, you should be satisfied this time, I’m gone, no one will fight with you for this so-called family fortune, Mu Mu, what you said What is this? Zhong Linyuan is a little angry.
The Zhong family has two daughters, the eldest daughter, Zhong Chen, and the youngest daughter, Zhong Mu.
It is well known that Zhong Mu is Zhong Linyuan’s illegitimate daughter.
She was not taken back to the Zhong family until high school because of her weird personality.
It has always been rumored that Zhong Mu returned to the Zhong family to compete with Zhong Chen for the property of the Zhong family, but this remark is now being treated as an after-dinner conversation. Zhong Mu graduated from graduate school with a loan and opened a studio.
As a result, everyone’s impression of this illegitimate daughter suddenly improved.
Many Zhong Linyuan had heard of these rumors from the outside world, but he never stood up and gave a positive response.
He knew very well that Zhong Mu had always been fond of this family. He was so disgusted that he wanted to leave the house right away, and it was precisely because he knew this that he made the deal with Qin Jin, and no one other than the two of them knew about it. Zhong Linyuan was thinking about it when he heard Zhong Muyingman The sarcasm sounded in my ear, telling the truth, isn’t someone always worried that I will divide the family property with her? As he said that, Zhong Mu slowly walked up to Zhong Chen and gave her a disdainful glance. Don’t worry, Zhong’s money is mine. It’s not uncommon for Zhong Mu to be too dirty. Min Chen really wants to pretend to be gentle and virtuous in front of Zhong Linyuan, but this time Zhong Mu completely irritated her.
On the face, but in my heart, I still feel disgusted with her. After all, she is the wife who is married to Ming Media. How can her attitude towards her father’s illegitimate daughter be better? Until Zhong Mu’s mother passed away in high school, she was officially taken back to Zhong Mu. Jia Zhongchen just met her for the first time. At that time, she was wearing a white shirt and a blue pleated skirt, her long hair was combed into a ponytail, and her eyes were vivid and seductive. Feeling jealous, because Zhong Mu is obviously much prettier than her, and she is naturally seductive.
Since then, Zhong Chen has been calling her a vixen or a slut in private, but she has always maintained gentleness in front of Zhong Linyuan. The image of your eldest daughter can’t help showing your true face, right? Zhong Mu suddenly felt ridiculous when he saw Zhong Chen’s reaction. You don’t want this man, I want it. I don’t care how he looks.
Avoiding the existence of Zhong Linyuan, he smiled selfishly and said that as long as he has money, it is enough to forgive her, she is such a worldly person. It didn’t make any sense, so she turned around and left gracefully.
Zhong Muchang has come into contact with many excellent men at such a young age, but she only has a good impression of Shen Sheng. They have worked together for more than four years. She didn’t tell her how much she liked him until the day of her marriage.
After she finished speaking, she instantly felt a lot more relaxed. As soon as she sent Shen Cheng away, she saw her husband from now on. The other protagonist of the wedding, Qin Jin, was strictly speaking this was the first time they met, but Zhong Mu felt that this man It’s not as ugly as I imagined, and it doesn’t look like a kidney deficiency.
I guess Zhong Chen has never met him, otherwise he wouldn’t have resolutely refused to marry him. Throwing such a big deal to her, the confession just now was wonderful Qin Jinqian Smiling and applauding, he approached her and finally stopped in front of her to take a closer look at her face. When Zhong Mu faced him, he was neither humble nor overbearing and refused to compromise at all, even though they were still strangers, she raised her red lips and replied lightly, thank you for the compliment. Qin Jin clenched his fists unconsciously, this woman really doesn’t remember him, it’s time to go down, husband Zhong Mu glanced at the clock on the wall, it’s almost time, just now there was a staff downstairs who called to say that the guests were almost here After hearing this address, Qin Jin showed a satisfied smile on his face.
These two words deeply pleased him.
The wedding ceremony was nothing more than a few items. Miss Zhong Mu, would you like to marry Mr.
Qin Jin? For the rest of my life, I understand him and take care of him. Are you willing? The master of ceremonies has a nice voice. When he uttered these words, it is a bit less pretentious.
Zhong Mu answered happily, I am willing, and then it was the same question. When the ring kissed Qin Jin’s lips, it was cold, and hers were not warm. When they were pressed together, Zhong Mu felt that his heart was trembling from the cold There was a burst of sharp pain, and Zhong Mu regained consciousness