Let the two brides put on their clothes on their own then walked around the room looking at the two delicate and flowery beauties suddenly

The scorching sun was on the head, the sun was like fire, Ye Ke woke up with his eyes narrowed, feeling strange in his heart, suddenly sat up and coughed, spit out a few mouthfuls of blood foam, it hurt me to death, he frowned and opened his eyes, only to find himself leaning against a broken wall around him It seems to be a small town full of ruined walls, broken walls, scattered things, and a mess everywhere. There are lying corpses everywhere, some with broken arms, some without chest and abdomen, and some without heads. From time to time, other people walk over Holding the dead body of my relatives, weeping loudly, crying, mourning, and mourning, where is this? I remember that I was sent to the military academy for my meritorious service in fighting floods and disaster relief. When I got back to the car, I fell asleep in the car as soon as I got a headache.
How could it be wrong? This is not my body. Ye Ke stared at his right hand in surprise. It’s not right. There is a scar on the back of my right hand, which was left when fighting the flood, but now it’s not there. In the palm of his hand, there was a small picture of a halberd, like a birthmark, and he couldn’t pick it off.
What’s going on? Could it be that at this moment, his face turned pale? Countless messages flooded into his brain, my head hurts, Ye Ke held it My head lay on the ground and I screamed.
It took a long time for the headache to be relieved. Ye Ke also regained his composure, but his heart was full of ups and downs. Did I time travel or was reborn to another world? It’s all called Ye Ke. Ye Ke in the previous life has a bright future, join the army, do meritorious service and be sent to the military academy.
The great future is in sight, but Ye Ke in this world is just the grandson of an old blacksmith in this small town.
Although not rich, everyone lived a stable and peaceful life. However, just this morning, a huge tiger rushed to the town and ran amok. Whenever it sees anyone, it bites and shreds everything it sees. When it sees a child, it doesn’t know where it got a bag and put it in it. This tiger is very powerful. The young and strong people in the town surrounded it with stones, hoes and hammers, but it was useless. The tiger counterattacked and killed several people.
The tiger even smashed through the door and wall to search the house. All the pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, etc.
raised at home were killed by it, and then spit out demon fire and set the house on fire.
Not only that, but it also said that I am the lord of the mountains.
Tiger Immortal, I will teach you a lesson today and then every month. This Great Immortal made offerings to ten pairs of boys and girls, and I will give you peace. Two cultivators who passed by here stepped forward to fight, but they spit out a demon pill and smashed the opponent’s flying sword. The two cultivators were also easily crushed. Killing the tiger demon is still a way of saying that this immortal is already a master of the void refining stage, a mere mortal of the Qi refining stage, Neng Naiwu He Yeke, the seventeenth year of the year, when he was just full of blood, seeing this tiger demon doing evil, he immediately rushed forward and was furious. Being slapped by the tiger’s paw, the rushed grandfather stretched out his hand and pulled it.
Although he dodged the attack, the tiger demon’s palm was so strong that he knocked Ye Ke several feet away, and when he hit a broken wall, he fainted and died. he His grandfather was brutally hit by the tiger’s claws, his chest was ripped apart, and he was slapped to death by the tiger’s claws.
How dare a mortal like an ant dare to resist? This is the last sentence Ye Ke heard from the tiger demon before he passed out. Ye Ke slowly regained his composure beside the broken wall, but a monstrous rage was ignited in his chest.
The world is inhumane and treats everything as a straw dog.
The sage is unkind and treats the people as a straw dog.
Why should the people in this town be guilty of their own grandfather? The family is ruined and the people are dead. It actually requires people to make offerings to virgins every month. If the monsters and monsters are not killed, how can they protect people? At this moment, a wave came in his mind. He suddenly remembered that there was a long halberd that had been placed in the blacksmith’s warehouse for many years. On the night of the full moon, my grandfather would take it out and wipe his face.
He cherished it.
Every time I asked about my grandfather, I always looked puzzled. He only said that it was sent by a cultivator many years ago. If he had a chance, he couldn’t understand. Now Ye Ke has no hesitation. Walking into the warehouse, according to the location where his grandfather put it, he found the halberd. When Ye Ke saw it, he couldn’t help being surprised because he found that this halberd was actually the same as the small halberd pendant he bought in the last world. At this time, the halberd painting that appeared in his palm was exactly the same, and he stretched out his right hand to hold the halberd. At this moment, a system prompt sounded in Ye Ke’s head. Halberd May I ask if you want to activate the Martial Heavens system? My destiny is true. What kind of thing is the Martial Heavens system? The sage collapsed the galaxy and soaked up thousands of beauties and became Long Aotian Zhao Ritian, so Ye Ke subconsciously said with a thought, a series of prompts sounded in Ye Ke’s mind at the moment of activation Congratulations to the host Ye Ke has activated the system The host can enter the martial arts through the real halberd Move the space and travel through the heavens to slay demons and demons. It is detected that the host Ye Ke has excellent golden muscles and bones. However, his ability is weak and it is difficult to survive in this world.
Special reward for beginners is a big gift bag.
Check the gift bag and open it. Congratulations to the host Ye Ke for getting too much The first level of Xuan Shen Gong is equivalent to the seventh level of the refinement period in this world.
Immediately, Ye Ke felt an electric current pass through Ye Ke’s whole body instantly from the halberd, but soon a sense of comfort spread all over his body, like eating. All the 36,000 ginseng fruits were happy, and soon he felt a change in his body. In addition to his limbs becoming stronger, his eyes and ears became clearer, his heart was lively and lively, as if he could perceive everything, and his brain also poured into it. Immediately comprehending the profound meaning of the first level of Taixuan Divine Art, he asked excitedly in his heart