Let Qiushi molested hahaha this is too funny I can’t do it anymore I burst into tears this Qiu Shiao finally realized that the person

Back to Campus Chapter 1 Back to Campus Back to Campus Binhai City, a first-tier metropolis in the north of China, Binhai Media University Library Wang Cong put down his modern and modern history books and quietly walked out of the library to the school’s dating holy place Niaoyulin adjusted his breath a few times and was excited again It has been a month since Wang Cong came to this world. Now he has understood this parallel world like the earth and accepted the memory of the original owner. The owner is also called Wang Cong.
This world has deviated since the First World War.
There was no World War II. Huaguo participated in the First World War and won the victory.
Because the war situation was not too stable, it has been vigorously developing the military industry. As a result, the cultural and entertainment industry is still at an elementary level. No. Dorms get up in the morning and look at the edges and corners in the mirror. Wang Cong is also used to all this with a distinctly handsome face. After washing up, my roommate Qiu Shi came back from the cafeteria outside and shouted to tell everyone good news. Binhai TV Station is coming to our school to recruit interns.
Recruiting football commentators and interns No. 1:00 p.m. Lecture room boss, are you going? In his last life, Wang Cong was a mechanical engineer. His hobby is to watch football.
He buys some lottery tickets. In the dormitory, he ranks.
After all, in the last life, I also fantasized about what it would be like to work in football. Now, after hearing what Qiu Shi said, the classic quotations from poet He Wei and his master Huang Jianxiang suddenly appeared in his mind. Cong seemed to be in a state of strange obscenity.
At a loss for what to do, he met a big girl without clothes. After eating the scallion pancakes brought by his roommate for breakfast, Wang Cong was thinking about how to interview in the afternoon. Boss, don’t be too sad. Where is there no grass in the end of the world? There are a lot of big girls and chicks.
Suddenly, Wang Cong was stunned. At this time, the memory of the original owner flooded up.
It turned out that the owner of this body had just been broken up by his girlfriend a month ago. I was thinking.
Wang Cong was talking helplessly about the interview in the afternoon.
At this time, the youngest in the dormitory, Ye Hang, got up and sat in front of the computer. He told Wang Cong that the boss, come and me.
Hei Yehang is the youngest in the dormitory.
I like to play games, the Binhai is still relatively hot in the month of the month, and today there is no wind, it is particularly sultry, boss, you are so naive, no wonder we lost two games in a row, don’t play, it’s not naive, it’s naive, it’s hot, after finishing speaking, Wang Cong So I went to the water room to take a shower.
The youngest Ye Hang somehow found that Wang Cong seemed a little different from before, but he couldn’t tell. Maybe it was because he was stimulated after the breakup.
After taking a shower, Wang Cong lay on the bed and looked at his wallet. It turns out that in the previous life, this life is actually still at home.
Mom and Dad are small self-employed.
Dad is in charge of a small store. Mom is in charge of a small supermarket.
Mom sells breakfast in the morning for Wang Cong to go to college. Wang Cong, a sophomore in high school, is graduating soon, so he has to think about how to make a fortune and become well-off. He turned on his computer and searched for the current CCTV.
The famous commentator of the sports channel is the most famous. This is called Wang Te. He found a game he recently commented on for the Copa America, the Chilean team, and the Brazil team. After an hour, I just watched Wang Cong’s eyes wide open.
The incredible audience, friends, welcome to CCTV Sports for You live broadcasted the Copa America semi-finals Chile kicked off first Sanchez took the ball and passed it to Salas Salas took the ball and started to run Watch him run like a boy chasing the wind to the goal It’s a pity that the kick is powerful Wang Cong, who missed the shot, was shocked and inexplicably listened to the names of the players for nearly an hour, their running mighty and majestic, etc. What’s more, the commentary explained the way of shooting, just a few powerful shots, pushing, shooting and volleying.
For a header shot, it is said to shake the head, hit the top, and other shooting adjectives have never heard of strafing, flirting, clever shooting, pad shooting, lob shooting, etc. You can have it, and you can’t call it a header. Are you jumping to the top? Can’t you just look back and look at the moon? Comments below Mr.
Wang Te’s commentary is wonderful Standing forward in front of a free kick like an immortal green pine, in his eyes the goalkeeper is just a sheep waiting to be slaughtered, swung his strong arm, he started a run-up, he chose to shoot directly, but unfortunately the sheep escaped a bit, this sentence is really remarkable Wow! Your sister, circle your sister, okay, I admit that Wang Cong is secretly happy at this moment Forget it, I don’t like narrators very much, and I’ll hire someone to prepare my graduation thesis.
I looked at the time and it’s half past one.
Wang Cong endured the sweltering air, put on the casual suit that he thought was pretty good, and got ready to go. I heard that the leaders of the sports station have come a lot this time, and they seem to take it very seriously.
You don’t know, right? The two of them, if it wasn’t like this, we wouldn’t have much chance. As soon as we walked to the door of the classroom, Wang Cong heard some gossip voices and ignored them. When he was just about to enter the classroom, he heard that even Zhang Kaihao from our college was going to come for an interview.
If he came If so, I have no hope at all. Zhang Kaihao is a man of the hour in our college and even in our school. He is the rock-solid host of the college party and the stationmaster of the school radio station.
Literary literacy and language talent are nothing to say, but his ideal should not be to enter the university. News channel? What? It seems that his uncle is a small leader of the sports station.