Li to go outside the valley to check on the enemys situation the middleaged monk carefully sized Lin Hanqing and Bai Xixiang with a glance

The morning dew mixed with sweat drenched his clothes and shoes. Lin Hanqing stretched his arms and stood up slowly.
He felt as if he was suffering from a serious illness.
His whole body was limp and weak. After struggling to get up, he recognized the direction and walked slowly forward. He suddenly thought of the Yin-Yang Rakshasa, and he felt that there was only one confidant in the vast world.
He had to rush to that one and only date, because from now on, maybe no one would make a friendly date with him again.
Even if the burning fever flares up again, it is impossible to predict whether he will be able to arrive at the meeting place at the appointed time, but the date and the ugly woman are the most important thing in his life at this moment.
Li Zhonghui’s elegant demeanor Bai Xixiang That delicate and charming demeanor is like a past in his mind. If there is anything else, it is just a past event buried deep in his heart forever.
The inferiority complex after disfigurement is that he feels that there is a long distance between himself and the world, and he only deserves it. It was an arduous journey to get along with the Yin-Yang Raksha, who was regarded as ugly by the world.
Along the way, the strange fever relapsed once, but he no longer had the luck to resist it.
Seeing the back of a beautiful woman with long hair and shawl, she was sitting on the big rock, staring blankly at the sunset, her expression was so serene and demure, Lin Hanqing coughed lightly, and said, The girl has heat poisoning in her lower body, so she can’t move as planned, but I can’t come as scheduled.
I have done my best, the back slowly turned around, opened his lips and smiled, Lin Xianggong, Lin Hanqing looked at the face, under the sunset glow, it was as delicate and beautiful as three spring peach blossoms, willow eyebrows, Yao nose, big eyes, he rubbed his eyes, looked carefully, and his mouth was dazed Said that you are Miss Bai, the woman stood up slowly, smiled sweetly and said, Mr.
Lin, I am Bai Xixiang, Lin Hanqing only felt a loud bang in his head, and his whole body trembled violently, saying, why do you still know me? Bai Xixiang said, why do I I don’t know you, Lin Hanqing stretched out her hand, touched the protruding and staggered patterns on her face, and said, haven’t I changed? Dao, Ximen Yushuang carved many scars on my face with a knife, and painted a lot of strange colors. Why is it still the same as before? It doesn’t matter if you are born ugly, Bai Xixiang said, that’s right, even though Ximen Yushuang can leave many scars on your face and paint it with colorful colors, but she can’t change what you think in your heart.
If you are ugly, you hate the world and change your ambitions Lin Hanqing was stunned and said, I don’t think so The same girl, if you have any advice, just tell Bai Xixiang that you won’t sit with me But I feel that I am too ugly Lin Hanqing snarled, it’s not Bai Xixiang, it’s because I’m too good-looking Lin Hanqing pondered for a while and said, if there is such a day, I am confident that I will be better for the girl, Bai Xixiang smiled and said, You are already very good to me now, then you will be better to me then No matter what you do, follow me and pamper me Lin Hanqing said that should be so Bai Xixiang smiled and said that I am much more blessed than that Li Zhonghui Lin Hanqing sighed and said it is a pity that this honor is really inconvenient to be with the girl often Bai Xixiang If Xiang Dao is like this, you are still so chic and handsome. Every girl in the world loves you so much, so there is no need for me, Bai Xixiang, her cheeks blushed, and she suddenly shut up.
Don’t have any plans, be generous, here’s the first sin, hold your fists together, turn your head and walk to Bai Xixiang, said quietly, you stop, get up and chase after Lin Hanqing, and walk a few steps, suddenly feel the hot air in Dantian rising rapidly, spreading to the whole body, instantly top-heavy, walking unsteadily She fell down on the ground, Bai Xixiang took a few quick steps, already a little panting, Lin Hanqing fell to the ground, she seemed to know she was powerless to help her up, and slowly sat down beside Lin Hanqing, stretched out her slender white hand, pressing on the pulse of Lin Hanqing’s left wrist, and said softly You are very sick, Lin Hanqing said, I don’t get sick because I was plotted against by others, Bai Xixiang said, what plot against Lin Hanqing, I took a strange medicine, every once in a while, there would be a strange fever in my abdomen, and it would spread quickly Bai Xixiang said, “Is it hard to get over it?” Lin Hanqing said, “The whole body is like being on fire, girl, please stay away.
” Bai Xixiang said, why is Lin Hanqing now that the heat has spread to my limbs and veins? In a moment, I will be burned by the heat At that time, she was so hot that she was so dizzy that she might not even recognize the girl.
Bai Xixiang suddenly reached into her bosom, took out two golden needles, and pierced them into Lin Hanqing’s acupuncture points.
The heat has lost a lot, and I feel surprised and secretly think that this Bai Xixiang fruit is so loud, only to hear Bai Xixiang softly say how is it now But Lin Hanqing lost a little more, and Bai Xixiang blinked her round eyes twice and smiled, saying that the moonlight must be good tonight, Lin Hanqing looked up to see that the sky was already dusk, and the sky had already lit up a few stars, thinking secretly in her heart.