Li Shuai took his own Put your index finger on your lips and make a provocative gesture to Du Yang handsome guy quickly take back

The sneaky national football coach The sneaky national football coach sits in front of the TV in a low-rent apartment A year-old young man keeps smoking cigarettes His eyes are as swollen as a kiwi, but he is still staring at the TV screen on the top right of the TV The corner clearly shows the time for the World Cup qualifier round of the China-Iraq match. The young people suddenly felt a suffocating feeling. It was too painful.
Suddenly, a man’s hoarse voice came from the TV screen that had been silent for a long time.
All Chinese fans, everyone. Well, I am Huang Jianxiang.
Unfortunately, I am telling you that the national team led by the mediocre Camacho has been eliminated.
Although there are still stoppage time minutes in the game, the players on the field have no fighting spirit and can only growl Cama Joe actually left the team’s bench without authorization. We can’t find him in the broadcast footage.
The miracle night in Istanbul will never happen to the Chinese team. The game is not over yet. Camacho, who has a huge annual salary, slipped away first.
Why? Strange things will always happen to the Chinese team. This is worthy of reflection by all of us football players. The head coach is often the backbone of a team. Facing difficulties, Camacho actually slipped away first. This is true for more than a hundred years in world football.
The first time I saw the players on the field shaking their heads, I knew how dissatisfied they were with this incompetent Spaniard. I believe the players have tried their best.
In the face of life and death, why are players placed in positions that they have never played before? The gossip said that when the team was training, Camacho hid in the restaurant with his team and drank coffee leisurely. He had never practiced tactics against opponents.
I don’t know how such a person became the head coach of the national team.
The game is officially over. The national football team lost to Iraq.
When our neighbors, Japan, South Korea, and North Korea continue to compete with Asian heroes for the 2020 World Cup in Brazil, we have already been eliminated in advance.
It is sad, sad, sad, and the Chinese team is dead, everyone. Congratulations to the Chinese team, congratulations to the Chinese Football Association, congratulations to them for becoming the first team in the world to prepare for the 2020 World Cup in Russia The circle seems to wrap himself in it so that he can escape quickly and escape from this disappointing Chinese football environment. Listening to Huang Jianxiang’s commentary, his chest is full of anger. What makes him most angry is not the performance of the national football players tonight.
It was the Chinese Football Association who replaced Gao Hongbo with an incompetent Camacho in front of the competition. You must know that the national football team led by Gao Hongbo has matured after years of running-in. Fuck those incompetent people in the Chinese Football Association.
The young man let out a roar. This young man’s name is Du Yang, a low-level secretary in the secretary department of Sunshine Real Estate Company. He has graduated for more than a year now. The colleagues around him have changed batch after batch of several who joined the company with him. A colleague has already become Sunshine Real Estate by relying on his beard and flirting with the world.
The only middle-level leader of the company is he is still a low-level secretary. He is a hot-blooded man, but he has never slandered those who make him uncomfortable. He knows that everyone’s persistence is different.
What he insists on is not to lose himself because he still has something in his heart. That initial dream, although it can’t be eaten as a meal, Du Yang knows he can’t live without it, it’s like his own spirit, without it, the whole life is like a walking dead, and the life around him is meaningless. He has seen a lot of things about flying dogs and dogs. Some colleagues around him will try their best to step on others to climb up if they have the opportunity, even if they sacrifice their appearance.
They gave up on their original dream. Du Yang has his own persistence, so now he has this result. After more than a year of graduation, he is still a small low-level secretary. Look at the unscrupulous compromises of the people around him, even though they got their positions. But what they have lost is not only their bodies, but also their souls. Du Yang is only a young man now, and he has his own ideals.
Some ideals are born, and some ideals are acquired, just like the current ideal in his heart.
In the same way, he wants to make Chinese football brilliant, and he wants the lovely Chinese fans to stop crying. His ideal was born when he was in college.
When he was a sophomore, he took football as his physical education class, and it has been since then It was only then that he had a thorough understanding of football, and it was only then that he truly fell in love with the sport of football, and it was only then that he realized that his life could still be so exciting. Because football is a sport that is popular all over the world, when he was a sophomore in college, he saved money on food and money for a month and saved RMB to watch an AFC Champions League game played by Henan Jianye.
Cheering for your favorite football team is already very happy.
As long as you can cheer for your favorite football team, it doesn’t matter where you sit for those lovely fans, because everyone is a supporter of the team. They believe in it.
The voice of them shouting loudly together is the best encouragement and support for their favorite team.
For Du Yang, what happened in Chinese football in the past two years can be said to be like a treasure.
Only one Chinese Super League club, Beijing Guoan, entered After the strong year of the AFC Champions League, only Tianjin TEDA entered the strong year of the AFC Champions League.
Guangzhou Evergrande won the championship of the Chinese League One. The year and the championship of the Chinese Super League.
Du Yang remembers all these influential things that happened online very clearly.