Li suddenly had a chill it shouldnt be Huo Yan anyway youd better come forward and explain that the Sang family seems to have recognized

Sang Nian is the shady illegitimate daughter of the Sang family. She is quiet, introverted, and not good at words.
She follows Huo Yan all the year round and acts as the most insignificant follower.
He had a small annoyance, he found that his little follower Sang Nian seemed to be interested in him, just happened to drink too much that day and rarely saw his busy brother Huo Yan, under the influence of alcohol, he told you about this sweet annoyance Said that if Sang Nian really likes me, what should I do? Or you help me take her in? Huo Yan half-jokingly joked with Huo Zhen. The man leaning on the sofa raised his eyelids and made a specious smile.
Huo Yan suddenly smiled, don’t tease me bro, she is not your type, Sang Nian outside the door didn’t continue to listen, and left as quietly as when he came Huo Zhen put down his glass and whispered How do you know that I don’t like her? Huo Yan was suddenly sober and speechless, but it was undeniable that for a moment, he felt secretly pleased that his brother, the proud son of heaven, didn’t want to, and when his horse stumbled, the object of Sang Nian’s crush was him. Later, when the Sang family wanted to marry the illegitimate daughter to a divorced old man who was almost forty years old, Huo Yan felt that he should save Sang Nian from the fire and water that afternoon, before he had time to find Sang Nian, he saw himself in his garden.
The crush on tiptoe kissed his own brother Sang Nian. The most outrageous thing he did in his life was to kiss Huo Zhen on the lips while he was asleep in order to say goodbye to his unrequited love. But Sang Nian didn’t know that the cautiousness she thought was actually Huo Zhen’s every step of the way.
The hunter had already set a trap and waited for the prey to enter the cage step by step. Every Love Is Worth Being Treated Chapter 1: In the heat of June, the sound of cicadas chirping is endless. When Sang Nian walked out of the library, she was dazzled for a moment by the sun hanging high in the sky.
The flower-embellished parasol stepped out of the shadows and slowly walked towards the auditorium. It was the graduation season, and on the road, many students wearing academic uniforms were seen taking pictures in various corners of the campus to commemorate Sang Nian’s upcoming visit.
The graduates are much more indifferent in comparison. She didn’t join the group of photographers. Instead, she followed the crowd to the auditorium. After the graduation ceremony, she took a group photo. She was about to say goodbye to college life. There must be some regrets, but crossing Entering the cool auditorium, she still smiled when she thought of the people she would meet today, because the graduation ceremony has not officially started, there are not many people in the auditorium. She beckoned to Sang Nian, why are you here? There’s no need to go to the library at this time, right? We’re all about to graduate for a while, so we should take more time to take pictures. That’s why Yu Zhenzhen handed the bachelor’s uniform to Sang Nian Sang Nian picked it up He nodded with a smile and went to the library to get the book I just saw a few places on the road and took pictures. We will go there together later.
Yu Zhenzhen and her will go there together to change into the bachelor’s uniform.
The two of you will sit down in the assigned area of ​​the courtyard and start chatting with each other. You say you are today. Those who want to go on stage to receive awards don’t know how to dress up, at least put on beautiful makeup and show it to the person in charge of the Huo Group to show respect.
I just put on a layer of foundation, it’s not called makeup, come on, my sister will tinker with this eye makeup for you, and then we’ll be a whole peacock on the screen, blinding the audience, Sang Nian is about to die of laughter from her, don’t, don’t, I don’t want to It’s the last day when the peacock opens its screen. I just want to keep a low profile. Yu Zhenzhen looks at her face with a bit of hatred for iron and steel. It’s too low-key to miss you. It’s because it’s the last day and I must make you shine. She said that she took out the cosmetic bag that weighed several kilos with her and looked at the posture.
Really, Sang Nian closed her eyes and let her make up this face, no matter what.
Yu Zhenzhen has also been a beauty blogger for several years, and her makeup skills are still reliable. In fact, Sang Nian’s facial features are beautiful, and she doesn’t need much modification, as long as her own beauty is magnified, so Yu Zhenzhen is not around. Instead, focus on tinkering with her eyes. Do you think the Huo family will send someone over this time to give me some information? Yu Zhenzhen knew how many years Sang Nian and the Huo family had been neighbors, so she asked her about the situation, my boy God, will Huo Yan come? Sang Nian thought of Huo Yan’s talkative appearance in the group, and said that he would come to be a representative of the outstanding graduates of the past, and he would almost kill him. Yes, my male god is an outstanding graduate representative, so wouldn’t he give you an award? If I had known it earlier, I would have studied hard I’m not really looking forward to Yu Zhenzhen asking her to open her eyes and brush her eyelashes.
She is full of envy and jealousy.
People like you who grew up with male gods will not understand. Sang Nian just listen to what you want to say in your pocket The phone vibrated for a while, and it happened that Yu Zhenzhen had already put on her eye makeup, so she took out the phone and saw that it was Huo Yan who sent her a message to pick me up in the parking lot. The mobile phone is going to pick you up, male god, should I give you this glorious task? Although Yu Zhenzhen is very excited, she still waved her hands.
Sister, I have superb makeup skills and a few younger sisters are waiting for me to help with makeup. When the time comes, you Help me get a chance to take a photo with the male god. Sang Nian nods in response.
I’m afraid that Huo Yan will kill him before he even has time to see what the makeup looks like.