Lets study together the Uighur girl frowned slightly feeling that Chen Mu was a bit malicious and couldnt help but hesitate Let’s read the materials

The author’s self-defined label is calm, farming, and making money. Chapter Wild Camel Whether it starts from Ningxi or Lanjing, the road network entering Xinjiang, Qiqi and Mengge has been gradually improved in recent years.
In the past few years, there was even construction.
In the past few years, no one has mentioned the theory of excess. One of the northernmost roads that connects the two main lines has a small gas station right in front of the green belt next to the road. The road is a branch road. Usually, there are not many vehicles passing by.
In the off-season of tourism, sometimes it is difficult to see a car for a long time.
However, when the main road encounters wind and sand, it is essential and plays a role in dredging.
At this time, the gas station There is no customer here.
The flag directly above the gas station with snacks and water is particularly deserted under the strong wind. Although the door of the business office is tightly closed, Chen Mu still feels cold. While doing inventory, he couldn’t help it.
Zhu Pa pulled his collar and tightly protected his neck. The Uyghur old man Ai Zimaiti meticulously packed up the things in the business room and slowly dragged his old lame leg to leave Xiaomu. I’m going back, let’s go, you’re on your way Be careful, say hello to Aunt Guli for me, Chen Mu waved to the old man, watched him walk out of the business room, led out the little donkey with sparse hair, and rode hard on the back of the donkey to go home. Take it back and put it back on the list. The profit is two hundred and eighty. Forget about the stall.
The gas station is the inheritance left by Chen Mu’s parents. The couple were demobilized soldiers who came out of the army. After returning to their hometown, they worked diligently for half their lives. They earned some money by doing small businesses.
Ten years ago, due to changes in the economic environment, the couple’s original business became less and less profitable.
It happened to catch up with the development of the western region in full swing, so they made a decision that surprised everyone.
I just took out all the money I had in my hand, pooled around 5 million yuan, went to the northwest to buy such a gas station, and started to operate it. At that time, in order to attract investment, the policy given by the government was very good.
The operating right of the gas station is exclusive to the entire gas station in this area. The station and the surrounding ten acres of land are set aside for their use. If things like this are put into practice today, there is almost no door. After ten years, the couple has been rooted in the Northwest, and no matter how well the gas station is operating, they only talk about the right to operate the land. The value has risen a lot, which is a very good investment. The couple are going to sell the gas station and return to their hometown for retirement when their son graduates, but they didn’t expect them to rush back to their hometown before New Year’s Eve this year, wanting to celebrate the New Year with their son. Suffered a serious car accident and finally died.
Then, Chen Mu, who was just a sophomore, took care of his parents’ affairs and simply applied for a suspension of school. He came to Northwest by himself and inherited their gas station. It took Chen Mu less than two months to get bored so far.
Sometimes, looking at the wind and sand outside, he really wanted to leave this ghostly place where he couldn’t see many people all day.
Of course, his parents died less than half a year ago. In Chen Mu’s heart, no matter what, he was unwilling to put aside the careers they had worked so hard for many years, so he made up his mind to persevere for at least a year before closing the list in his hand. Chen Mu was not very familiar with the business office.
Pull up the iron gate, then turn around and go to the business office, and then prepare to get something to fill your stomach.
The design concept of the gas station is the shop in the front and the residence in the back, so the front is the business area and the back is the living area.
In addition to the large warehouse, there is also a three-bedroom and two-living room. The large living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bathroom are fully equipped. A garage and a cellar are built next to it, closely connected to the business room. Chen Mu walked into the kitchen and quickly made a bowl of wonton noodles and a cucumber, then opened a bottle of Coke and ate it with gusto It’s nearly three hours’ drive from the nearest town here. Under normal circumstances, Chen Mu only goes out once a week to buy supplies.
It’s not rich, so it’s good to have a bowl of wonton noodles with cucumbers. The wonton noodles are still steaming inside. I ate a little of the famous chili sauce from Sichuan Province, it tasted particularly exciting, and after a while, the coldness on my body was completely dispelled. After eating the noodles, I was sipping the remaining Coke.
It seems that something slammed into the window or the door. What happened? Chen Mu immediately put down his Coca-Cola and ran to the business room to see what happened. He moved to the front of the surveillance camera and took a quick glance to scan the split screens of several cameras. The camera on the front of the gas station didn’t see anything, but the camera facing the east window captured something very bizarre. A camel actually appeared on the split screen.
What the hell? Chen Mu blinked and was a little confused. I know the situation, but I don’t understand how a camel came out of the gas station. There is only one hump on the camel’s back. The camel is skinny and doesn’t look tall.
The hair on its body is stuck together.
It’s dirty and ugly. It doesn’t look like it’s lost.
The domesticated camel looked like a wild species. When the camel on the screen went crazy, shook its head and hit the iron gate on the window with a muffled sound. Chen Mu frowned, turned around, took a self-defense knife, and took it He picked up a flashlight and a long stick and ran out from the side door of the business office. Although he didn’t know what the wild camel was crazy about, but he let it hit like this, the window would be smashed in minutes, so we had to stop Chen Mu from going around the door quickly. He didn’t go too close to the window, but just stood far away and slapped the ground with a long stick and yelled loudly. Before he heard the old Uighurs talk about the situation here