Let’s chat online again and see Du Wenbin’s figure disappear around the corner Pei Guangguang turns around and meets Zuo Suchen’s sullen face immediately puts

Chapter Guangguang, you and your brother-in-law’s surname live in harmony, Pei Guangguang and He Xie are good. They were married for two months and they circled each other almost every day.
Once Zuo Suchen came back from a business trip for three days.
They spent a night together, but today, after she went back to her mother’s house, Zuo Suchen directly asked someone to send over the divorce agreement. The reason for the divorce was domestic violence, and she committed domestic violence against him. I’ve never slapped him in the face, really, I hit him very lightly. Brother Pei Xiaoduo was full of disbelief. Pei Guangguang curled up and sat on his sofa in a docile manner, accepting the contempt from the eyes of the rest of the family and Ling Chi’s father Pei’s fingers. Trembling a little, Yintang, who turned black to her daughter, you, you, you want to piss me off, do you dare to hit your husband Pei Guangguang looked up with tears in his eyes Dad, I didn’t mean it, she really didn’t mean it Her husband Zuo Su Chen Erba He is handsome and rich, the second generation, who is surrounded by a bunch of beauties wherever he goes, she gets angry when she sees him, and he always looks like he doesn’t care, even if she is so irritable that Pei Guangguang jumps his feet, he can still look on and do his things as usual. Accidentally mistakenly thought that he was a bully, Dad Pei punched him on the sofa and stared at the sad-faced Mom Pei, all blamed on you, a daughter who was taught bad by you, it was my fault, it was my fault, it was my fault I made her feel ashamed to face the excited parents, Pei Guangguang, and when she saw the divorce agreement on the coffee table, her face turned black. How can that man say no to her? Although she beat him, she is really very happy.
Heaven can learn from him. Pei Guangguang’s parents remarried after being divorced for ten years.
During these ten years, Pei Guangguang lived with his mother in the countryside.
His grandmother’s brother lived with his father in the city. A divorced and injured woman whose thinking is a bit extreme.
Mother Pei always instills in her daughter the idea that all men are sluts.
Murakami happens to have a retired taekwondo old coach there for retirement.
Seeing that Pei Guangguang’s appearance can be regarded as a little glamorous, in fact, she has practiced it. After remarriage, Pei’s mother began to instill in her daughter the idea of ​​harmony between men and women, but Pei Guangguang has been wild for more than ten years. Lurking in her body, although she tries hard to suppress it, things will still explode when encountering things. For example, Pei Guangguang, who went back to the city to study high school and came from the countryside, was inevitably discriminated against. Then she couldn’t help it.
On a beautiful morning in the warm sunshine, when those boys stopped them, Pei Guangguang threw away his schoolbag and beat up the bad boys and skidded. The whole school was shocked because no one would have thought of this. The little beauty from the countryside has such a powerful small universe.
At the same time, they were also shocked by their school classmates. Then the school classmates launched a fierce offensive against Pei Guangguang. It really put her in school The scenery here has been vain for a while, so it can be seen that Pei Guangguang’s love luck is still good, and her ex-husband Zuo Suchen is also a handsome guy. Focusing on Pei Guangguang, twisting his waist and sneering, he walked in front with a sneer, his fists creaking, and the two perverts were naturally beaten up by her heroically.
When the perverts ran away, Pei Guangguang saw a car beside him, a tall man leaning on the car body Looking at her in the dark, the four eyes faced each other, generating a super high electricity of tens of thousands of volts, Pei Guangguang felt deeply ashamed of his self-protection ability for the first time The thing is, the feeling between people is different.
Back then, when she faced her schoolmates, she didn’t feel the man in front of her for half a year, but the man in front of her made her heart pound. The seductive night made people intoxicated.
The handsome guy laughed, Pei Guangguang was drunk How about being my woman? Pei Guangguang twisted his clothes and nodded shyly. It was only later that she realized that this man was one of the top rich second generations in the city.
A month later, their flash marriage made everyone envious.
That night, when the circle was crossing, she was in pain, so she got up and beat the man on her body, but in the end she was overwhelmed.
Zuo Suchen has a good figure and skilled skills.
She is a woman with a blessed personality. The only disharmony is the weak violence in her body. Because as long as she sees other women being intimate with him and he doesn’t bother to explain, or when he comes home late for unknown reasons, she can’t control herself. In the past two months, she beat him five times, not in the face or in the vitals.
She couldn’t bear it, but after all, she still bruised him several times.
Dad Pei tapped his daughter’s forehead. You idiot, you really think that Su Chen can’t beat you, he can’t cure you. They let you, and you don’t know how to reflect on it again and again. Repeatedly making mistakes, me, me, Pei Guangguang raised my face and acted bravely, Dad, hit me, beat me to death, I’m embarrassing to you, Dad Pei looked at his daughter, couldn’t bear to touch his heart, fell down on the sofa, blood pressure soared Pei Guangguang’s violent personality gave her the opposite skin, her skin is delicate, her eyes are not very big, but they are moist and clear, she looks so fragile, and she is so soft and charming, it’s no wonder Zuo Suchen didn’t let her go Sister Shu, he gave you a house with 3 million cash, benevolence, mother Pei grabbed Pei Guangguang’s hand, the money is too shameful for us, you have to hurry up, you apologize to others, in fact, Pei Guangguang also knows that he is wrong, and wants to go back to her husband Xiaoniaoyiren, but a bit of a big woman’s thoughts are still lurking in my heart, I just shake my head, he doesn’t want me anymore, I don’t want to throw me to death