Li Ang said helplessly that I might be there for a long time or if you keep If I don’t come back and I’m selected

This is the fierce competition in the heavens and the world, the magnificent epic myth, the strange twists, the fantasy of the players in the other world, the ferocity of the players, the first chapter: Whale falls, the night is getting late at the end of summer.
Surrounding the seven gates in a circle, two criminal policemen stood in the cordon to block the eyes of those looking into the isolation zone. The personnel from the criminal technical room in room 28 on the second floor have arrived. The criminal photographer took pictures of the scene and the trace inspection team Check indoor fingerprints, footprints and other special traces, while the physical and chemical biological inspection team is responsible for extracting and collecting blood, body parts, tissues and other biological evidence.
In order to avoid destroying potential evidence, the police officers used dozens of palm-sized fast-passing road boards to build them in places where there were no footprints. A temporary passage led to the dead body on the floor of the living room. Two forensic doctors wearing isolation clothes squatted next to the corpse.
One forensic doctor was in charge of examining the appearance of the corpse, and the other was in charge of recording on the human body icon and recording the oral record.
Zhang Cuilian Aged corpses with normal growth and nutrition General skin dark yellow Corpse spots are purple red Located on the headrest, nape, back, lumbosacral, and limbs under pressure It was also recorded in the forensic doctor’s verbal records.
Zhang Cuilian had three cats and four dogs. These cats and dogs had caused great damage to the traces of the scene in the two days after her death.
Put cats and dogs in cages.
These cats and dogs are also biological evidence.
Officer Wang, who has been in the police force for more than 20 years, automatically ignores the noise at the scene. He stands in front of the bookshelf in the living room and gently picks up a framed photo on the shelf.
Zhang Cuilian, who is standing with her son, has a serene smile.
She has carefully permed half-white short hair.
She is wearing a glazed blue shirt with flower and bird patterns and straight cropped pants.
Earrings, necklaces and rings are all available. She is a very temperamental old lady, but it is a pity that her husband is not favored by fate. A few years ago, my son also died of myocardial infarction unexpectedly, and now she herself too Most of the floor of the living room is covered in dark red, like a poor and ugly ink painting. The musculature of the limbs is missing in a large area.
The palms and soles of the hands and feet are only left. The fingers and toes are all missing. What’s more strange is the entire face of the corpse.
The eyeballs have completely disappeared inside, only the frontal bone, the cheekbone and the mandible are still connected with a thin layer of muscle, only the dark, hollow eye sockets are left, staring at the ceiling, faceless and skinless. Reminds of pickled peppers and chicken feet that haven’t been chewed clean. This association makes him feel gastric juices churn. He walks out of Room 208 on a temporary bridge and goes downstairs to smoke.
Old men, old women, and the others stood outside the isolation zone like a drizzle, which did not dampen their curiosity in the onlookers when they heard about the accident. It’s Miss Zhang on the second floor, right? She’s also pitiful for living alone.
If it wasn’t for the neighbors who live across the street couldn’t stand the smell coming over and complained to the property, no one would know that she’s gone. I went shopping with her before. At that time, I saw that she was fine. Why did she leave suddenly? I don’t know why. Police officer Wang, who was silently listening to the chat in the cordon, lowered his head and lit a cigarette. He couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that the deceased didn’t participate much.
The social activities of the elderly in the community are narrow and the social frequency is low. The surrounding people don’t know much about the deceased.
Maybe it was diabetes? A young man in the crowd, carrying a schoolbag and carrying a leek box, said in a low voice, to be precise, it was caused by type 2 diabetes. Due to many complications, police officer Wang suddenly raised his head, who are you, an ordinary high school student named Li Ang, smiled, I am the successor of communism, the delicate flower of the motherland, a red scarf who does good deeds and does not leave a name, who asked you this? The painful police officer glanced at Li Ang, you know her, Li Ang replied that he didn’t, but I saw her walking the dog when I went downstairs to play badminton in the community, how do you know that she has diabetes? Ruddy skin, dry skin, slow walking, swollen lower limbs, legs and feet, swollen fingers, scars and ulcers on arms, drooping eyelids and repeated eyelid scabies, I guess she is diabetic, and I suggest that she pay attention to her diet, take medicine on time, insist on exercising, and be admitted to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. Li Ang shook his head, and the people around him all cast strange glances at him It was still not good when it dripped on the stool.
Li Ang said calmly.
After that, I read some books on medicine. Self-taught young man, you are really a bone, are you a second-hand guy? Li Ang looked at the police uniform worn by Police Officer Wang with envy. Speaking of police officers, in fact, I have always wanted to be a glorious people’s policeman. For this reason, I often go to comic shops to read Detective Conan to exercise my criminal investigation skills. I also use pencils to mark who the murderer is in comic books.
The last time I was brave enough to catch a thief in an amusement park. After more than two hours of dealing with the suspect, he was finally kicked off the carousel by the administrator of the amusement park. The corner of the police officer’s eye twitched. Although there were many slots, he didn’t know where to spit it out.
He could only snuff out the cigarette butt. Turn around and walk to the seventh building. The windows on the second floor 208 seem to be closed.
Li Ang raised his head and said casually. He doesn’t know what Aunt Zhang will feed those cats and dogs for two days. Well, Police Officer Wang paused. Don Leon continued as if no one was watching