Li Sichen took his dilapidated secondhand electric car from the carport downstairs of the unit waved goodbye to Mo Ke and Mo Ke hesitated for

One day, Mu Qianqiu, one of the world’s four major Fengshui masters, told his only apprentice to pack up and get out. I have nothing to teach you.
Li Sichen, who dropped out of school since childhood, returned to his motherland. Vitality and spirituality are the most missing in the next fate, so he went back to the school to break the evil situation and change his fate to collect the corpses and eliminate evil spirits.
He cut off life and death with one word and decided the rise and fall of the country. Chapter 1. Is it a coincidence or a prophet? He kept standing up and looking around, with an uncomfortable expression, and inside his mouth, he was thinking that it’s not safe, this place is not safe, we have to change places quickly, his abnormal behavior caught the attention of a young couple next to him, it’s not safe to start What a joke, this plane is the most advanced model in the world, how could it be unsafe? Huh, what an ignorant country bumpkin. The man curled his lips and laughed disdainfully. This man is wearing famous brand from head to toe, completely different from Li Sichen who is dressed plainly.
After laughing at Li Sichen, he complained to his female companion again, telling you to book the flight ticket earlier, you actually forgot, so I can only squeeze the economy class with these ignorant poor people.
It’s a shame. I didn’t know anyone on this flight, otherwise, where should I put my face? The female companion who was scolded was not angry, and she was acting like a baby with a smile all over her face. Young master Dao Lei, it’s my fault this time, please forgive me, okay? Well, although she was flirting with Lei Shao in a low voice, but her eyes kept looking at Li Sichen, because Li Sichen’s appearance is so cute, handsome and charming. At the age of fifteen, Li Sichen looks handsome and handsome, and his figure is as tall and straight as a pine tree. Like a beautiful woman, although his face is a little pale, this slightly sick feeling not only does not weaken his charm, but also adds a bit of pity to him, let alone a woman, even a man sees it Even Li Sichen will be deeply fascinated by him without knowing it Ah, although Lei Shao’s movement was quick and sudden, the slap did not land on Li Sichen’s face, because just as his hand was raised, Li Sichen reached out like lightning and grabbed his wrist, making him unable to move.
Don’t feel like your wrist is being clamped by iron pliers. The intense pain made him grin his teeth and screamed, let it go, let it go quickly, or I will kill you.
As soon as his voice fell, he heard a crisp sound accompanied by it.
The burning pain and swollen cheeks followed, but Li Sichen waved his hand and slapped him. How dare you hit me. Lei Shao was completely dumbfounded. He has always been the only one who bullies others.
How could he be bullied like this before? I know me.
Who is it? I’m Leihuo’s son, how dare you hit me? Leihuo heard this name, and many spectators on the plane changed their faces.
This Leihuo is not simply a well-known figure in Yongcheng. It took less than ten years from the establishment of the sand business to the establishment of Lei’s Group and becoming a real estate tycoon If someone offends him, the consequences will be extremely bleak. Seeing the terrified expressions of the people around him, Young Master Lei smiled triumphantly and said to Li Sichen in a bully voice, the boy knows he is afraid, right? Now it is still too late to kneel down and kowtow to beg for mercy, but his words are all gone. Before he finished speaking, another crisp slap sounded, and then the other side of his face also swelled up, even if you were the king of heaven, I would still slap you, Li Sichen said in a flat tone, as if slapping Lei Shao was just an insignificant thing As for Lei Huo, he didn’t take it seriously. Young Master Lei opened his mouth wide and wanted to say some harsh words, but when the words came to his lips, he couldn’t say anything.
His courage had been completely taken away by two consecutive slaps. It’s gone. At this moment, a stewardess with a good appearance and temperament came over with a panicked expression.
Shao Lei hurriedly yelled as if he had caught a life-saving straw.
Stewardess, you just happened to be a bumpkin! Hurry up! Kicking him off the plane with such a low-quality person on the plane is simply threatening our lives, but the flight attendant didn’t even look at him, walked up to Li Sichen and said nervously and respectfully, Mr. Li, hello I was the purser on this flight and I didn’t know that you put you in economy class on this flight.
It was a mistake on our part. Now we have a seat for you in first class. Hope you can change it. Lei Shao was completely stunned by this sudden change in the past.
He actually forgot to complain and asked, “Wait, wait, I just asked about the upgrade. Didn’t you tell me that there are no seats in the first class?” The purser explained. It is true that Mr.
Li has no seats in the first class, but Mr.
Li is a VIP of our airline, so we beg the first-class passengers to give up a seat.
For this reason, we have also given the passenger a lot of compensation. Everyone at the exit was stunned. It’s not surprising to be upgraded from economy class to first class, but it’s unheard of for airlines to offer money to invite people to go to first class.
What is the origin of this cute and handsome young man? For a while, many people began to guess curiously in their hearts.
Hearing that he could change seats, Li Sichen was obviously relieved. Even if it’s a bad place, you’d better change me to an economy class seat