Let’s start the fire again Xiao Wei said it’s cold and there’s no firewood The road has been paved for a long time before I

This is not over, I even picked up a token label that can distinguish the authenticity of everything It became a line. This is the mid-term exam.
After completing the previous multiple-choice questions, I basically don’t know how to do the big questions behind.
Of course, the previous multiple-choice questions are almost all randomly selected questions on the paper. I also looked at the road and looked at the road for a while, and couldn’t help squinting my eyes, then slowly lay down and fell asleep, because the road was too tired, and the road also went to bed at about one o’clock last night to help her mother sell the stall Fried rice got up at six o’clock in the morning, and then rode his bicycle to rush to school, so he didn’t even sleep for five hours that day, so it was inevitable to fall asleep on the desk, and he was also dreaming on the road, but this dream was very It’s strange that there is no one in the dream.
The whole world is full of books.
All kinds of books are placed on the towering bookshelves on the road. He also reads in the dream. In fact, he hates reading books, but there seems to be a voice telling him that what you see is everything. It’s your own.
What do you mean? What you see is your own way.
I don’t know what this sentence means.
This dream is very strange because most people don’t know that they are dreaming when they dream, but the way is known at this moment. The dream is everywhere. He couldn’t get out of the book road, and being bored, he casually flipped through those books, especially the ancient books that he had never seen before. The dream made me wonder if I could find a book about Zhou Gong’s interpretation of dreams, and see if I dreamed of so many books. Are they good or bad? I couldn’t find a book about Zhou Gong’s interpretation of dreams, but I found a good thing that excited him. Alchemy Encyclopedia and real questions of college entrance examination Alchemy Daquan and real questions of college entrance examination are placed side by side on the bookshelf Year after year, material and year, the bookshelf stretches upwards endlessly until it disappears within Lu Ye’s vision. Fuck, Lu Ye is so excited now. The book that Lu Ye wants to read is too high, he can’t reach it. Lu Ye also wants to read it. Looking for a ladder, but there are no other things besides books, but it is hard to go, so he moves quickly to move the surrounding books and put them in front of the bookshelves.
The books are so tiring, and the road took a deep breath, and then put the last stack of books down, just enough to reach the corner of the books on tiptoe When I got down, Lu also looked at the golden year number on the cover, and the smile on his face couldn’t stop blooming. The next year’s college entrance examination is real, that is, Lu Ye will take the college entrance examination next year, and there was a bang, something hit Lu Ye’s head The last one woke him up from his dream, who was lying on the table Yeren didn’t say anything, but blurted out first, half-dream and half-awake Lu was also furious.
Indeed, it took him a lot of effort to lay out the ladder. He just got the real exam questions for next year’s college entrance examination. That’s the real exam questions for next year’s college entrance examination. He almost saw it.
It’s okay to let him watch a class, but he was slapped awake.
You said you were angry, and you followed Lu, who was furious. The whole class burst into laughter.
Lu, what are you doing? The voice is high.
Lang Xiaoping, the head teacher of class two and three, Wolverine is the nickname given to her by the students because she is domineering and strong, especially her speaking style is very wild Isn’t the math teacher invigilating the exam? Why did you suddenly change to Wolverine? What the hell are you doing? This kid usually doesn’t talk much, but now he dared to talk to her, isn’t that what he meant? Teacher Lu also stood up, then wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth with his hand, and looked at Lang Xiaoping. Duke Zhou first found a book like “Shuowen Jiezi” and flipped through the explanation about sleeping and dreaming. Unexpectedly, I just said it casually when I was nervous. Why are you talking about human beings? It was a burst of laughter from the whole class, and I said Lu Ye