Let me down He Lanjin doesnt understand so whats the matter let me down He Lanjin turned his head and let out a helpless sigh

It’s the first chapter. He Lanba stood in front of his little Jinbei car for a moment, then laughed.
The quiet and cold light in the garage cast on his black-rimmed glasses, making his smile look a little creepy. He walked around the parking space. Da Da walked a few steps, what he saw was not his little Jin Bei, but the white BMW next to the Jin Bei car. He walked to the front of the BMW, raised his pants and squatted down to stare at the license plate as if he wanted to see a flower. He has almost memorized the license plate of Lai Geng. This is the first time he can’t count it with one hand. The garage is so big.
Every day, he sees the same tall, rich and handsome car parked next to his little gold cup.
At first, he just thought it was a coincidence.
After this coincidence over and over again, he began to suspect that the owner of the BMW car was deliberately trying to scare him off. After seven times and nine times, he finally felt that this was not an easy matter. Looking at this car up close, I know the various characteristics of this car well. First of all, the car is very clean. It takes a long time to touch it with hands to feel some dust. On a heavy rain day, his little gold cup is covered in mud spots. The car is still spotless.
The owner of the car parked next to him must have a serious cleanliness, but it doesn’t make sense. How could a serious cleanliness park the car next to his little gold cup covered with mud dots? He Lanba walked around the BMW again and again.
The buttocks of the car are all white and clean.
He squatted down and stretched his hand towards the exhaust pipe.
Of course he touched the ashes.
The table is still very clean and tidy, only a pair of black leather gloves and a pack of Marlboro are thrown away. Looking at his little gold cup on the table, Green Arrow Hongsheng is already empty. He Lanba has a serious habit of tidying up He Lanba is more and more confused Ba took it away from this alluring car, God opened the door while answering the phone, don’t rush, I’ll be there soon, I smeared all the ash on the Jinbei car with my hand, He Lanba had to admit that he was unlucky Take out a paper towel and wipe your hands, and then meticulously wipe the dust on the door handle until it is spotless.
Then you realize that this is not your style. Shake your head and look at the BMW opposite you with a smile.
The white BMW that you learned from me just keeps looking all the way Xiao Jinbei drove out of the garage. He Lanba came to Deyixuan and saw several other fellow screenwriters. Two of them he knew were brothers from the Gengying Screenwriting Department. Although the others didn’t know each other, they all tacitly showed long-standing expressions when they met. They are all small screenwriters who live in this circle. A script is being tossed in everyone’s hands.
Although the faces can’t be seated, it’s already me among you and me among you.
The famous screenwriter whose surname is Xu is in his thirties. The screenwriter Xu has a martial arts drama at hand. The outline has been finalized and the next step is to send it to The Gunners writers have written a single episode. In fact, the big screenwriter Xu can completely assign the work online. Most of the famous screenwriters will not meet with the Gunners under him, but the screenwriter Xu is one of the better people. Let’s talk about the plot by the way, enhance the relationship, and the big screenwriter Xu never defaults on the manuscript fee, so everyone will work hard when writing the script, and will not maliciously default on the manuscript fee like a big screenwriter before, and it turns out that he has a very capable gunner. The screenwriter inserted one hidden TV series after another into his historical drama. After the broadcast, these gold medal screenwriters were picked out one by one by netizens.
The gold medal screenwriter was disgraced overnight and turned into a laughingstock.
Compared with Xu Da, the screenwriter is more reliable. The second time I worked behind the scenes for screenwriter Xu.
This time, I saw that screenwriter Xu suddenly changed the rimless glasses that have remained unchanged for thousands of years, and replaced them with a pair of black-frame glasses that have the same shape as himself. He Lanba felt a little uncomfortable. They are all the same, there is no collision or not, but he just doesn’t like this person.
The screenwriter Xu Da became popular two years ago with a historical drama Mingshiyue. Later, the script was exposed as plagiarism, mainly because he copied an online novel and a book. Although there was an online denunciation of the popular storybook about joking about history, the audience couldn’t help but buy it. He Lanba could see that this guy also had two skills. At least he understood the psychology of the audience, but as a screenwriter, he always guarded his three points.
Plagiarism with a conscience can’t be done, it’s stealing other people’s efforts, let’s talk about Xu Mu, everything else is fine, but plagiarism is such a big stain that he can’t bear it, he sometimes scolds himself, you can’t bear it, so why did you pick him up? Work and comfort myself, isn’t it for survival? In fact, there is a second, deeper reason why he can’t bear Xu Mu.
After dinner, the group of people are talking, laughing, flattering and ready to leave.
Grabbing Helan Ba’s waist, he said softly, He Lan, and then He Lan Ba ​​disappeared.
The screenwriter Xu took a moment to hold his hand for a while, and then saw He Lan Ba ​​squatting at the top of the stairs, tying his shoes.
He Lan Ba ​​was tying his shoes slowly. Belt side slandered me in my heart, just to see you, I deliberately didn’t wash my hair, combed my glasses, and wiped off my glasses for three days. You can do it.
How hard are you? Of course, the laced shoes are also for dealing Xu Mu, who was specially prepared by Xu Da’s screenwriter, looked at He Lanba’s thin back bent over.
Although the otaku young man always looked slovenly, Xu Mu could tell He Lanba’s aptitude from Xu Mu’s experience. He stared at He Lanba. When Ba bent over, the shape of the butterfly bone on his back stretched out his hand, and a low male voice slid past Helan Ba ​​hurriedly got up to make way for the person behind him.
The tall black-haired man passed in front of him. A dark blue straight windbreaker that is very clean and neat when walking down the stairs