Li Xiao turned his head in surprise and saw Peggys angry face Peggy Li Xiao shouted in shock why are you here Peggy seemed to

Goddess Mission Li Xiao woke up again and found himself sitting in a void.
Underneath his buttocks was a hard wooden chair. Looking around, there was nothing but darkness. Where is I? He rubbed his forehead and tried hard to recall what happened. The memory immediately flooded up like a tide. The shopping mall was on fire.
The little girl died. You finally woke up. Suddenly, a sweet voice suddenly sounded in the void. He was shocked to find that there was a beautiful girl sitting in the empty place not far from him. This girl has long silver hair and a pair of shining golden eyes. She is sitting dignifiedly.
There was a holy smile on the white face on a brown sofa chair.
Li Xiao swore to God that he had never seen such a beautiful woman.
If he had to choose a word from the human dictionary to describe the beauty of a girl, Li Xiao could only think of it.
One word is perfect. In addition, why does Li Xiao feel so familiar with the dress on the girl? Who are you and where is this? Li Xiao, a humanoid creature, couldn’t wait to ask his own questions.
His mind is now in a mess. The dark space he is in is completely beyond his cognition as a normal person.
To be honest, he is still He himself was surprised at being able to keep calm, oh, maybe it’s just because he has a big heart. Let me put it mildly.
The girl’s quiet face showed a thoughtful expression, as if she was organizing her words.
She paused for a while, and then seemed to have organized her words Showing an angelic pure smile to Li Xiao, he said slowly, that’s it, you’ve already hiccupped, Li Xiao, hey, please be more euphemistic. For a while, I still couldn’t accept that the whole person froze on the chair.
At that moment, Li Xiao couldn’t tell whether he felt uncomfortable or what it felt like his whole body was being hollowed out. The girl quietly watched Li Xiao with a faint smile on her face.
The smile seemed to be waiting for Li Xiao to accept the reality. After a while, Li Xiao’s stiff face finally showed a helpless expression. He looked at the girl and asked, so this is the world after death, are you the god of death or the king of Hades? The girl was a little surprised Your ability to accept is quite fast. Many people know that after they died, they either cried or screamed, or they didn’t believe it. Li Xiao smiled at himself and spread his hands. Yes, nod, um, you really have a big heart, you should be a circle bigger than ordinary people, right? Cough, talk, close to the rumors, close to the main story.
Let me introduce myself.
The girl puts her hands on her chest and smiles friendly. My name is Emilia, and I am the goddess of this world. Goddess Li Xiao hasn’t yet.
Before she had time to be amazed, the girl went on to say oh yes, actually I have a very nice Chinese name called Wang Erya which is sister Nuwa Sister gave it to me Oh, Li Xiao is so sweaty, he feels that his three views have been broken to the ground, and he can’t stick together.
A goddess named Wang Erya, can you believe it or Nuwa? If it weren’t for the weird surroundings It’s really hard to explain Li Xiao’s emptiness with common sense.
Now Li Xiao has turned this brain-hole girl who claims to be a goddess to the police uncle. At first, Li Xiao was shocked and nervous when he saw the legendary fairy.
Now you just want to make Li Xiao nervous, so he can’t get nervous anymore.
Goddess Erya sees Li Xiao’s shocked expression, it’s a little strange. You didn’t react when you found out that you were dead. How did you react so much after knowing that I was a goddess? You are an atheist Li Xiaoqian smiled and thought I was surprised not because you are a goddess, but because of your name full of goddess aura. Li Xiao guessed that if he walked down the street and said that he knew a goddess named Wang Erya, he would definitely Beaten to death by believers of various religions all over the world Goddess Erya didn’t continue to struggle with this issue, she went on to say, Li Xiao, do you remember how you died? Li Xiao recalled that there was a fire in the mall, I should have been burned How about that little girl? Is she still alive? Li Xiao’s expression suddenly became tense.
In fact, he could have survived. At that time, the fire burned down the roof and a large piece of the roof fell off. In order to protect a lost little girl, Li Xiao used His body was on top of the little girl, and he was crushed to death. In fact, Li Xiao was quite afraid of death.
He was not a brave person. He had never even fought with anyone since he was a child, but he didn’t know at that moment.
Where did I get the courage to jump on the girl without even thinking about it? Li Xiao felt that if he could do it all over again, he would probably do it again.
The girl is still alive, and the goddess Erya said, that’s great, it seems that I didn’t Dead in vain, Li Xiao heaved a sigh of relief and showed a gratified smile. Although my life is not long, doing nothing and gaining nothing, it is worthwhile to save a young life in the end. Even Li Xiao himself was a little moved by his courageous deeds. What a great feat it is to sacrifice one’s life to save lives! Li Xiao felt that if he was still alive, he would definitely be awarded the title of a people’s hero or something. One sentence almost choked him to death.
Well, there are some words that I don’t know whether to say or not. Goddess Arya hesitated for a moment.
In fact, even if you don’t rush over to her, the girl is fine. You didn’t get hurt in the corner, but you rushed over and crushed the child with a slight injury. Do you know how heavy you are?