Lets watch the flute and watch the lady play a song Let your man listen to it Su Zi looked at her with a smile

If you have the guts, just say it again. The man held the whip and dipped it in some salt water. Daddy, don’t hit my sister. Don’t hit my sister. A little boy was crying, hugging the man’s thigh and shaking his head, looking back, the girl cried out loudly When you come out, sister, just be soft, don’t say it, isn’t it just a man? If you don’t marry, you won’t marry. What is more important than life? Hit you again, don’t hit my sister again, please, please, please, the man winked, and immediately someone put the girl down from the beam, pinched her neck, poured a ladle of potion, and then hung her back to the ground There was a lot of red blood at the location, but her eyes were still clear and bright.
I made it very clear.
I want to fight for Su Zi. I am his woman. According to the laws of the Emperor of Heaven, I can fight on behalf of my husband. The girl took a breath, and her tone was still as firm as her expression. Bloodstains remained on the smoky skirt again The girl’s skirt could no longer see its original color, a large swath of dark red almost stained the whole body, the little boy begged again, he really couldn’t figure it out, always docile Why did the gentle sister insist on such a thing? Why did they insist on using such a heavy punishment on her sister at this time? If they don’t want to tie her up and throw her into the room, why do they insist on beating her? My sister obviously didn’t do it Wrong anything, Uncle, let Heng’er back down, he is still a child, the girl looked at the boy crying in mourning, her heart couldn’t stop, and she suddenly let out a soft hum, let him see what happens when he is disobedient The man turned the boy’s head over and let him watch My sister was tortured, and she was whipped again. The girl’s skin was torn apart, her flesh was covered in bruises, and she saw that there was no good flesh left on her body.
The boy’s favorite in this family is this sister who would rather be beaten to death than look back. He couldn’t bear it.
He closed his eyes and was disobedient.
Hehe, the girl pulled the cracked corner of her mouth and smiled.
The palm prints on her face have not yet faded.
Back then, my father and Uncle Su had never known each other.
They first met in the army. They met each other on the battlefield. Drinking the blood of the demon tribe toast to celebrate the victory Before the victory, under the leadership of the Emperor of Heaven, how heroic and carefree it was to live and die.
Before the bloody battle, such a marriage contract was made, announced to the world, and then generously fought the bloody battle to death.
The emperor rewarded Aunt Su with a lot of money. The government sent the royal family as a dowry for the marriage of the children. What is this called tolerance? Look at what you look like.
You are so self-seeking and ungrateful.
If you are short-sighted, if you see his family is in trouble, you will make trouble.
If you see his children are beautiful, you will take it for yourself.
What Mo Xiu did was not our Wang family, I feel ashamed for you.
The girl who was bound suddenly burst into an aura, as if it was not her who was bound, but all the men present.
Try not to let more people know that it’s not you who marry, but I want to marry. I walk between heaven and earth as a spiritual practitioner in the fairy world. What I pay attention to is a reason. It’s not my regret that I decided to go to the appointment.
I don’t recognize this engagement.
As long as I have a breath, I will fulfill it. Even if he is disabled, even if he is in the future. I don’t need a man to preserve my health.
I don’t need a man to keep my health. Be like Lingshui, a man who is extraordinary and refined.
Be like Xiang Ning, an imperial concubine, domineering and incomparable. Cough cough girl coughs up a mouthful of blood, her expression gradually becomes fierce.
I know what you think.
My father died in battle. My mother died of illness, and I am the only eldest daughter.
If you beat me to death, you can monopolize the Wang family’s property, but don’t forget to say again that I am a spiritual cultivator who has reached the level at the age of 10.
I am a genius on the Ziyue List issued by the Emperor of Heaven.
If you dare to beat me to death, the Heavenly Emperor will definitely hold me accountable.
I know you don’t have the guts.
You people only know how to hide behind and do some dirty tricks. Just because you can still stop me, after I finished speaking, a burst of powerful spiritual power gushed out from her scarred body, and the binding rope was broken every inch. As soon as she fell to the ground, her figure flew out of the house without any hesitation. I’m here to find you, I won’t just sit back and watch you being killed by these villains, this girl keeps saying that she is super, her spiritual power at this moment is really super, she is indeed a rare genius in our royal family hahaha the man clapped his hands and smiled Her eyes are dark and fierce, she really thinks she is some kind of fairy, catch her later, don’t get beaten to death, she said that no one dares to disobey the genius on the Ziyue list set up by the emperor of heaven, even if she dies, she will be held accountable, not to mention the county magistrate Xu The eldest son of the family still wants her to be his wife? How much can we exchange for some spirit stones and give her ten lashes when we come back? We will go back to rest and let her hang and wake up for a while.
After being dragged back to the house, the girl left behind a piece of paper The horror in her eyes was about to burst.
What kind of water did you feed me just now? She thought of something. Her body struggled violently, but she couldn’t break free from anyone’s restraint. She felt the spiritual power in her body dissipating rapidly.
The overflowing sea of ​​spiritual knowledge was blocked by some unknown black energy, and she couldn’t use even a little bit of strength.
She, who had read a lot of poetry and books, suddenly thought of a kind of overbearing potion that only demons can concoct.
Everyone in the family has contacts.
What you do is tantamount to digging your own grave with a tiger. Uncle, listen to the child’s persuasion.
Now, before I can finish my sentence, she is blocked by a piece of skirt torn from her body and whimpers again.
Also speechless, a man in black withdrew his hand that gagged her mouth and roughly hung her up again.