Li Jing cant bear this anger are you so unsympathetic to fight Li Jing didnt leave her eyes since she played Qianlixue trembled with anger

All humans who enter the aircraft carrier lie in special life tanks filled with nutrient solution and enter a state of deep sleep to minimize the energy required to maintain life. During this boring and difficult journey, the great pioneers of the earth are the seeds of life on earth.
Designed a world of thinking, Oracle Continent, everyone will enter this world in the form of brain waves, start a game of survival of the fittest if you do not advance Yum’s current physical growth is a seven-year-old girl, Li Jing, who is poking her lips at the game guide, which can also be called a game guide. There is not even an introductory guidebook for beginners.
A little bit of useful information wrought out of two thin pages. The first page of the game description declares the cruelty of the game because it concerns the lives of all entities, given the unknown dangers and possible disruptions to the energy supply. The designers of the Crisis Carrier set that once there is an energy supply crisis, the nutritional supply of the worst-performing people in the Oracle Continent will be cut off first, and so on. If you want to maximize your chances of survival, then you must become a member of the Oracle Continent.
The strongest one will be overtaken by others once you regress or even stay where you are Go down to the second page of the game description, it only states that all people born in the Oracle Continent grow up to be seven years old at first, and all their talents, attributes, and even appearances are all the same. The period from seven to eighteen years old is the most critical period for everyone.
Anything you do during this time will likely affect your future talent attributes.
At the age of eighteen, everyone will undergo metamorphosis, showing their own talent and appearance. In other words, everyone is born equal to your talent.
And your appearance will be affected by what you do. This is undoubtedly the most inspiring for those who come from ordinary backgrounds. There are no second-generation officials and rich second-generations.
There are only you. At the same time, the oracle tells the mainland that you have only one life if you die. Then you will fall into a deep sleep. The thin two pages only said this. As for what talent attributes are there, there is no explanation, and what is poor performance will be eliminated by the system, and there is no explanation. All you can do is endless inferences and guesses. Li Jing jumped up from the bed and felt that it was useless to think about what was there and what was not. What she cares most about now is the appearance talent.
I don’t know what the appearance is, but it is very clear what the appearance is. In order to survive, Li Jing thinks about the appearance of a woman. It is very important, no matter how poor your ability is, as long as you have good looks, people will naturally welcome women. This face can indeed be used as a card at some point.
How to get a beautiful face is indeed a difficult problem.
Glass Mirror is trying to figure out the psychology of the designer.
I hope that a beautiful girl can also have a beautiful heart. I will inevitably think of the three inseparable words of truth, kindness and beauty.
I feel a little touched in my heart. I have a bottom in my heart.
Walking outside, this hut is a place where the designer gave teenagers before the age of 18 to live.
Everyone has their own small nest. The village from which Li Jing was born is called Jiamu Village.
The children in the circle town are all in a hurry, as if if they relax, they will be overtaken and lose their lives. It can be seen that the first page of the game description scared many people.
The construction of Kimura and the things that newcomers can do. There are many handicraft shops in the town, which are controlled by intelligent data bodies, commonly known as them.
They are not those without intelligence, but a group of anthropomorphic humans with high intelligence comparable to human beings.
When I meet you outside Xinshou Village, it may be difficult to distinguish whether he is a human or an anthropomorphic. These handicraft shops collect all kinds of raw materials and finished products. Humans can use these things to exchange for gold coins to supply daily needs.
Everyone understands the principle that money makes money. Those children who are committed to becoming big businessmen must accumulate the first pot of gold at this time. Li Jing has learned all the common skills from the novice skill trainer, such as picking herbs, mining and peeling, but in view of those heavy physical strength and Bloody labor has nothing to do with beauty, and manufacturing skills such as refining medicine, sewing, etc. consume a huge amount of glass. Finally, he chose to collect medicine.
The only five gold coins given by the system on his body bought a book of plant names. Only in the plant name book Only the medicinal materials on the market are valuable to collect and can be exchanged for gold coins in those shops.
In addition to life skills, Li Jing also learned two introductory skills from the martial arts trainer in Jiamu Village.
One is the cultivation of martial arts and the other is the cultivation of combat skills. It’s a bit similar to internal strength training in martial arts, and combat skills are attack skills.
Novices can learn basic martial arts and combat skills.
The combat skill taught by Novice Village is a skill called Rabbit Leap. As the name suggests, it is a life-saving light skill skill When the martial artist injected the skill of Rabbit Leap into Li Jing’s spiritual consciousness, she instantly grasped the key to this combat skill. Out of curiosity, when she used it, it was indeed like a rabbit’s jump, but it was very unfamiliar and the movements were so ugly that Li Jing’s liver trembled. However, after using this rabbit jump, she can run 10% faster than normal running speed. Of course, Li Jing doesn’t want to give up. This skill is too exhausting.
Her current physical strength is only enough to support her three consecutive jumps. After that, she has to rest for half an hour before she can use it again. Half a day later, Li Jing discovered the fun and tricks in it. The distance she jumps every time is not constant, which makes her jump. Li Jing began to think about how to maximize the jumping distance of the rabbit jump, and finally, after countless experiments, she found that the part where the rabbit jumps exert force is from the calf to the thigh.