Let’s just let this go okay Li Yuyun really despises Xu An’s things you’ve been in such a deep conflict with him for a while

Huaguo Mountain is still nearly five kilometers away from the Huaguo Mountain that Sun Lesheng mentioned. Lei Hou and his group were so tired that they could hardly breathe, especially the two women, Lin Wanhan and Zhong Siruo, who could only breathe heavily and lost the strength to speak.
Lei Hou saw that they had no strength to walk, so he had to let them rest on the spot. Lin Wanhan and Zhong Siruo just sat down on the road, and the pipe was full of dirt. Lei Houyun, Kangping and Tang Wenhao also fell on the side of the road. Leihou threw the water bottle of his phone to them, maybe he didn’t know the direction, and he threw it a bit sideways, and rolled directly into the grass by the side of the road, Leihou, you’re going to die, throwing it so sideways, you already have no energy, Zhong Siruo gasped and said Siruo is fine I’m going to get Lin Wanhan, and then I struggled to stand up and moved to the grass by the side of the road, holding the lanyard of the kettle in my hand, and then moved back to Zhong Siruo, let me drink some water for you first, Lin Wanhan reached out and handed the kettle to Zhong Siruo Zhong Siruo took the kettle Unscrew the lid, grunt, drink water, and raise your neck, you can see a piece of snow.
They are on summer vacation to travel.
They say it is tourism. In fact, it is within the scope of Haishan County. Haishan County is a large county that manages dozens of towns and hundreds of people. This village is now known as Huaguo Mountain in the entire Huping City, let alone Haishan County.
Huaguo Mountain was not called Huaguo Mountain in the past, but Yehua Mountain, but since Journey to the West was filmed here, some people called it This place is known as Huaguo Mountain.
Huaguo Mountain has not yet been developed, but it is just an original scenic spot.
Because the road is rough and difficult to walk, there are not many people who come here to travel. More travel friends Leihou and they will come here to play.
Sun Lesheng, their sophomore classmate, said Huaguoshan Guoshan is so beautiful, so beautiful, and they also like to read Journey to the West.
Anyway, there is plenty of time during the summer vacation, so I made an appointment to come here.
Yun Kangping, you said, how far is it? It’s five kilometers, right? Yun Kangping said indistinctly in his mouth.
Five kilometers, I’m going to die. It’s still so far away. My legs don’t look like mine anymore. Zhong Siruo, who is about five kilometers away, almost jumped up, but she is now. I don’t have much energy to jump, but I can’t. Lei Hou looked at Zhong Siruo like this and was a little speechless, but thinking of Zhong Siruo’s family background, he felt quite normal. Zhong Siruo is the little princess of their Zhong family. If you complained, look at us, but it’s basically your stuff.
Tang Wenhao said depressedly. This little thing will stump you, Mr. Tang. Your Mr. Tang always says that you are so awesome. It’s as easy as it is, why is it so difficult to help our two little girls carry a bag? Zhong Siruo smiled and sarcastically said, is this a bag? Are you guys moving? There are big bags and small bags hanging everywhere on the young master’s body, just like a man who picks up garbage, saying that he is awesome, this is not the time to show it, when Zhong Siruo looks at him, he laughs, and others laugh when they see it got up and rested for ten minutes, they got up Let’s continue on our way.
Although Zhong Siruo kept complaining and took several breaks along the way, he persevered.
When we arrived at the small village at the foot of Huaguo Mountain, everyone was completely exhausted.
At the village entrance, Sun Lesheng had been waiting for them for more than an hour.
I finally saw their figures walking crookedly in the field, three male students with big and small bags hanging on them Lin Wanhan and Zhong Siruo also carried a water bottle in both hands Seeing them appear Sun Lesheng couldn’t help shouting Leihou Tang Wenhao Yun Kangping You finally Here comes Sun Lesheng, Sun Lesheng saw Sun Lesheng, they also became excited, they kept moving their hands away and quickened their pace, Lin Wanhan was pulled by Zhong Siruo and involuntarily jogged forward, and when Sun Lesheng approached, Zhong Siruo called Sun Lesheng, why did you only call them and not us? No, Sun Lesheng saw the female students so close, blushed slightly, stuttered and explained, Sun Lesheng, Sun Lesheng, you are still so shy, you can look like a man, Zhong Siruo laughed, Lin Wanhan also smiled slightly seeing them like this, Sun Lesheng just felt that his heart was out of control Pounding and jumping, his face turned even redder.
Fortunately, Lei Hou and the others arrived at this time, and he was relieved.
Sun Lesheng took their two big bags, carried them, and led the way.
As he walked forward, the road began to widen.
When I got up, my vision became wider and I turned a corner.
I saw a sea of ​​flowers in my eyes. It was so beautiful that Lin Wanhan and the others were completely shocked by this sea of ​​flowers. They had never seen such a big sea of ​​flowers.
It was full of mountains and plains! Sun Lesheng guessed them It must be this expression.
Everyone opened their mouths in disbelief. Now believe me, I believe it too much.
It’s beautiful.
Tang Wenhao responded in a hurry.
Zhong Siruo’s performance was even more exaggerated.
Everyone who was still tired like a dog also felt refreshed and exhausted.
Well, you, Sun Lesheng, actually live in such a beautiful place. This is Xanadu. This is Xanadu.
That’s nothing more than spending a little more.
Sun Lesheng thinks it’s nothing. How many people live here in your village? Tang Wenhao asked, including me, there are more than ten households.
Most of them are elderly and children.
Most of them are adults. I went out and chatted all the way closer and closer to the sea of ​​flowers. The fragrance of flowers filled my ears with a buzzing sound. When the bees flew up, it looked like a black mist. It scared Lei Hou and the others. How many bees do you need to look like this? Zhong Siruo, who was running ahead like this, also stood there without moving at this time, as if he was frightened, and when Sun Lesheng and the others came to him, he asked in a trembling voice, do these bees sting people? Sun Lesheng looked at her a little funny, no? sting