Let me see Jiang Chunbins dazed kung fu Chang Yuchun has rushed to the door in an instant As Liu Ruoqing said she closed the

Endured the prefix with a knife, Jiang Chunbin swallowed, lowered his head, closed his eyes and leaned against the wall that was peeling off the skin, forget it, don’t cause trouble anymore, otherwise, he will really stay here for the rest of his life, let out a long sigh of relief, Jiang Chunbin smiled wryly in his heart, this is It’s retribution to come to this kind of place to suffer this kind of grievance. The prison has always loved to bully newcomers, as if this is one of the few joys in their boring life, so no one cares about Jiang Chunbin’s feelings, and no one wants to understand why he came here. But Jiang Chunbin can’t forget, even what happened the day before yesterday is still vivid in his mind. Jiang Chunbin was born in a martial arts family. Due to the influence of family atmosphere and environment, he liked martial arts since he was a child, and his talent was extremely high. He won a national martial arts championship at the age of fourteen.
From then on, his parents never let him go out to participate in any competitions. If he really likes it, he can practice hard at home and don’t go out to show his face. Jiang Chunbin understands that his family has always been low-key in this regard, and there are some special skills that cannot be passed on, so he obeyed.
Parents’ opinions: Practice martial arts at home in your free time, and usually study hard like other children to meet the expectations of parents and Wu Shuangquan. This is why there is a word “Bin” in his name, but as Jiang Chunbin’s martial arts practice gets higher and higher, he develops accordingly.
His fiery temper became a concern of his parents, which also caused a lot of trouble for the family.
When he was sixteen years old, he beat seven or eight hooligans to the ground with his bare hands because he saw injustice on the road.
He was praised, but he was also retaliated afterwards, and at this time, simply learning boxing skills was not enough for Jiang Chunbin.
When he was alone, he would secretly practice the family’s secret knife and spear skills. Sometimes he danced a long spear alone in the backyard at night. Playing vigorously under the moonlight, his father greatly appreciated his son’s ability, and his martial arts cultivation at a young age surpassed his own age.
Although Jiang Chunbin is not as magical as described in those martial arts novels, he relies on his own diligence.
It is no problem to fight against twenty or thirty ordinary people of the same age with bare hands. Don’t be wronged, see that you have to be fair, this will naturally offend a lot of people and cause a lot of trouble. Fortunately, his parents are modest, so it’s not a problem. A group of local people went to the small shop opened by their parents to collect protection money the day before yesterday. Jiang Chunbin’s father blindly gave way to those people, but made a fuss and quarreled and even humiliated Jiang Chunbin’s parents. A little hooligan gave him a fat beating.
Unexpectedly, after being beaten, those little hooligans did not flinch at all.
Instead, relying on the number of people, they took out their knives and planned to teach Jiang Chunbin a lesson. As a result, when the police arrived, Jiang Chunbin was holding a The bloody knife, and the seven or eight hooligans all collapsed on the ground.
The verdict has not yet come down, but Jiang Chunbin has a rough idea of ​​the sentencing for the crime of intentional injury, so there are many vicious people in the detention center where he is now, such as the two who snatched his steamed buns.
The strong man may be the price he should pay for his hot temper, but the price is too heavy. Jiang Chunbin opened his eyes and returned to reality from the painful memory.
The two strong men just stood up again. He came up in front of himself, waved his fist and said the newcomer, now Ma has washed both of our clothes Jiang Chunbin raised his head and glanced at them without saying a word, then turned his eyes to the side, even though his heart is now burning with anger Hey your ears The donkey’s hair is stuffed, is it one of the strong men? Seeing Jiang Chunbin’s response, he immediately burst into flames, grabbed him by the collar, pulled him up from the bed, and I said the last time, Ma went and washed my clothes, let me go, and Jiang Chunbin stared at him.
The strong man clenched his fists and said word by word, “Hey, you’re still working hard, don’t you think the strong man didn’t realize that he was about to be in trouble?” Raising his hand to Jiang Chunbin was a slap in the face, but before his hand touched Jiang Chunbin’s face, he suddenly slapped With a scream, it turned out that at this time Jiang Chunbin quickly grabbed his hand, then twisted his hand back hard, and it was broken like this.
How could the explosion be contained? He kicked the strong man in front of him, and then elbowed another strong man.
The blow made him crouch on the ground and cry out in pain. Others saw this situation. Only then did I realize that Jiang Chunbin is not easy to mess with, and they all retreated to the back in silence, not even daring to look at him. At this moment, Jiang Chunbin glanced at the steamed buns that had been stolen from him, so he directly brought over the food that was placed there.
Then he kicked another strong man who was squatting on the ground with a sweeping kick, and then poured all the vegetable soup on them for you to eat.
Two strong men were beaten up by a half-sized man.
Not to be reconciled to thinking that if this fashion is cowardly, it will definitely not be easy in the future. Bullying and being bullied are sometimes a little different, so the two looked at each other tacitly, and then each hugged Jiang Chunbin’s leg, trying to drag him down, but Jiang Chunbin practiced. After such a long time, the chassis is much more stable than ordinary people, so not only did they not get dragged down by them, but they grabbed their legs and gave them one foot.
Together, Jiang Chunbin knew that if he didn’t conquer these two people today, he would have a hard time, so he just squatted down and punched a strong man in the face, and the bridge of the nose of the strong man was broken.