Let the soldiers of General Monskawix Tutaza push him from behind when they doubted him and let the contradiction between them explode so that we

Squatting at home with a girl who couldn’t find a girlfriend. Because of a bet with a bad friend, he played the black soul, but he accidentally passed through.
Who can tell me what the hell is this seed machine gun? What the hell is Xixue? The candlestick is made of the teeth of a charizard. All in all, it is a time traveler who was accidentally sent to the wrong system.
In the first chapter of the story of another world, Xiao Ming should go to bed.
Xiao Ming should go to bed.
Xiao Ming should go to bed.
A mobile phone placed on the computer desk suddenly rang and clicked. Suddenly, a young man with heavy dark circles sitting in front of the computer desk took a picture of that broken mobile phone that was only a few hundred dollars and smashed the mobile phone. It’s almost past the double princes, what are you making a fuss about here, because he was almost killed because of the alarm clock of his phone, he was hacked to death by a teleportation knife, I must beat the damned double princes, I want to prove it to The group of Hun Dan who laughed at me as a handicapped man looked at me as a black soul who threw the remains of the poor mobile phone into the trash can, and then he continued the arduous journey of overthrowing the gay twin princes. This man is named Lu Ming, nicknamed It is called Xiaoming, and people call it ignorant.
The little prince is active in various math problems and is hated by the majority of students. Of course this is just a joke. Lu Mingnan is 25 years old and graduated from college. There are almost no friends other than a bad friend who has already started work.
Two weeks ago, because they wanted to pull a few bad friends to hack, they flashed their faces with a couple flashbang, and finally were ridiculed for their cruel hands.
He and A few bad friends made a bet that as long as he can pass Black Soul III without modifiers, the bad friends must introduce him to a girlfriend, and the result is naturally all kinds of dead and dead and then dead and dead, but relying on the right The girlfriend’s obsession He relied on dragging the corpse to forcibly increase the attribute points and hit the double prince’s side, then got stuck all day damn it and knelt down again for the sake of the girlfriend who had never met in the future because of a No rest all day, Lu Xiaoming was already in a very exhausted state, but he decided to fight for his girlfriend, so he died under the sword of the double prince once again, and he ran away again, the damned double prince Lao Tzu Lu Ming is back again.
Just as he manipulated the character into the White Fog Gate, Xiao Ming let out a strange cry.
Holding the shield and holding the sword, he rushed at the first form of the twin princes. The eldest prince looked at himself on the computer screen flipping under the sword Rolling back and forth, Lu Ming was so nervous that his face was covered with sweat for several minutes.
After a few minutes, he finally killed the prince while rolling around under the sword of the eldest prince.
Lu Ming relaxed for a while during the cutscene. The fingers are ready to fight the second form of the twin princes, the eldest prince who is carrying his younger brother on his back, but when he is ready to challenge the elder prince who is carrying his younger brother with a full bottle of medicine, his computer suddenly crashes, and his anger can be imagined. But Zhihehehehehehehe Lu Ming smiled foolishly Then he punched the computer keyboard, your uncle’s old man is full, full, why is he so tired? After yelling a few times, he collapsed on the computer desk, crying and lost consciousness for a few days.
Such a piece of news appeared in the newspapers and news in the whole city.
A man died suddenly due to exhaustion from playing games.
Experts call for true love and life away Even if you say it, it’s fine. You’ve been talking about it for more than ten years. Where is this place? Lu Ming, who was originally playing games, woke up in a forest and looked around. There was no one around. In the woods, Lu Ming pinched his thigh fiercely, awow, it hurts, it hurts, he obviously pinched it hard, he screamed and scared all the birds in the woods away. Could it be that I passed through the raw pain of being pinched? Lu Ming realized that the clothes on his body were not the one he was wearing, but a ragged robe, a bit like the clothes worn by the wandering soul in the black soul he played before he died. Lu Ming was stunned for a long time before reacting hahahahahahahahahahaha finally that he finally had an eye -catching passing God and found that he was likely to cross him suddenly.
He suddenly laughed. The bird on the tree flew up again and sang for a while. Traveling is a good thing for a man like him who doesn’t love his mother and who is urged to find a partner all day long, but can’t find him even if he dies.
Girls in different worlds are basically blind. As long as they are time travelers, they will stalk them so that people can marry them. Now that I think about it, I’m a little excited. But suddenly he remembered that the game he played before time travel was Black Soul. Wait for me. I played Black Soul before. According to various time-travel novels, I should have traveled to the world of Black Soul now. Called Black Soul is a shaking game. Even a mob in the game can abuse players dozens of times. If the world he travels through is really Black Soul, it is estimated that with his squatting physical fitness, even ordinary wandering souls can be beaten.
I can’t beat it, let alone single Wang Sima just smashed all the big crabs.
Knowing what kind of game Black Soul is, he immediately looked around for things that can defend himself, lest a wandering spirit suddenly jump out and send him It’s a pity that he didn’t find anything except a wooden stick that was broken by something, and this situation looks like the beginning of a certain poisonous milk powder game.
This inexplicable sense of déjà vu makes Lu Ming slightly relaxed